AP you scoundrel.

Holiday themed dresses?
I think soooo.

Print: Holy Night Story.

Print: Candy Treat.
Halloween? Kind of? Another typical 'sweets'themed dress?
(or how like someone said it on this post: click HERE.
"Looks like a combination of the Powder Rose print with
the Jewelery Jelly print.")

(Click the images above to make them bigger)

I haven't been on the look out for Angelic Pretty's releases
ever since the Milky Planet was released.
This was at around Summer of 2010.

Milky Planet:

Once the Milky Planet had released, I was done. (Liess)
I use to go constantly on egl and angelic poodle
just to find out about new AP dresses that were about to
release, I even downloaded looked through
the latest Kera magazines to see images of models wearing
the latest AP dresses. All you can do is gaze at these insanely
cute, and pastel colored items ... unless you have a job and
are capable of saving every month for an AP dress that'll range around
$250-$300 (unless it's a dress from a lucky pack or something along those
lines). I still look through egl, and I still gaze at AP items but I try
not to set my heart on them, or else I'll suffer since I can't really
whip out $400 for a dress, matching socks, and a matching headbow. ;_;

I have only one AP item, the Miracle Candy OP in sax ... and you think that
be enough? Secretly I want more. I know we all want more. If not, we
want everything AP if possible (unless you have another more favored brand).

Between me and one of my bff's, Huart, we made up special names for all
lolita brands, we like to call Angelic Pretty: Satanic Pretty.

You have to admit its pure evil what AP does.
They are brand, but still.
(biased P o o p e r is biased.)
Though ... are the dresses worth the price? You tell me.

Is their any type of brand that you wish
you could own items from? Like Tokidoki,
Sex Pot Revenge, or high end fashion
brands like Chanel, Gucci, Juicy Couture,
Louis Vuitton?

Aside from really wanting to own AP items, I also would love
items from Metamorphose and Emily Temple Cute. I also really WISH I could
own a wallet or purse (or both) from Louis Vuitton and/or a purse from
Juicy Couture. Dx

Note: I really admire AP, though I still buy offbrand
just because it goes with my budget and also there are really
cute offbrand items out there that make me feel just as happy as AP.
I really love the OTT sweet lolita look and when I look up images of
these kind of lolitas all you can find are girls decked out while wearing AP dresses. Being expose to AP items every time when searching for lolita crap can really take its toll sometimes. lol


☆ NachiPoo said...

kjdbdfkjbrioweugb DDDDD': NOOO why do you have to share your suffering?! KEEP IT TO YOURSELF.
Gah, I get mad when I see AP dresses. They are indeed evil! Make them so cute its unbearable.

Ohhh, I love 4 dresses mainly from AP,Milk Berry (that's my fav one) Sugary Carnival, Wonder Cookie, and Milky Planet. If I could I'd be happy with owning 2 out of the 4.

Naka said...

i love the angelic pretty photos :3 I dont tink I would wear them very often if i bought them though >.<

and i like Baby The Stars Shine bright. I need to start looking at brand again. I used to look on egl comm sales ALL THE TIME and just think abo7ut dresses all the time -_-

Donkuri said...

I like lolita style!thank you for the comment :D

such.is-jaHnice said...

POOPER ! *giggles*
You are soooooo friggin cute! AHHH when I read your comment on my previous post about me “ranting” I couldn’t help but smile ! I swear the blog world needs more people like you ^^ you make blogging that much more fun ;] .. oh and tell me about it, I was so angry last night when my blogger crapped itself and deleted my post that I worked so hard on doing LOL and then to top it off I left my USB at home so cant even update today, so now I need to wait till tomorrow *sighs*
Anyway .. anyway moving onto your current post!
EEEPPPPPP lolitta style ! I love love love love it .. its so cuteeeeeee ! and I love how the dresses are so doll-like .. but WOAH I didn’t think they would be that expensive for an outfit ?? Eeeep >< I love the Milky Planet one you showed, I would love to wear something like that but it wouldn’t suite me at all :( .. maybe if they had it in black & white? LOL .. but then I’d look like a maid off like chobits or something >< ..
I hate how “brands” make things soooooo overpriced .. its like COME ON .. what about the little people who aren’t famous ?? how are we suppose to afford things we like >< .. ughhh need to make friends with Nicole Richie or something LOL and then scam money off her ;] !
Mmmmm lets see .. there are a lot of things I want that are heaps expensive because their branded .. not so much LV or Juicy .. I wouldn’t mind a nice white chanel bag ;] or maybe even some Gucci sunnies ! ahhh dreams LOL .. one day Pooper, one day we will have it all haha !


☆(´∀`)李兔子RabbitoBonbon☆ said...

Ah! Lolita dresses! (*O*)

I used to love the style but to be a Lolita it needs a lot of money & efforts so I guess being a nerd is better after all! XDXD

kaizokumousy said...

I like sexpot revenge fashion :3

yeah, it's really bad because all the fashion clothings u mentioned are really really SUPER expensive!!!=.= omg! they were like for richie rich people hehe

anyways hun, i think if you want to dress up like that look some other website that has same quality of lolita dresses and the price is not too expensive :)
arg!ive seen 1 before but i forgot which site is that >.<

Xiao moon said...

ACK such cute dresses! Darn you, why are you torturing me by showing these superdupercute dresses I can't afford XD

There are a lot of brands with items I want, but it's not about the price nor the popularity of the brand, it's about if I like it or not. I can be happy with a 1000 dollar bag, but I can also be happy with a 10 dollar bag. If the quality is good, why not buy?

It's kinda crazy, but I do understand it, the prices of Angelic Pretty and Chanel etc. The quality is superb and everything is detailed and thoughtfully made.

Melody said...

Dammit, I wish I could afford to buy these dressesss <3 <3 <3 !! I really need to save money and buy myself some of these dressess ^^"!

I want some Angelic Pretty things NOWWW! :(

I'm not really crazy about brands ..unless that brand produces a certain type of style that no other brand does !! :D

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