Happy Halloweeeeeen!


My first video, ever.
I tried editing the video but the only editor
I have for videos is Windows Movie Maker, and
what that does is ruin the quality for my video
and it lags the audio. Hmm. Maybe I just don't
know how to properly mess with WMM? xD

I'm extremely goofy in real life, ahh.
I made like 2 or 3 of the same videos
and I liked this one the best ...
In the others I stutter, and my lisp is more noticeable.
I wish I could edit out the end without messing
up the quality of the video. Oh well. -.-;

But yes! I hope everyone is having a Happy Halloween,
even for those of you who don't celebrate it,
I just hope you all have a really great day!

EDIT 1/1/2010: I forgot to mention that I was trying to
use WMM to help flip the video. hehe xD; I was getting frustated
cause when I did flip the video both the quality and audio got
a bit messed up.



My outfit for Wednesday:

A close up of the skirt's details:

Hey there everyone! Is everyone pumped up and excited
about Halloween? :'D

I sure am! Even though I might or might not have plans
for the day of Halloween. On the 30th I have a friend who's hosting
this huge party at night but I really can't go to it since
I have to attend an Orchestra by the Orlando Philharmonic.
It's at night, and it's on the same day as the party. :\
The reason why I need to go to this is because of my
Renaissance/Baroque class, we have a very important paper
that we need to write, and involves research and experiencing,
how I like to call it, the art/music of the renaissance/baroque
in action. I don't mind going to an Orchestra as it will be my
first time. I'm actually really excited about it, but I also
wanted to go the party.
You can't have your cake, and eat it too.
I mean I could crash the party afterwords, but I don't know.
I would need to change into a costume or *cough*lolita*cough*
but then also I'd need a ride there. :\

I have another friend (one of my bff's) who really wanted to
hang out with me but his friend wants him to go hang out at
Melbourne (Florida) for Halloween. We were going to be Lolitas,
and his friend had planned to hang out with him on Halloween
first so I told him its fine even though he really wanted to be
a Lolita with me ... As of now plans for Halloween, I'm not sure
what will go on. lol

I'm probably going to most likely stay at home,
and wander around the house in full out Lolita.
(petticoat, wig, etc)

Lolita isn't a costume, but my family tend to be ignorant about
the style so I guess no one will say anything if I do dress out
completely. I shouldn't be scared to wear Lolita outside my room
(even though I was able to do it whenever I went out with my bf).
I'm trying to work on that and trying to be more brave about it.
My boyfriend really likes the style, so when he's around no one makes
comments. If I'm alone wearing Lolita, comments just roll by.
(My mom likes to say I'm trying to be Lady Gaga. Wtf.
I love Gaga to death, but people always attach what they
think is weird with Gaga. It gets old.)

So any ways, sorry for the mini rant. :p heh heh.
It went from Halloween to my fear of being alone
in Lolita.

What are your plans for Halloween?
What or who are you going to dress up us?
Do you celebrate Halloween?

I love Halloweeeen.
I don't find anything evil about it at all.
Maybe that's cause I dont know the history
behind it.

Both Halloween and Christmas are my favorite holidays.



My outfit for Monday:

I haven't done anything productive since Saturday.
Except go to college, and that's it.

During my lazy days (I feel like I'm too
lazy for my own good) I've been staring and gazing
at items on ebay like a mad woman.

I've been mainly looking stuff up on Ebay just because
I'm going to get everyone I know Christmas gifts off of Ebay.

or atleast I'm going to try. lol

There are some really nice stuff on there for cheaper the
price! So ... Why not? I'm pretty sure who ever I buy
gifts for will appreciate that I'm able to give them multiple gifts
for the price of one. Like stationary, stickers, plush dolls, CLOTHES.

Have you ever typed "korean fashion" or something Asian related
on the ebay search bar?

If you haven't, then go do iiiittt.
There are so much nice clothes on there, and they're all so
cheap. I've bought nice shirts/blouses off of ebay ... and
I shall plan to buy moar soon.
Its the same kind of clothes you would find on Yesstyle or Asia Jam.

(haha now you see where I got my octopus top from.)

I've also been browsing Bodyline a lot too ...
I was talking to one of my bff's and she secretly
confessed to me how she's always wanted to be a lolita.
I wish I was able to give her a hug ... We were communicating online. D':
Since we both just got our left over money from fasfa
she was asking me where one could buy some nice cheap lolita dresses
and I directed her to Bodyline. I would of directed her to Taobao ...
but Taobao is too annoying for someone who is new to lolita.
She ended up loving bodyline when I linked her, and we might plan
to order some things together off of the website once we can. :'3

I was so happy that she confessed to me that she's always
had an interest in lolita.

Ever had a close friend confess to you
something that made you feel really happy?

I've had a few of these kind of confessions. :3
For some reason I get happier and more excited when I hear/read them.


AP you scoundrel.

Holiday themed dresses?
I think soooo.

Print: Holy Night Story.

Print: Candy Treat.
Halloween? Kind of? Another typical 'sweets'themed dress?
(or how like someone said it on this post: click HERE.
"Looks like a combination of the Powder Rose print with
the Jewelery Jelly print.")

(Click the images above to make them bigger)

I haven't been on the look out for Angelic Pretty's releases
ever since the Milky Planet was released.
This was at around Summer of 2010.

Milky Planet:

Once the Milky Planet had released, I was done. (Liess)
I use to go constantly on egl and angelic poodle
just to find out about new AP dresses that were about to
release, I even downloaded looked through
the latest Kera magazines to see images of models wearing
the latest AP dresses. All you can do is gaze at these insanely
cute, and pastel colored items ... unless you have a job and
are capable of saving every month for an AP dress that'll range around
$250-$300 (unless it's a dress from a lucky pack or something along those
lines). I still look through egl, and I still gaze at AP items but I try
not to set my heart on them, or else I'll suffer since I can't really
whip out $400 for a dress, matching socks, and a matching headbow. ;_;

I have only one AP item, the Miracle Candy OP in sax ... and you think that
be enough? Secretly I want more. I know we all want more. If not, we
want everything AP if possible (unless you have another more favored brand).

Between me and one of my bff's, Huart, we made up special names for all
lolita brands, we like to call Angelic Pretty: Satanic Pretty.

You have to admit its pure evil what AP does.
They are brand, but still.
(biased P o o p e r is biased.)
Though ... are the dresses worth the price? You tell me.

Is their any type of brand that you wish
you could own items from? Like Tokidoki,
Sex Pot Revenge, or high end fashion
brands like Chanel, Gucci, Juicy Couture,
Louis Vuitton?

Aside from really wanting to own AP items, I also would love
items from Metamorphose and Emily Temple Cute. I also really WISH I could
own a wallet or purse (or both) from Louis Vuitton and/or a purse from
Juicy Couture. Dx

Note: I really admire AP, though I still buy offbrand
just because it goes with my budget and also there are really
cute offbrand items out there that make me feel just as happy as AP.
I really love the OTT sweet lolita look and when I look up images of
these kind of lolitas all you can find are girls decked out while wearing AP dresses. Being expose to AP items every time when searching for lolita crap can really take its toll sometimes. lol



My outfit for today:
(or technically yesterday.)

I haven't been flat-ironing my hair this week.
It's been all curly and poofy.~
I'm almost considering about just avoiding any heat appliances for my hair.
(flat-iron, blow dryer, curling iron ...)
but only for a month or two, maybe.
I'm just really desperate about having long hair.
My hair has been growing (thanks to some multivitamin pills I'm taking)
but I want it to grow faster so I'm going to avoid straightening
the hair. (not sure how long this will last.)

But yes.

For the past few days, there have been these small things that
have just simply having been making my day. :'D

Yesterday I discovered the Party Cat. (Through twitter, then tumblr)

(Click Image above to read it.)

Oh god this was the funniest thing everrrr for me.
I kept re-reading it over and over.
Here's the whole Compilation of comic strips of the Party Cat. Click heres.

then . . .

This morning before I had left for College, I was browsing
through tumblr and I had found this:

I did some research on this 'poster' once I saw it, and then
found out that Daft Punk agreed to creating the music score for
the entire movie, Tron Legacy. You have no idea how bad I freaked.
I've been wanting to see this movie ever since I first saw trailers for it!
It releases it on December 17th in the US ... I'm really hoping someone
takes me to this as a late birthday thing. :D *ahem*Tommy?*ahem*.
(Birthday is on December 10th.)

I love the whole essence of Tron, and even though I have never watched
the original 1982 release, I did get a good feeling of it in Kingdom
Hearts 2.

Tron Legacy Trailer. Click Here, if you haven't seen it.

The soundtrack for the movie releases around November.
I'm going to end up buying it if I can. (o///o)

A few hours ago a friend of mines on facebook posted a video link
to Perfume's Nee song that hasn't been released yet!

Click here to listen to Nee.

I first heard a preview to this song a month
back when I had encountered this video:

It's so interesting how they edited this.
I use to replay this video, over and over. <333

Neeee, Neee, Neee .
I don't know why this song is so darn addicting!

Have there been any 'small things'
that have been cheering you up lately?

Like a release for a new album from one of your favorite artists,
or a new youtube video that's going viral and it just makes you
plain happy watching the it on repeat. :3 orrr did someone say
something to you that just made your day?

Tell me! I wanna know!


My prize arrived. :'3

My outfit for today:

I love buying clothes and I try to coordinate outfits,
but I also love being absolutely lazy with wearing clothes.
I do an equal amount of both... or maybe I dress lazy-like more. lol

2 days ago my prize from Melody's Giveaway arrived!

I really loved the bracelet, the roses on it are so pretty and it matches
with the HK necklace. Also, I can't wait to use one of the nail polishes!
My nails are healing up right now from when I yanked off the acrylic
nails off of them. They're all weak and what not, I have to wait. ~_~

Now my very beat up Blackberry (cell phone) has a place to
rest in whenever it's home. :DDD I love this cell phone
holder a lot, I've never had one before. Can you guess
the random characters sticking out from the back?

I can't help to think that my phone seems happier in there.
Look at it, all comfy and safe from the dangers of my clumsy hand.
It's glistening with joy.

Melody included some extra stuff! I didn't position the pen correctly. D:
It's Hello Kitty and her bunny friend, I use to call the bunny My Melody
just because I wanted that bunny to be My Melody in my head. lol
Thanks for the extra items love! :'DDD

She included a letter in this! <3333
I blocked out the address, but take a
close look at what the little lady is saying:

I literally freaked, this is like the cutest thing ever.

Once I gently opened the letter, I first pull out this
and then the letter she wrote me. I was very much excited about
this drawing! It looks great! So cute, girrrrrl you have a REALLY
nice art style. Do you have a deviantart? :'3 I totally wanna see
more art from Melody!

The letter she included, with some stickers!
(and some tea cups helping
the letter not fold up ;_;)
The letter was really touching, I'm felt really happy when
reading it. I'm too much of a sap and anything filled with
happiness makes my day an automatic ~~*good and happeh*~~ day.
hehe xD
Thanks so much!~ ^_^ I really appreciate all this, and had
safely put away the drawing and the letter in a hidden place
where I keep all my special items. I'm really grateful!

I want to send you a letter back, but ... I need to possibly
practice on my penmanship. (I write in odd ways, odd waysss. Sloppy,
and not even like a boy or girl. lmao)

but again, Thank you Melody! (millionth thank you! haha)
and I want to see more of your art! :'3

What do you guys think about your own handwriting?
Proud of it? Hate it? Would rather type everything out if possible?

I get tempted to type out stuff and then plaster it onto pretty, kawaii
stationary. But then it would completely mess up the essence of what a
letter should be like and also mess up the prettiness of kawaii stationary. Dx



My Outfit for today:

My dull face and simplicity. I woke up way too early today for no reason.
I didn't mind it, since I was able to make a really tasty breakfast out of
the extra morning time I had.

Hiii! I hope you lovely ladies are doing ok. C:
Not everyone has been posting lately, I believe
everyone has a life now. :D Yesss.

My weekend felt amazing, and I wish I didn't have
a lot of school work to do ... I want to be able
to hang out with my friends all of the time. On
Friday night I went karaoking and then on
Saturday morning I went to the beach for my
friend's birthday get together.

My Tenorikuma beach towel that Nachi helped me buy a few years back. *-*
I never used it until saturday ... and that will be the last time. lol
I'll have to buy a cute substitute, because I just love this thing too
darn much. ;-;

I rarely used this bag, so it like, became my new beach bag.
It still had some sand in it when I went to the beach back
at around May. I love this thing too, it has tiny actual
speakers in the front and can play music if you attach your
ipod or mp3 player to it.

Going to the beach in October felt really, really refreshing.
In Florida atleast.
During the summer, the blazing sun makes everything so unbearable ...
I just don't like summer, simple as that.
The beach during this time, feels great in terms of, the sun isn't
as annoying, you won't get tans, the breeze makes everything feel
better and the water feels really nice ... even if it was cold
it still felt nice. lol
All we did was splash around in the water, and play with sand.
We did have a mini barbecue with burgers and hotdogs. :D
but the most fun part was playing with the sand.
Playing in the water was fun, until I had swallowed a lot
of freaking salt water when a huge ass wave hit me.
Stupid me for leaving my mouth open.

I suck at anything artistic, so my friends were the ones creating
some awesome, derogatory sand sculptures.

Sand toilet, with an actual dead fish in it. D:
Later on I end up tripping over the fish as I
dashed across the toilet. Ugggh.

Sand tits. There's actually more to this, but
of course I ain't showing it on here. xD
My friend got completely buried in this mountain of sand,
and then as he got buried another friend of mines molded
him tits, and a penis with testicles. lolol
It was brilliant.

Do any of you get cheap
laughs out of derogatory humor?

I think we all do, but I admit to having a somewhat
gross sense of humor.

I forgot to mention that the beach we went to was called
Satellite Beach.



Yesterday I went to a Korean Karaoke place
called Noraebong. The name of the place in english is called Q Karaoke,
which I didn't understand cause my friends that's been there always said that it
was called Noraebong. There was some hangul under the 'Q Karaoke' sign, so I'll
assume that whatever that hangul might be means Noraebong. lol

Ugggh, it was so much fun! It was my first time going to a Karaoke place.
We had made it to the place at around midnight, and stayed there for two
hours since they charge $25 an hour for a room.

They had EVERYTHING in that karaoke machine. They had a lot of American (
or english?) tracks, Korean (a lot of Kpop :3), Vietnamese, and a lot of
Japanese tracks (including a lot of Jrock!). They had the latest of everything,
We all sang to Lady Gaga, a lot of kpop like big bang, shinee, 2pm. Utada Hikaru, Muse, jrock like Maximum the hormone, dir en grey. lol

I do have footage of me and my friend BT singing to
Zetsubou Billy by Maximum the Hormone. Me and him
use to be really big on this band, and even if we don't
know the Japanese lyrics to this song, we tried to
enjoy this song, one of our favorite songs, with grace.

Wish I had remember how to mumble correctly to this. xD
Its been long since I've listened to them.
Sorry If I make a lot of awkward movements, I was very
much stunned by the unknown kanji/hiragana being thrown at us.
and also I was trying to be a goofball. lol
My voice is extremely groggy at this moment from singing to
both this song and Dozing Green by Dir en grey.

Has anyone ever been to a Karaoke place?
My friends who had invited me to do this, they've been
doing this once every month (cause money is tight these daysss)
and I hope I'll be able to join them again in November. I met
3 awesome ladies yesterday night and was glad to have sang with them.




Long time no seeeee. :D
Hey everyone! I'm going to be talking about
how my day went at Halloween Horror Nights
on Sunday or on 10/10/10. Lol

I explained how HHN works in this post: Click me! :'3
Read that to learn how this event works.

So! The event started at 6:30pm and ended at around 1 something am.
We left when it was closing, we had tried to go through as
many of the events as possible that day.

Here's what me and Nachi wore:

I was dying to wear this shirt while she wore
hers!! *__* It made me feel extremely happy
that we were matching with our shirts. <333

Here's mee waving my sleepy Rilakkuma bag at the camera:

When we got to Universal, it was sunny out
until 7ish or 8pm rolled by. By that time
it was really dark out and so I took a random
picture at night with the flash on and it came out
like this:


I did manage to take like 4 pictures before it got
dark out, wish I had taken more.

Why did this photo come out partially blurry? Because this man was waiting
for me to take the photo and then run after me. I got excited, and took the
picture and once I did, this man turned on his chainsaw and ran towards me.
Chainsaws sound scary when up close!
I think I was chased 2 or 3 times that night. :D

We went through 2 or 3 scare zones that night.
What really took up all the time we had there was
waiting in lines in order to enter the haunted houses
they had. There were 8 haunted houses in total, but
we only went to 6.

Hallow'd Past was the first haunted house we went to, it was awesome.
It was the goriest in my opinion just because I remember a lot
of bloody body parts piled up on shelves and as went entered
a very familiar setting, we notice an Alice on top of
the mad tea party table practically eating out the insides
of the white rabbit who's lower abdomen was completely cut open with organs
all spread out. I still remember it clearly. :'D
The next setting we stumbled upon after the Alice one was a fun house,
with mirrors everywhere and clowns. Scary clowns.
This house was one of my favorites.

Catacombs ... wasn't as scary as I would of liked. I did get startled
by these people with bird masks on. :\ But this haunted house was about
the ghosts/graves of the people who died during a plague.
I don't remember which plague or where this was based. lol

Havoc reminded me of Halo or of Call of Duty or some military-like
video game. There were these crazy savage bald people running around in military
uniforms. I honestly don't what was up with that but I'm going to assume that they were all exposed to some chemical and so they became savage? xD;

Orfanage. This one's about an Orphanage that got burned down while the
orphans were still in it. This was really entertaining, they had kids
and adult-looking children running around in there trying to scare
us. All I could really remember from this one was my frined Justin practically
trying to climb all over me. XDD He was really REALLY scared of this house.
Try to imagine a 5'6 ft (167 cm) man/boy trying to climb over a 5'0ft (152 cm) girl.
After that house he left our group for another group. lol

Psychoscareapy, a haunted house about the crazies and their need to be insane.
This was a lot of fun, but I mostly remember Evelin ripping my clothes off as
her boyfriend had stopped holding her while mid way through the house.
Lmao, I didn't mind it but it was really funny when she slapped him after we
had left the house. His excuse? He was trying to disco dance through the house.

The last one we went to, and THE BEST was Hades.
In the Hades haunted house they were all up in your face, the creatures I mean.
There were cyclops (in greek mythology cyclops were not evil :[ ), demons,
and other hideous creatures that you would find in an underworld, or in this
case Hell. I have a weakness for demons, devil-ish creatures with horns.
While walking through this house, a devil-ish creature's face appeared like
literally inches away from my face. I screamed, I think I screamed really loud.
Not too sure, but this creature got me! He was all up on my face and boy did I
really want to get out after seeing him. D: Just because I seriously got scared,
this house is one of my favorites. <333

Overall, I had a lot of fun! Can't wait until next year. :'3

Do you like the feeling of being scared?
It depends for me. If I were to go through these houses by myself,
then I probably would not be able to get through with it.


21; Update.

Sorry everyone for not updating as much or
reading your blogs. D': I want to so bad,
but once I stay on blogspot I don't end up
doing anything that I'm suppose to be doing.
Heh, Facebook does that same thing to me too.

I'll be posting in 2 days hopefully, Thursday.
Thanks for being supportive everyone and reading
my posts. It really does mean a lot to me, I hope
everyone is doing well! ^.^~



I should be working on _______, but instead
I keep thinking about this:

My parents bought this yesterday.
My ticket to Halloween Horror Nights.

What's that?

Here's Wiki's awesome summary of it:
Halloween Horror Nights is an annual Halloween event that
occurs at Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios
Hollywood. Universal Studios remains operational during
the day and transitions to Halloween Horror Nights at
night. The event features haunted houses, "scare zones"
and live entertainment, many of which utilize Universal's
characters and other licenses.

What they mean by "scare zones" is that there will be areas
in which "creatures" or monsters are roaming a certain area(s).
Once you enter that area, those monsters will either:

◊ Chase you if you run from them.
◊ Scare you by surprise, they're really sneaky.
◊ Try to bother you even more if they see you're latched onto your boyfriend.

The monsters are played by people who had to audition for their
part. So, that means they're reallllyyy in character. DD:

I've been to Halloween Horror Nights, or HHN, twice before back
in my early years of high school. I have been chased by some creepy
ghost lady, and she wouldn't stop chasing me until I hid in a gift shop.
They're not allowed in there, so that's that safest place to hide if you
happen to be in a "scare zone".

The experience at HHN can either be fun, scary, or both.
The haunted houses are very detailed on the inside, and
what ever the theme of the house is, they really REALLY
execute the theme well. I remember how it felt like I
was in a middle of a horror movie every time
I entered a haunted house (of course I wasn't alone).
The scenery in the houses are very detailed, very real, even
the smells that correspond to the theme are present.
(I remember a haunted house where it had an uncleaned,
abandoned bathroom. Everything smelled like shit
poop in there. It was really gross.)

Overall, being there is just amazing. :'3
Even if you're a scaredy cat (like meee)
going to HHN is a very fun, and thrilling experience.

We'll be going there tomorrow!
The usual are going: Nachi, Evelin and their boyfriends ...
I have no one to latch onto. lmao

I really can't wait. x]

Has anyone ever been to a Haunted House?
Do you like them?

Website to HHN, click here if you daaaaare.


Di-so-nee, part deux.


Continuing from: DI-SO-NEE (Disney).

Hiii! I'm continuing from my last Disney post since
I wasn't able to post about my top 3 favorite
Disney characters.

Ohhh, before I start I would love to mention how
EXTREMELY happy I am about the weather outside.
Has everyone been experiencing cool weather in
their areas as of mid September?
Here in Orlando we've been experiencing cool weather
starting from last week.
Before that it was really hot out and humid. lol
It's been breezy out, and cool ... my kind of
weather. <3 I can't wait for winter!

Top 3 favorite Disney Characters

1) Goofy.

I can't express enough how much I love the whole essence
of acting ... 'goofy'. One of the most important traits
that I need in a boyfriend is for them to be as
much of a goofball as possible (and I'm glad mines meets
that criteria! :D). Goofy rarely appears as anything else but
happy. He's sincere, nice by nature ... and thoughtful. :'3
He's also not quickly ill-tempered ... like Mickey and Donald.
(Sorry Nachi! D: )

My Darth Goofy:

2) Marie.
(from the Aristocats.)

Even if she acts like a Diva, and she appears
as overly-confident she is just the cutest
thing ever! I guess I mostly love her
for being a kitten, with a pink bow in on her head.

My Marie plush with the ball-shaped body:

3) Minnie.

I mainly blame two people for this. Nachi and Leena.
Minnie comes off as sweet, collected ... and when Mickey
messes up big time she makes damn sure that Mickey
doesn't get away with it easily. She also makes a great
role model, and her voice is just the cutest, softest,
prettiest voice ever. Again, I'm blaming Nachi and Leena
for this as they have exposed Minnie to me way too many times
in the past.

My Minnie shirt gift from Nachi:

Nachi had bought this shirt, and another one
of Mickey that came with it, off of ebay.
She had originally wanted to buy the pair
of shirts to wear it with her boyfriend ...
but they only had the colors in pink, and he's
not very fond of pink. D': So she asked me if I
would wear it with her as she wears the Mickey
shirt, and of course I said yes. ^-^

I can't find a stock photo of the shirts right now ...
The stock photo shows a girl wearing the Minnie
shirt above, and her boyfriend is wearing the Mickey
shirt and the Mickey is doing the same kissing stance
as Minnie.

Once me and Nachi wear our shirts in the same time,
I'll make sure to get some pictures of us taken. :DD

What is your favorite
Disney character(s)?