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Super Mario Bros and Re-ments!


Hello! (✿◠‿◠)
Halloween is almost near! 
A week from today to be exact.

Last Saturday, Tommy and I dressed up as Mario and Luigi
 for this Halloween party at a comic book shop.

I've always wanted to do a Mario/Luigi theme with someone ...

There's another Halloween party this Saturday that we're going to go to as well.
Except, we won't be Mario and Luigi again.

I was thinking of creating a Sadako inspired look.

We'll see how that goes ... 

I've always loved re-ment toys but I only own a few ... Including the one above.

I bought this one last Wednesday to be exact.
I normally see re-ments and rarely buy them ...
They're just too expensive and troublesome.
All of the tiny pieces involved can easily get lost and I just get so angry
whenever I get the ones I don't really want. 

Oh, and again they're a bit pricey?
The one above was around $8.
I own a few, and they've all ranged from $6 to $8 each.
(I should probably look at a re-ment box I have and see how much they cost in yen)

I'm complaining yet I can't really stop admiring these blind boxes/capsule toys.
( TДT)

Luckily, with this Rilakkuma blind box,  all of the surprise 
re-ments were all just equally adorable so it didn't matter which 
one would come up.

The packaging itself is just, so ...
ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ !!!

There's this youtube channel dedicated to re-ments, konapun, and other such things. 
When I first discovered it, I felt so ... excited. 
Like, the child within me could't contain herself.
This was in the beginning of the year , and I just remember somehow running into
a video from this channel on tumblr ...
The rest is history.

I've wasted so much time watching and re-watching videos on there. 
The konapun and re-ment are intriguing and the person in the videos
is so delicate with his or her's stuff ...

My finger tips would of been moist from trying to carefully connect the re-ment pieces together.

These are part of my favorites from this channel:

What are your plans for Halloween this year?


Lolita Makeovers!

(Ness on the left and Steven on the right)

Its been pretty eventful last week to say the least. 
I had the chance to spend time with all of my closest friends.
It's sort of a rarity for all of us to see each other since everyone's busy with work and college.

(Ness on the left and Nachi on the right)

So, I sort of dressed up my friends in my lolita clothes, wig, falsies ... 

I was always curious to see how Steven would look in lolita ...
So, curiosity killed the cat and I just went for it.
 That day a Brolita was fabricated! 

I originally wanted him to wear an AP dress but he was too tall for it. ;へ:
Thankfully,  Bodyline saved the day. 

As for my friend Ness, she'll be moving to another country by November.
Well, not country. 
I don't even know what to consider Puerto Rico as.
It's a U.S. territory, not really a state.
Yet, when you go there most people don't even know English.
PR is not even remotely Americanized.
I'm just going to think of it as another  country. 

but, anywho 
My friend Ness, even though I've only known her for about 7 or 8 months, I've grown really close to her.
It hurts to have her go like this ... I can only hope we never lose contact.
Even though, PR is a two hour plane trip away from Florida. lol
I wanted to at least, have her try out lolita before she leaves. 
Apparently, it worked as she's now considering dabbling into lolita fashion. 

Aside from the above,  I've been also buying toys. 
Not much ... normally small figurines that catch my attention.
I prefer smaller toys as its less spacious and they tend to be adorable.  

For example, last Saturday I went to this newly opened Anime shop and they had these:

(From left to right: Ingus as a Knight, Refia as Devout, Refia 
as a Magus, Refia as a Dragoon, and Arc as a Red Mage)

Final Fantasy III (DS ver.) figurines! ;A;

They're pretty difficult to find online so of course I took advantage!
And, of course I've always been in love with the Devout class in this game!
So, the Refia figurine in this class was the first thing I saw out of the bunch.
I remember once I unlocked this class I was so excited. 

Has anyone ever felt the urge
 to dress a guy up in woman's clothing?

Its alright, just be honest. :D
I've always wanted to dress up my boyfriend as a woman.
I become super curious and just wanted to see them in makeup and whether they can pull it off or not. xD

P.S. Here's the only photo of me from that day of the lolita makeovers:

I was stuck with no time to wash up after I got off from work that day.
I was too busy making Ness and Steven look fabulous.
( `.∀´)

P.S.S. But then after Ness and Steven left I quickly fixed myself up:

Its like looking at a different person.


Vlog #4: Fashion Monstaaaaa


I made this video last friday.  (´□`。)
I was suppose to upload it that very day but then I became very busy with
 chores, work, and I was reading manga the entire time as well. 
Oh, and blogger has been very uncooperative when it comes to uploading videos.
I've been trying to upload this one since Monday but an error window kept popping up.
So,  its been uploaded onto youtube as an unlisted video. 
(* ̄m ̄)

Again, as I've said it before, I absolutely cannot wait until I feel more comfortable with the camera. 
I think its still going to take a lot of getting use to.



Oppa P o o p e r style!


It's so incredibly hot right now ...
Not even our AC unit is strong enough for this heat. (;へ:)
September is almost coming to an end and yet, no sign of fall.
I guess that's normal for most places. (ー_ー )
Though, when I use to live in New York as a child we use
to see the early signs of fall at around this time ...
We'd have a little breeze come by and leaves from trees
would start falling off.

The sun was also less intense ... Then again this is Florida and
the sun will always be obnoxious. Even through the winter season.

Last week I had more hours at work. (^ ^)
Also, last Saturday I had a photoshoot with my photographer friend, Will.

Will on the right. 。◕‿◕。

I can't wait to see the actual results!
The purpose of the photo shoot was to create a showcase
for his jewelery/accessories that he's going to sell on Etsy.

All of his items revolve around the doll cult/pastel goth style.
I tried my best to try to dress up in a more 'pastel goth' style ...

From right to left: Ozelle, me, and Melanie

I sort of stole these pictures from Will. ◠‿◠;
What I love about him is that even if we're just hanging
out he'll take pictures of everything!
In the same time we'll have fun goofing off.
This was my second time hanging out with Will and Ozelle
and I've felt so comfortable with being myself with them.
Also, Ozelle is so pretty! ;ω;

So yes, I was suppose to wear lolita for the past two weeks ...
Well, last Saturday I had the photo shoot and the Saturday
before that me and Tommy went to the flea market.
Mind you, the flea market I went to HAS NO AC. (・_・;)
Which I don't mind ...
Though, it wouldn't have been nice sweating in lolita. lol

I bought some stuff from there like a Voices of Distant Star DVD,
a Princess Mononoke DVD,and a Black Lady from Sailor moon figurine.
Oh, and some Adventure Time stuff as well. ( ´¬`)

By the way actually ...
So, about that Gangnam Style.
I heard it at least a couple times on the radio last week!
Along with Wonder Girl's Like Money.
I did not expect Gangnam Style to blow up into epic proportions ...
200 mil views already?!

I really enjoy the song/video but I don't want to
somehow grow tired of it.
Hopefully it doesn't become so obnoxious in popularity. (¬_¬)
I haven't heard any of my co-workers talk about Gangnam Style yet
so we're good for now.
I suppose.

Back in July when it released, I was just thinking Psy was to South Korea
what Kyary is to Japan ... Didn't expect celebs from the US to take a huge
interest him.

Have any of you heard Gangnam Style
on the radio yet? or Wonder Girls?


Outfit: 9/9/12 and My first AP reservation.

Helloooooo. ♫・*:.。. .
I've been forcing myself to develop more of a "lolita" mentality.
Meaning, trying to dress up more in lolita.

I can't always do that, especially when the weather sucks here.
So I'm going to try to dress up every saturday if possible.

This is how I normally dress at least ... 80% of the time:

Old picture. When I had auburn red hair.

T-shirts, skinny jeans or shorts, and a cute pair of flats.
There's not much you can do in Florida.

I'm not sure how long I can last wearing a lolita outfit every weekend ...
Especially when I don't have much of a huge collection!
Also, I'm extremely eager for this Angelic Pretty dress I reserved ...
It doesn't release until December. (T.T; )

I was suppose to purchase Cinema Doll when that print
released on AP's international website.

but then

This beautiful, gracious assemble became available for reservation
right around when Cinema Doll released.
The print is called "Cat Tea Party" and
it is a collaboration item between Angelic Pretty and Imai Kira.

I have never reserved an item before ...
Never have used a Japanese shopping service either.
I definitely feel like a legit lolita for reserving this dress. xD
Having to reserve in general actually, I always feared of crossing that territory.
Reserving a dress, to me, was like no man's territory.
I'm extremely terrified and I just can't wait for this to arrive.
I hope it arrives before my birthday (December 10th).

Did I mention already I feel really scared? ( TДT)

Have you ever reserved something before?
or pre-ordered something?
Did it feel really nerve wrecking for you?


A very unlikely trend.


Lately, I've been noticing a trend with all my close friends ... This year has been the year of relationship problems for us.

I know that problems are inevitable within long term relationships. Its just, quite frustrating when you see it happen to others. Especially one person right after the other.

Back in July I had to help out my friend Ness with her problems. A week back I had to deal with my friend, Belle, with her problems as well. I love being there for my friends and being supportive as much as I can ... but if its one thing that kills me its watching someone go through a very difficult process.

Especially when they remind you of your own past experiences. It sort of feels like you're revisiting these obscure, painful memories through your friends. Nevertheless, I truly understand what they're going through and as I'm looking in on their situation from the outside I really felt the need to help them.

Through my efforts, I was glad that I was able to help them. While I spent a lot of time with Belle for the past week I kept playing around with her dog. ^.^

His name is Shiloh.
I'm not sure of what breed he is though ... ^^;
He's just this really hyper dog that apparently likes to 'talk' too much.
He barks like crazy!

He's very well trained too.
He kept putting his paw on my leg or arm trying to get my attention.

I haven't been buying much because of unexpected
expenses I've had to deal with. T_T

Though, what I've bought recently were a few Adventure Time comics, some stuff at thrift stores, and few other little things.

I've also dyed my hair from auburn red to brown a few days back. :<

The red was just annoying to deal with. Having to wash my hair in cold water, having my roots grow out too quick, and other factors I suppose.
I give all of my amends to those who constantly dye their hair funky colors. It truly is a hassle to deal with and I've seen people go through chaos with their hair.

Have you noticed a trend going on between you and your close friends?