Yesterday I went to a Korean Karaoke place
called Noraebong. The name of the place in english is called Q Karaoke,
which I didn't understand cause my friends that's been there always said that it
was called Noraebong. There was some hangul under the 'Q Karaoke' sign, so I'll
assume that whatever that hangul might be means Noraebong. lol

Ugggh, it was so much fun! It was my first time going to a Karaoke place.
We had made it to the place at around midnight, and stayed there for two
hours since they charge $25 an hour for a room.

They had EVERYTHING in that karaoke machine. They had a lot of American (
or english?) tracks, Korean (a lot of Kpop :3), Vietnamese, and a lot of
Japanese tracks (including a lot of Jrock!). They had the latest of everything,
We all sang to Lady Gaga, a lot of kpop like big bang, shinee, 2pm. Utada Hikaru, Muse, jrock like Maximum the hormone, dir en grey. lol

I do have footage of me and my friend BT singing to
Zetsubou Billy by Maximum the Hormone. Me and him
use to be really big on this band, and even if we don't
know the Japanese lyrics to this song, we tried to
enjoy this song, one of our favorite songs, with grace.

Wish I had remember how to mumble correctly to this. xD
Its been long since I've listened to them.
Sorry If I make a lot of awkward movements, I was very
much stunned by the unknown kanji/hiragana being thrown at us.
and also I was trying to be a goofball. lol
My voice is extremely groggy at this moment from singing to
both this song and Dozing Green by Dir en grey.

Has anyone ever been to a Karaoke place?
My friends who had invited me to do this, they've been
doing this once every month (cause money is tight these daysss)
and I hope I'll be able to join them again in November. I met
3 awesome ladies yesterday night and was glad to have sang with them.


☆(´∀`)李兔子RabbitoBonbon☆ said...

I love karaoke and I always go there together with my friends like... every month? XDXD ( sometimes alone cuz nobody wants to accompany me ) o(;A;)o

Naka said...

karaoke sounds so fun! and i love maximum the hormone :3 and nice dance moves on the video!

and yeah i find it quite shocking how people put up the prices of dresses even though they bought it $100 cheaper.

Melody said...

I love Karaoke !! :)
But I don't go that often cos I'm ..just lazy :P tehehehe

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