My 'back to school' outfit for Melludee's competition.

Sooooo, a few days ago Melody
had announced a competition called The Back to School Competition where
you can submit your photo of what your personal interpretation of 'Going back to
school' means. Meaning, you can dress up as anything that reminds you of school.

School uniforms, nerds, preps, teachers, anything!
Here's the competition for more details and if you want to join in on the fun:
Click meee!

The competition ends on June 21st (that's when pictures will be up for voting)
and voting ends on June 28th (competition is completed ended at this point)

Since there's a lot of time left before the 21st ... I highly suggest for
anyone to go try this out! You never know if you end up winning. ;D

Here's my entry:

and here's the complete outfit:

I try to dress up in an uniform-ish type of outfit and I was trying to be
nerdy too. :p You're allowed to enter collages but I just couldn't figure
out how to make a collage with both my close up pics and the outfit pic. xD
Also, I didn't like how any of my outfit pictures showed up. :\

Did you have to wear a school uniform
throughout your elementary, middle school and high school years?

I never had to wear a uniform since I all of my schools were public and not private
and also its not really enforced in the US. Though ... I remember a time where
my middle school tried to enforce uniforms and me being a pushover I let my mom
convince me to wear them. After I noticed how no one wore them and I was the very
few that did wear them, I got fed up and fought with my mom about it. Eventually,
I got rid of the uniforms and dressed however I wanted. I wasn't necessarily
good at wearing whatever I wanted. :p I was the typical scrunched up jeans,
plain t-shirt, dirty sneakers, type of nerd. Its so relieving when you realize how
much you have evolved as a person. lol


When in doubt, wear a wig.


Outfit Rundown:

  • Beret: H&M
  • Wig: Ebay
  • Blazer: Can't remember
  • Tank top tunic: Tokidoki
  • Socks: Mom bought them for me randomly
  • Shoes: Ross
  • Necklaces (which you can't really see): Hottopic

I've been starting to feel comfortable with the idea of wearing a synthetic wig
out in public. c: At first I felt odd with the idea but mostly I was terrified
of random strangers knowing that I have a wig on. Then, as I got more lazier and
yearned for different hair, I started to slowly not care about whether people knew. When I really just want to have a fun or good day I simply throw on the wig and head right on out.

My natural hair color is somewhat returning back which is a golden brown-ish color.
Hair color example here.
As much as I love lighter hair colors ... I have a personal theory that the
more lighter your hair is the more your split ends and kinky roots become
noticeable. :p I'm going to dye my hair to a auburn-like color but I'm going to
wait a month for that as I might need to do a haircut beforehand.
All my layers grew out, and I have some bad split ends.
This is why wigs are so much better. ~__~
If I ever own a human hair wig I think I'd give my hair a break
from all the dyes and flat irons and just wear the wig 24/7. lol
Maybe by then my hair would grow faster.

Three weeks ago I bought this Dolly Wink eyelash glue because the small containers
of it that came with my eyelashes are running out. They lasted me a pretty long
time ... Right whenever I thought I was squeezing out the last amount of glue,
more kept appearing. xD Though, I wasn't going to take any risks so I ended up
getting a whole bottle of it off of Ebay. This glue is really effective and just
a little is enough for the entire eyelash to stay attached onto your eyelid.
Oh, and it dries really fast so you don't have to wait forever for the glue to
become tacky. :'3 This isn't the first time I've kept saying this.

I wore this outfit to go to Ikea with Tommy:

How do you feel about wigs?


Personal Update;

This week's been somewhat eventful in a stressful kind of way.


It's one of those bad weeks that occasionally come up but you
just never know when. It happens and all we can do is
just live through it and hope for the best.

For now, I think I'll be able to write a legit post on here by tomorrow.
I hope all of you are having a wonderful night (or morning, or afternoon. lol
It's 1am right now for me) and that hopefully things are going well for you all.


Sanrio slowyly appearing everywhere ...


On Thursday I went to Target with Tommy because he needed to buy groceries.
While I was there, I rummaged through the dollar bins and found these
Keroppi notepad/small notebook. There was a lot more different Keroppi
designs but I just ended up loving these two the best. :3

Usually when you go to places like Walmart or Target you usually just
see the occasional Hello Kitty items which you get tired of (and
especially when you already own a lot of Hello Kitty crap).

Lately, ever since Sanrio's 50th Anniversary, I've been noticing different
characters other then Hello Kitty popping up in department stores.
It made me really happy and thankful that Sanrio was going all out
with their 50th Anniversary.

It might not seem like a big deal for some people since they live near
stores that generally sell stuff imported from Asian countries or they
live in the countries themselves and have an easy access to the stuff.

About a year ago two anime-ish stores that were extremely near me closed down.
I was pissed and so were all my friends. -___-
One store was called "Japan HQ" and the other was called "Oriental Trading".
Both stores had the same type of inventory. They both carried anime/manga
merchandise, plush dolls, sanrio/san-x stuff, Japanese magazines ... pretty
much they were the typical place for a Japanophile to shop at.

After these stores closed down I had to rely on ebay and other
online sites to do all my japanophile shopping at.

There is an official Sanrio store that's 40 minutes away though I rarely
go to the area in where the store is located. :'p When I do get to visit
the store I would generally stay in there for an hour.
(I actually had a chance to go two weeks ago. c: )

Despite all that above, a few months ago I started to slowly notice
all these sanrio stuff popping up at Walmart, Target, and
Toysrus ... and the stuff is priced cheaper because Sanrio had manufactured
the stuff specifically for these department stores.

This was waaay before the 50th Anniversary and its a pretty common type of
item. I saw it at Toysrus when I first noticed them selling HK stuff. This
plush was around $5-6.

Then at Toysrus I started to see these other characters other than HK.
At the time when I bought this 'My Melody' they had her, Badtz-maru, Keroppi,
and some other character I can't remember. I really wanted Badtz-maru but
the one they had in stock was really dirty and he was the only one left.
I'll get a badtz-maru someday. -_- This My Melody was ... $6 I believe.

Now when I saw this I had already known about the 50th Anniversary but I didn't
know that they'd sell HK dressed up as every old popular Sanrio character. *-*
Especially my favorite Sanrio character when I was a child, Pochacco.
I immediately bought this and it ended up being like $7 at Toysrus.
I also saw these at Target too and they still have them.
(Or at least at the targets near me they're still in stock)

Oh god ... I was surprised to see these cuties over at Walmart. What surprised me
even more is that they were each $5.
I snagged 3 out of the 4 they had.
They had more Sugarbunnies stuff but I was mostly interested in the plush dolls.
They're all scented too. :DD I always smell them whenever I walk by them ...
I think they still have them at Walmart.

Here are the two items I bought while at the official Sanrio store:

I hope in the future Sanrio will have their own aisle at places
like Walmart/Target ...

Have you noticed anything you've really liked show up at local department store?


Good times meet bad times and vice versa.


Really Long Post Ahead.

Yesterday morning wasn't the greatest of times and neither was this morning.
Last night I had a lot of fun and recovered from how I was feeling but the
news that was brought to me this morning completely broke my heart.

It started with yesterday morning where I just happen to be vacuuming the
dining room. I look out at the window and I'm unsure of what I was seeing. I
couldn't believe that our family's pet dog, his name is Lion, was having a seizure.

I've never seen an animal have a seizure before and it freaked me out to the
point where I sort of panicked and made a scene. My mom came over and was
extremely worried and scared. Lion was foaming through his mouth and he had
urinated himself while having his seizure and at first me and mom didn't know
what to do. We were kind of scared to approach him because at first we
thought exaggerated things like "What if he got poisoned and now he's dying?!"
We just panicked and couldn't think correctly.

After a couple of seconds he stopped, and returned back to normal.
We immediately called my dad and told him about Lion. My dad rushed out
of work early and once he arrived I got dressed and went with my dad, and
Lion to the vet. At the vet Lion had another seizure right after the nurse
had checked his temperature. The nurses injected Vallium in him to help
calm down whatever was starting the seizures and immediately they drew blood
to check if anything was wrong with him internally.

After they received the blood work results the doctor tells me and my dad
that Lion has nothing wrong with his organs and it might be that he has Epilepsy.
The doctor said that Lion needs to see an MRI specialist to check if he
actually has epilepsy but she also suggested that it could be that he's just having
random seizures. She gave us medication that will help control his seizures and
right when were preparing to pay for the bill and medication Lion gets
another seizure. The nurses immediately come back out again, helped him feel
relaxed and injected another dose of Vallium. At this point everyone in the
lobby room felt worried and scared. They told us if anything continues to
persist with Lion just take him to an emergency pet clinic. There wasn't
much they could do because no one knew the causes for his seizures.

We brought him back home and he ends up getting 2 more seizures ... at that point
I felt unhappy and filled with grief. I almost did not go to one of my closest
friend's wedding party ... I just felt like crap. My mom convinced me to go so
that I can be there for my friend ... and so I ended up going. My mom assured
me that her and my dad will be watching over Lion attentively.

My friend planned the wedding party because recently she had married at court
and wanted to have a small celebration within her and her husband's closest
friends. It was indeed the best party I've ever went to.

The wife, my friend who had organized this party. She's so pretty.

I chose to wear a wig because I had a short amount of time to get ready.

I socialized like I never did before, and danced like I never did before.
I constantly checked my phone to see if I'd get any calls from parents
or from Tommy ... but no one called. So I ended up really having a blast
that night thinking that everything was just fine.

It wasn't until this morning when I found out that Lion had passed away.
Before I went to the party Lion spent hours calmly laying down with no
seizures. We had thought they had stopped for good. While I was at the party
his seizures started to reappear. They got worse and worse to the point where
Lion couldn't walk anymore and according to my dad the seizures had taken its toll
on Lion's body. My dad rushed to the emergency clinic as soon as he could.
Once the the doctor got to examine him ... The doctor told my dad that Lion
wasn't able to live for too long... Lion was whimpering and could barely move.
There was no choice but to put down Lion. I can't imagine how my dad must
of felt at that moment ... he was the closest to him. When I found out about this
I couldn't really grasp it and I wonder why no one called me. My mom said
that she didn't want to ruin my night with the news ... Spontaneously I started
to cry and back again I was filled with grief.

I wasn't as close to him like I should of been but I still truly
cared for him. I was extremely upset cause I'd hope that everything
would be fine. We have another dog that was really close to Lion.
Our other dog would not stop howling and whimpering once Lion was taken
away to the clinic. I felt worse seeing him suffer without Lion.
It's just been an upsetting time. I don't know how many people may view
this as somewhat silly ... I just have a lot of sympathy towards animals.
I almost hate seeing those animal shelter commercials on television where
they show injured animals staring helplessly at the camera. (We have these commercials in the US) The commercials serve an important purpose but I just
can't hold a straight face while watching them.

I really hope he's in a better place now and that at least he's relieved from
the entire day of suffering he endured ... My dad told me that Lion had a total
of at least 20 seizures yesterday. D': I just couldn't believe it, 20
seizures in one day... Can a human endure that many in one day without something
severe happening? I just googled it and I see some rare cases where its happened.

Rest in peace Lion ... You always very jolly and very affectionate and I
hope you're having fun in the big dog park in the sky...

Do you feel worried about becoming attached to an animal?
Even if you've never owned a pet do you ever see a stray cat or dog
and just worry about their future?


What the heck ...

Ugh, blogger's sort of driving me crazy. @_@

I had published a post two days ago and now its not showing up. Not even as a draft ...
it might of been because of the maintenance that was happening.


I'll have to write a new post later on today.

Has this happened to anyone?

Edit: The post reappeared again. :3


There have been a few odd things I've seen lately.


The first picture was taken at school, the second one was at a little town nearby
called 'Old Oveido' and the third picture was taken at Gamestop.

Once I saw that fake chalk outline I immediately had the urge to throw
myself on it. Though, I did hestitate for a minute before actually doing it. I
wasn't embarrassed but mostly worried about how dirty the carpet might of been. xD

Lately I've been in the movie-watchin' mood and it's been sort of like
this since last week. I've re-watched a couple of movies that I've seen and
a few that were new to me. Out of the few bunch that were new to me, I love You Philip Morris, takes the cake in being the most entertaining.

Has anyone ever heard of this or seen it?
This movie wasn't even in shown in American theaters.
I didn't know even know what this movie was about until Tommy and I
decided to rent it. We rented it because Jim Carrey was in it and we
thought "Oh look, it's a comedy with Jim Carrey in it. This should be good!"

I just thought it was going to be like the rest of his other comedies like 'Cable Guy', 'Ace Ventura',
and 'Yes Man'. Little did we know, the movie was totally different from our expectations.

"Steven Russell (Jim Carrey) is happily married to Debbie, and a member of the local police force when a car accident provokes a dramatic reassessment of his life. Steven becomes open about his homosexuality and decides to live life to the fullest - even if it means breaking the law. Steven's new, extravagant lifestyle involves cons and fraud and, eventually, a stay in the State Penitentiary where he meets sensitive, soft-spoken Phillip Morris (Ewan McGregor) . His devotion to freeing Phillip from jail and building the perfect life together prompts Steven to attempt and often succeed at one impossible con after another. "

Carrey as a gay man was ... amusing to watch. xD What caught us off guard
was within the first 15 minutes of the film where Carrey narrates about his
normal life with his wife and kids. After that we immediately see a scene,
that's a teeny bit semi-graphic, of Carrey's character having sex with another man.
It was obviously meant to show emphasis towards his orientation, though, then
I knew the reason why the movie wasn't shown in theaters. lol It was the only 'graphic'
scene in the entire movie. That, and when he had intercourse with his wife.
(They were fully dressed while this was happening which seemed odd)

I mostly loved the movie because of all these crazy antics that Russell (Carrey) comes
up with in order to remain free from jail. The most crazy antic was (*spoiler*) how he
faked having AIDS in order to get sent to a clinic and from then on he finds a way to break
free. Like, he faked having AIDS by learning about the severe symptoms involved and not once
did the doctors test him to see if he actually had it. It was real intense as we didn't find
out until after he admitted to faking it. I was all sad and such because of how much Phillip
suffered for him ... ;A; Also his motives for breaking free and the love he shows for Phillip
Morris (McGregor) really breaks my heart and I especially felt attached with Phillip Morris
because of how darn sweet he was. ;-;

Oh ... and this movie is all based on a true story. It's crazy.

Wikipedia article on Steven Russell. Click here.
It's sort of like ... an autobiography of this guy's life, the movie I mean.

The movie tends to lean towards comedy at some points and towards drama at other points.
It was mainly characterized as 'Comedy' but I wouldn't say that it's much of a pure comedy.

I really recommend this movie if you're interested in any of the themes above.
I usually don't have a preference for specific themes or plots that I like in movies but
I can just say that the movie really warmed up to me. I really did enjoy it and it would
be something that I'd repeat if I ever own a DVD of the film. :3

I think I truly liked the film because of Phillip Morris himself... ;A;
I LOVE male sympathetic characters who are very sensible and sweet.

What are your favorite type of characters in films?


So much for that last post ...


I've decided to just come back and hopefully stick to blogging.
This seems like a petty, on and off battle with myself on whether
I should continue this blog or at least it seems this way for a while. xD

Either way, I just missed blogging for the sake of blogging. I missed the
interaction it gave me with people who share similar interests with me.
I shouldn't let my insecurities stop me from being on here. I
have no other reason as to why I stopped so I'm going to go with insecurities. :p

I'm just going to start anew ... starting now.

Tomorrow (Monday for me) I start my summer term for college and this will be my ...
my sixth semester I think. Two more before I can finally get my Associates in
Arts. :P From there I can finally enter a University and continue on with my studies.
I had a recent change in major where I went from Psychology to Accounting.
This is going to sound silly but I really like the idea of just sitting in a cubicle
and punching in numbers and information in a computer. xD I'm aware that's not all
there is to the job but having your own cubicle seems like ... fun? haha.
I did do a lot of research for accounting, and I'm pretty much aware of what the
advantages and disadvantages. I felt like this career would suit me better compared
to all the others I've looked into.

The recent decision was made because I feel like I'm not really much
of a good student and so I won't probably make it into a
Graduate's Program for Psychology. D': I shouldn't doubt myself but I've also realized
that I would pretty much love to be done with school right when I get my bachelor's.
With costs and everything, I just don't think I'll able to stay in school for that

(Unless something awesome happens like a grant or scholarship will come my way.
I would stay and make it all the way to a Ph.D IF I was guaranteed free tuition. :D)

That's pretty much a recent update about myself. ^^;
and about all of you ...

What is the one career you wish you could pursue and
what is the one career you're actually going to pursue?

I wish I could major in theater or music. c: It's a lot of hard work involved
but I can't help but to imagine how much fun it is to be able to play an instrument
or act out an entire play.