My Outfit for today:

My dull face and simplicity. I woke up way too early today for no reason.
I didn't mind it, since I was able to make a really tasty breakfast out of
the extra morning time I had.

Hiii! I hope you lovely ladies are doing ok. C:
Not everyone has been posting lately, I believe
everyone has a life now. :D Yesss.

My weekend felt amazing, and I wish I didn't have
a lot of school work to do ... I want to be able
to hang out with my friends all of the time. On
Friday night I went karaoking and then on
Saturday morning I went to the beach for my
friend's birthday get together.

My Tenorikuma beach towel that Nachi helped me buy a few years back. *-*
I never used it until saturday ... and that will be the last time. lol
I'll have to buy a cute substitute, because I just love this thing too
darn much. ;-;

I rarely used this bag, so it like, became my new beach bag.
It still had some sand in it when I went to the beach back
at around May. I love this thing too, it has tiny actual
speakers in the front and can play music if you attach your
ipod or mp3 player to it.

Going to the beach in October felt really, really refreshing.
In Florida atleast.
During the summer, the blazing sun makes everything so unbearable ...
I just don't like summer, simple as that.
The beach during this time, feels great in terms of, the sun isn't
as annoying, you won't get tans, the breeze makes everything feel
better and the water feels really nice ... even if it was cold
it still felt nice. lol
All we did was splash around in the water, and play with sand.
We did have a mini barbecue with burgers and hotdogs. :D
but the most fun part was playing with the sand.
Playing in the water was fun, until I had swallowed a lot
of freaking salt water when a huge ass wave hit me.
Stupid me for leaving my mouth open.

I suck at anything artistic, so my friends were the ones creating
some awesome, derogatory sand sculptures.

Sand toilet, with an actual dead fish in it. D:
Later on I end up tripping over the fish as I
dashed across the toilet. Ugggh.

Sand tits. There's actually more to this, but
of course I ain't showing it on here. xD
My friend got completely buried in this mountain of sand,
and then as he got buried another friend of mines molded
him tits, and a penis with testicles. lolol
It was brilliant.

Do any of you get cheap
laughs out of derogatory humor?

I think we all do, but I admit to having a somewhat
gross sense of humor.

I forgot to mention that the beach we went to was called
Satellite Beach.


Donkuri said...

OMG!Your t-shirt is kawaii!And I like bag too *_*

☆(´∀`)李兔子RabbitoBonbon☆ said...

Looks like you're having fun! This morning my boy classmates talked about how does it feel to have some big pair of tits on their chest and w/out the attached *coughs* things on their bodies!

I was laughing to the death hearing that and now they labeled me as a pervert girl. (=.=;; ) Seriously why did they discuss about that topic in the class anyway? Everyone was hearing them (y'know boys talk really loud for some reasons) the whole time.


Melody said...

HAHAAHA. Yes I laugh at those type of dirty jokes and etc XD tehehehehe

Awww, I really wanted to go to the beach today but I thought it was gonna rain! And then it turned out the weather was PERFECTTTTTT ..and it was too late to go :(! Jealousss*

such.is-jaHnice said...

Ohhh looks like you had loads of fun my dear! Mmmm its finally heating up in Australia so hopefully I can start hitting the beaches soon.
I so agree that not much people are posting these days. Shame that I cant say its because I've got a life now LOL .. just no inspiration.
Thank you for your super sweet comment though *hugs*
Mmmmmmm to be honest. I laugh at anything that isnt meant to be funny LOL!
Just today at work one of my colleagues said to our manager "Are you having fun planning that over there?" and I honestly thought he said "Are you having fun pulling yourself over there?" Oh my gawsh I was in hysterics for hours. No one else got it though ><


P o o p e r said...

Donkuri: Thanks! ^^

RabbitoBonbon: Haha, if they thought you were perverted for laughing at that then all girls are perverted. xD Yeah boys tend to be REALLY loud which can be a fun thing some times and a bad thing (depending on the area lol)

Melody: Aw man ... THE WEATHERMAN LIED. D:< I would of been so angry at that too ... I hope you'll be able to go soon, cause that was just messed up. D:

such-is-janice: I agree, its hard to post when you can't come up with anything, also school, work and other people get in the way of blogging. xD What is having a life anyways? I use to hate when people commented on me having no life when I would just sit at home and read. lol but no problem! I really do love the way you blog, and you're one of the few people I read ... ;__; Girl find that motivation! Misinterpreting things is the funniest thing to happen. XD

juuuunn said...

cute outfit,

reply on your comment:
thanks, but I am not that good $;


Naka said...

i love ur sirt ^^ u have a great sense of style and i love the photos ^

nice bag ^^ the weekend look likle it was fun for u! and I always laugh at penis jokes or innuedos XD

xo.- R said...

I love your sweater!

Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

The toilet sculpture really made my day! I laughed so hard when I saw it! XD

Marie said...

Wow, I really love that sweater! So cute :3!

All your lovely pictures make me miss going to the beach. I used to go a lot with my family, but the beaches near here are so ugly, lol. ; o;

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