Hey everyone ... it's been months.
About 3 months I think. ^^;

I honestly was not able to continue posting especially when most of
my days consisted of me doing nothing. I mean, I could of just
took any little thing that happened and turned it into something
... interesting? Ah. D: Ever since February I haven't felt
creative more like I felt lazy and I just wanted to play video games.
It affected my blogging, especially my blogging.

Basically I just felt tired of all the empty, meaningless posts.
Or at least that's how I viewed them. :c

Any who, this blog will remain here and all its posts. I'm probably
not going to ever update again... maybe I might. o: but I guess I need to
figure out what type of blogger I should be or figure out a motive to help
blog again. Needless to say, I enjoyed blogging with a passion and I really
don't know what happened to all the enthusiasm. Again, I just don't know.

I really love sharing this experience with all of you guys (friends and followers)
and I wish you all well. Even if this wish is sort of ... late? xD;

(I've learned so much from you ladies ... you have no idea. ;-;)

I hope you all have wonderful summer. :'3
(I SUCK at conclusions. If you haven't already noticed xDD)

Just up until the beginning of April I started to grow an obsession with Tumblr.

My Tumblr: http://peekachoo.tumblr.com/

I don't ever blog on tumblr, I only use to gaze at pictures and reblog
other people's posts. Occasionally I'll use Tumblr as if it was Twitter but
that's about it.