Gyaru Eye Makeup?

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(Some of the newer episodes kind of suck D':)
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I woke up this morning to find out that it was raining.
It continued to rain all day which I found ridiculous.

Around the morning time I decided to try out
the Dolly Wink falsies that I had received from Tommy.

I was so scared of dealing with them.
I had a fear of ripping the lashes or ruining them.

Both lashes were not a hassle to deal with except the No. 1's
were a bit too long so I had to cut a lash out from the inner
corner. I should of done more research about
the No.7's as I didn't know that they were individual lashes.
I was a bit scared because of that issue but, when I applied each
lash it felt a lot easier then what I expected.
The Dolly Wink eyelash glue is definitely AMAZING.
Both sets of lashes come with a small container of eyelash glue.
The glue dries fast, and lasts all day.
Also, When you're cleaning the eyelashes the adhesive comes right
off just by peeling it and it won't ruin your falsies.
I'm really considering on buying the eyelash glue just because
I know I'll be needing a lot more. :D

Disclaimer: This is only an attempt at
the eye makeup.

This is my 1st attempt at this. ~_~;
I followed Moments like Diamonds Gyaru eye makeup
tutorial in order to do all this.

Which ones do you find easier to apply:
Upper Lashes or Lower lashes?
Also, does this eye makeup look ok?

Please be honest! <3 I want to become better at this.
I know for a fact that I needed to wear some circle lenses
to complete the eye look, in which I don't have yet


☆ K i n g said...

Omgggg. *A*
Those look amazing!
My Tsubasa makes great shit. :3 Haha.
That makeup looks good on you girl!

Donkuri said...

Oh beatiful eyes!!!

a.tad-bit.dorkii said...

oh my gosh - you have amazing eyes without the falsies and makeup but with them its like WOAH !
i really think it suits you ^.^ especially because you have big brown eyes ^.^
i personally prefer upper lashes because i suck putting bottom lashes on .. i always poke my eye with the tweezers when i try to do it haha!
i love the look on you, i personally think you dont need circle lenses .. you look great without them ^.^

Jennifer :) ~ said...

WOW your eyes look amazing :D i love those lashes
you look so gorgeous and you've definitely nailed the gyaru eye makeup look
i envy how you were able to apply the bottom lashes so well ^^ i find it hard putting on bottom lashes, top lashes are much easier so i just stick with that haha

Anonymous said...

i like your gyaru makeup!

Miss R. said...

Your makeup looks lovely.
New Spongebob sucks, really? That's upsetting.

Melody said...

You look gorgeousssssss !
I don't own bottom lashes (YET) but I still don't find them that easy to wear =='! Mainly because I don't wear them often at all :(! Ohhhh, babe, you should've worn these with your lolita outfit ! Then you would've looked awesome as !!!! You definitely got the Gyaru look perfect <3

btwwwwww, you might be receiving a Christmas card ...:D (late though) ;A;

kaizokumousy said...

*O* I'm soooo loving your look on your new pictures hun! definitely look like a doll <3

I haven't tried adding lower lashes, Only upper lashes~ and I think you did pretty good on your first try because mine wasn't even close to good as yours x.x

^^yes your right! contact lenses is needed to complete the look :3 update me when you already have contact lenses and made a new look^^

♥ Pixie D ♥ said...

gosh, these lashes magnify your eyes so much!

really dolly looking >_< cute <3

Dolce♥Bunny said...

I really love how you did your eyes!! Cute blog you have here, am your new follower ;)

Hello Naka said...

i love the gyaru look ^^ i think it looks great on u :3 i fail with false eyelashes :(
happy holidays aswell!

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