My prize arrived. :'3

My outfit for today:

I love buying clothes and I try to coordinate outfits,
but I also love being absolutely lazy with wearing clothes.
I do an equal amount of both... or maybe I dress lazy-like more. lol

2 days ago my prize from Melody's Giveaway arrived!

I really loved the bracelet, the roses on it are so pretty and it matches
with the HK necklace. Also, I can't wait to use one of the nail polishes!
My nails are healing up right now from when I yanked off the acrylic
nails off of them. They're all weak and what not, I have to wait. ~_~

Now my very beat up Blackberry (cell phone) has a place to
rest in whenever it's home. :DDD I love this cell phone
holder a lot, I've never had one before. Can you guess
the random characters sticking out from the back?

I can't help to think that my phone seems happier in there.
Look at it, all comfy and safe from the dangers of my clumsy hand.
It's glistening with joy.

Melody included some extra stuff! I didn't position the pen correctly. D:
It's Hello Kitty and her bunny friend, I use to call the bunny My Melody
just because I wanted that bunny to be My Melody in my head. lol
Thanks for the extra items love! :'DDD

She included a letter in this! <3333
I blocked out the address, but take a
close look at what the little lady is saying:

I literally freaked, this is like the cutest thing ever.

Once I gently opened the letter, I first pull out this
and then the letter she wrote me. I was very much excited about
this drawing! It looks great! So cute, girrrrrl you have a REALLY
nice art style. Do you have a deviantart? :'3 I totally wanna see
more art from Melody!

The letter she included, with some stickers!
(and some tea cups helping
the letter not fold up ;_;)
The letter was really touching, I'm felt really happy when
reading it. I'm too much of a sap and anything filled with
happiness makes my day an automatic ~~*good and happeh*~~ day.
hehe xD
Thanks so much!~ ^_^ I really appreciate all this, and had
safely put away the drawing and the letter in a hidden place
where I keep all my special items. I'm really grateful!

I want to send you a letter back, but ... I need to possibly
practice on my penmanship. (I write in odd ways, odd waysss. Sloppy,
and not even like a boy or girl. lmao)

but again, Thank you Melody! (millionth thank you! haha)
and I want to see more of your art! :'3

What do you guys think about your own handwriting?
Proud of it? Hate it? Would rather type everything out if possible?

I get tempted to type out stuff and then plaster it onto pretty, kawaii
stationary. But then it would completely mess up the essence of what a
letter should be like and also mess up the prettiness of kawaii stationary. Dx


such.is-jaHnice said...

OMG. So spoilt !!!
You got loads of good stuff :]
That bb holder is so cute ! I have one for my iPhone but it’s like a seal with a teddy bear face hahaha. They are so good, especially if you’re like me and wake up easy when someone calls or texts. The reason I mainly got it was to protect my phone from all the times I would drop it on the ground when id grab it half asleep haha. It’s got a soft landing pad now :P
Melody is really good and sketching ! Love the drawing she did of you ! So cuteeeee !
Mmmmm I am iffy about my handwriting too, I always feel like it looks messy ;\ but then again when writing letters to people I prefer to write rather than type .. its so much more “personal” if you know what I mean :]
Congrats on winning lovely ! You definitely deserve it ;]

Tam said...

I love the bow jumper I want to invest in some sort of bow clothing because i have none. There are so many things in the giveaway *envy* :P

Donkuri said...

your outfits are always cute!
OHH kawaii things *___*

The♥Ordinary♥Gal said...

Ahhh! Cute stufffffffff! ;D

My handwriting is okay.. Could be better! :D

Emma <3

Melody said...

YAYYY. I am so glad that everything made it to you perfectlyyyy^_^"!!

And ahh I DO have deviantart but I haven't updated it in AGES so my art on there is heaps terrible ><"! I was meaning to colour it but I ran out of time :( But I scanned it on to my computer, so after my exams ..I'll colour it on the comp and send it to you ;)! <3

Pleasse send mee a letterrr tehehhe <3

Vu said...
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Vu said...

About the characters sticking from the back, I see a Gloomy Bear, a Kuromi, and is that a Kogepan? :0

xo.- R said...

Once again I love your sweater!

Naka said...

i love the jumper and such a cute prize ^^ and I hate my handwriting! I wish I had a nice elegant cursive handwriting :p and Melody's drawings are amazing!

☆モモ☆ said...

I love the jumper, too! And you got such a nice giveaway! ^^ I also don't like my handwriting much. ^^

Pu3 said...

Your blog is so cute! o(^▽^)o☆彡 ♥♥ May I follow you?

Xiao moon said...

congrats on winning the prize :D!
you got all cute items, hehehe XD

hmm.. i dont know.. i always write different, but its not really neat.. XD

la mì said...

you are very glamour and you have a style that I like. I adore this particular outfit in black/white!!!
my name's martina and I come from Italy...I love fashion and I would like you visit my blog...I wait your important tips!kiss kiss ^^

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