My outfit for Monday:

I haven't done anything productive since Saturday.
Except go to college, and that's it.

During my lazy days (I feel like I'm too
lazy for my own good) I've been staring and gazing
at items on ebay like a mad woman.

I've been mainly looking stuff up on Ebay just because
I'm going to get everyone I know Christmas gifts off of Ebay.

or atleast I'm going to try. lol

There are some really nice stuff on there for cheaper the
price! So ... Why not? I'm pretty sure who ever I buy
gifts for will appreciate that I'm able to give them multiple gifts
for the price of one. Like stationary, stickers, plush dolls, CLOTHES.

Have you ever typed "korean fashion" or something Asian related
on the ebay search bar?

If you haven't, then go do iiiittt.
There are so much nice clothes on there, and they're all so
cheap. I've bought nice shirts/blouses off of ebay ... and
I shall plan to buy moar soon.
Its the same kind of clothes you would find on Yesstyle or Asia Jam.

(haha now you see where I got my octopus top from.)

I've also been browsing Bodyline a lot too ...
I was talking to one of my bff's and she secretly
confessed to me how she's always wanted to be a lolita.
I wish I was able to give her a hug ... We were communicating online. D':
Since we both just got our left over money from fasfa
she was asking me where one could buy some nice cheap lolita dresses
and I directed her to Bodyline. I would of directed her to Taobao ...
but Taobao is too annoying for someone who is new to lolita.
She ended up loving bodyline when I linked her, and we might plan
to order some things together off of the website once we can. :'3

I was so happy that she confessed to me that she's always
had an interest in lolita.

Ever had a close friend confess to you
something that made you feel really happy?

I've had a few of these kind of confessions. :3
For some reason I get happier and more excited when I hear/read them.


angela said...

your outfit looks so cute!! I love it!!



Naka said...

awh i wish i had a bff and a close lolita friend XD i love the outfit photo :3

kaizokumousy said...

Hello ^_^ you know, I also like to search for cute make up brushes (pink ones) on ebay :3 and othe stuffs too but i try not to over do it because sometimes when I cant get it just make me feel bad x.x

to reply to u :D

~yes, try Gimp, just download it from google its such a small file, and have fun editing ur pics :3

~aww, yeah I want my sister to lend me back the camera for pics x.x I should have done my makeup just before she took it huhu~

~The grudge is good but try the japanese version one because asian are more scary when in ghost story because of their pale complexion XD

~My favorite actor in BOF is Lee Min Ho :D how about you?

Donkuri said...

cute big shirt :D

Naka said...

^^ im glad u liked my dress :D

tehe yeah i think the older relatives tell ppl they are going to be fat so they have more food to themselves!

☆(´∀`)李兔子RabbitoBonbon☆ said...

This afternoon my BFF told me that she should have met me earlier! Idk what made her to say something like that since she's... y'know a very shy girl but that made me happy! ♥ ♥

Anyway, thanks for the wish ♥ I'm feeling better now! (^_~)

Melody said...

I need more money to buy clothes !!
Taobao is annoyingly hard when you can't read Chinese and don't have your own Chinese bank account ! :( !

Please buy me some lolita clothes too dear <3 xD

Mei said...

Ooh I love Korean fashion, so kiddish yet cuuute thanks for the tip :3

Naka said...

:D tehe thanks for the kind comment ^^

tehe im glad im not the only one that has trouble with contacts :p

Sarah said...

It's true that there are a lot of interesting shops on ebay! I've bought things from "Refuse to Be Usual". Do you know this ebay shop? (^^)


Yes! she drew Teruki (^0^)! and the other members are in the cup that Teruki is holding. Can you see them? (・ω・)

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