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Skimming through: Popteen December 2010 mag
On the phone with: Nachi. ()

On Saturday Maixa and I went to Waterford Lakes (A shopping center) to go see
the carnival. We only went to stare at the carnival, then we did a little bit
of browsing at the shops. I wish I could hang with her more. ;A;

Yesterday night Nachi texted me asking if I wanted to go with her to the
same carnival on my birthday. Annnnd, I said yesss. :D Right after
my exam we'll be going, I can't wait! It's very nice of her and her boyfriend
to take me out on my birthday. I feel very grateful!

Here's my outfit from yesterday:

This outfit would of looked awesome with creepers, butttt.
I wasn't in the mood to wear them since I had two presentations
yesterday. I didn't want people to just stare at my feet,
even though I wore them at college so many times before.
I LOVE this jacket. :D Couldn't wait to use it again!
It's been 40 degrees outside(Fahrenheit) for the past 3 days.

I was extremely nervous yesterday. It almost feels like as time
passes by I become more timid. I remember when I was in 8th grade
and I use to present my projects with no hesitation, and I was a
natural at it. Then, as I got to high school I started to get nervous
about meeting people, talking in class, and I developed a stuttering
a problem. It's probably because I became very self conscious of myself
and worried about what people thought of me. I know I wasn't the only one. D:

The good thing that came out of being more self conscious was that I started
to care more about my appearance. :D I learned how to take care of my face,
I learned how to take care of my hair, and I learned more about makeup.

The presentations went well and I'm glad they're done and over with!
All I have left are finals next week.
I couldn't get a hold of the Macbeth video since it's on my classmate's mac
notebook ... and we couldn't figure out how to make the video on iMovie
into a .avi format file. We managed to get the video onto a DVD, but
iMovie was very confusing for the both of us.

The video felt embarrassing, we couldn't get much of
reaction from the students because everyone looked dead.
Though, the professor loved it. She said I had a great
British accent and that I should go into theater. o: I've always
wanted to join theater/take acting classes.
I just wish I knew how to come about it.

When did you start to first care about your appearance?
In middle school? In high school?
After high school?

Note: A month ago I had signed up for an
Intro to Theater class for the spring semester. o:
It's not an acting class but more like a humanities about theater.


Mei said...

Heeeey when was your b-day??
Love the jacket yes :)
I find it very brave to do the presentation, when you have problems with stuttering.
I can be very shy sometimes if I have to do something infront of the class so I know how you feel! -bighug-

☪ | Berry Quiñones said...

i always cared about my appearance but didn't care what other people thought of it until i was with my fiance, i always wanted to look good for him because it is like an ongoing crush i have on him even though we are already together and have been for so long, but i still have a crush on him...its wierd xD
i love your outfit :[ i have always wanted clothes like that but i cant find any that are cheep so i just wear whatever, mostly simple outfits. i used to have that same handcuff necklace but my friend stole it ;-; it was my favorite! haha

Donkuri said...

I like your neklace!

☆ NachiPoo said...

:DDD Giiirl Like I said, I think about you. I really love you and I want you to enjoy your birthday <3333

The old you..I remember her well! I want to put her in my pocket :p

Pu3 said...

"When did you start to first care about your appearance?" - uhhhhhh, once I finished college? Hahaha, so late! I usually don't care how I look and behave like (but make up is important since I was 7th grade!).

And i've always wanted to join theatre/acting class ╭(⫪Д⫪;) but we didn't have that. So now's your chance!

Owh you love Junji ito right? You can download his manga from here:
(・∀・)ノ They have Gyo too! Enjoy! ^^

Melody said...

And I've always cared about my appearance >_<" mainly because I'm really shy and I don't like people looking at me! (Of course, it depends on what I'm wearing and etc) But if they're looking at me when I'm sposed to be speaking or presenting something ..then uhhmm ..I get SUPER embarrassed >_<"!

Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

I've always cared a lot about my appearance. It's just that my idea of what looks good is constantly changing. ^^

☪ | Berry Quiñones said...

your bf is in iraq? wow, my dad was there a few years ago running a hospital. i hope he is okay! i would be worried too if i was you...i remember how scared i would get when my dad didn't call me.
we don't get to see eachother alot because he has irritable bowel syndrome and basically that means if he ever leaves the house he always gets sick :/ and riding busses and stuff just because there's no bathroom...i always say i will come over, but he is tired of doing the same old thing so i always end up staying home :( but i understand it so i try not to get too frustrated >_<

♥ Pixie D ♥ said...

I think started from kindergarten?
it was the first time I got a lipstick and applied it on my lips to the christmas party. yep, its hilarious LOL

☪ | Berry Quiñones said...

kinda recent, i figured it out this summer...i was sad about it :( we can only talk on the house phone, and thats not as much time at all compared to how much we usually talk :( because it is only after school, about 3:30, then he calls me then gets off for a little to study and eat and then on the phone again till 10...we always talk alot so when we dont its all tragic >_<
and his parents dont even care :( thats what makes me the most sad...they "don't believe" in IBS and just take him everywhere they can cuz they think he's faking it or that its not that bad, but it makes him and me depressed :( the way he describes it seems to me something like period cramps but he gets them every day and its worse :( i wish i could make it go away :(

Fionaa ♥ said...

I gave you a Blog Award ^___^
go go go :D http://bibifiona.blogspot.com/2010/12/random-photography-blog-award-new-k.html

☆(´∀`)李兔子RabbitoBonbon☆ said...

When is your birthday? o(*O*)o Ah, I love your outfit! You look pretty!♥♥

When did you start to first care about your appearance?
I just recently started to take care of my appearance! o(^-^)b

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