Outfit: 6/17/12


A sort of casual lolita look. I was waiting on this lilac blouse to come in but it was taking too long. I should of just paid more for EMS.

I just really wanted to wear this dress out.


Pamyu Pamyu Revolution (Personal Review) - Pt. 2


Hi everyone!

Finally, part 2. ●﹏☉
In this part of the review, I'll be talking about my personal opinion on each song from the album.

Before I continue with that, I'll just give everyone a quick update of what's been going on with me. Well, remember those lenses I said I was going to buy? I bought them a week ago, they came in after 3 days of purchase, and I'll definitely make a review for them as my next post. Yesterday was Nachi's birthday, so me and our whole group of friends decided to meet her up at TGI Fridays for dinner. Hopefully I'll be able to get some pictures from my friends to post on here. Or even better, one of my friends took multiple videos of us goofing off at Fridays. lol Let's see if he'll compile a video soon enough. 

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Photos that probably deserve some significance.


I mentioned last time that I'd post part 2 of the PPR review ... but I feel like taking a break from Kyary. Next time I'll make sure to post it. I probably mention her way too many times for my own good (imagine hearing me ramble on about her in real life). Even Tommy knows as much about Kyary as I do. He sometimes sings her songs with me out of his own free will.

So, I was skimming through my cellphone's photo album and came across all of these pictures that I really enjoy looking at. Simply because they bring back memories. ;A; I would love to post all of them, but that would just be insane. So here's some of them. ♡

Popcorn?! Nachi basically coordinated this outfit for me! She found this Tokyo Disney popcorn hair accessory for $5 on ebay. *-* I immediately bought it! Then, to our surprise, she found this cat shirt at a random shop and it came out to around $10. I had this as a display pic on facebook but I though I'd share the story about this picture. Also, if you want to get your hands on this hair accessory just type "tokyo disney popcorn" on ebay and it'll come up.

My dessssk. All of the stuff I've accumulated throughout the years. I posted this on tumblr a few months back.

My two very good friends, Steven and Carmen. Both wearing wigs. All of my closest friends have a thing for wearing fake hair. Either wigs, extensions, or even constantly dying hair. My friends also love getting different haircuts. I don't go for haircuts since I'm growing out my hair and I don't dye it as much. I'm trying to maintain my hair healthy, reasosn why I sport wigs. lol Last time I dyed my hair was in February and last haircut was in December.

The greatest gel eyeliner ever. It stays on for hours and hours and imo better than hassling with maybelline's liquid eyeliners. I HIGHLY reccomend this for anyone who loves the thick liner look. Though, the eyeliner brush that comes with it is just terrible.

An outfit for a photoshoot I had back in January. One of my favorite lolita coords.

The best Bulma cosplay ever! Or so I believe. ;-; She is just adorable! This was from Megacon 2012 back in February.

Oh, Domo. This was when Tommy was trying to fix things between us. He won me this Domo for me at a local carnival. Very cliche, I know.

Effie Trinket cosplay! I fangirled like no other when I saw her. I just had to take a picture. This girl usually cosplays to College which I find really interesting. The closest to this I've gone is going on campus while in lolita. When it was Halloween. By the way, I love the Hunger Games series. The movie felt rushed and the ending should of been the same as the book. I was upset, especially when A CERTAIN SOMEBODY didn't lose their leg in the movie.

I saw them at Toysrus and just randomly paired them together. If they weren't about $13 each I would of bought them!

Meet, Breadou. It looks exactly like bread, smells just like bread, and feels like bread too! My mom was very impressed with this toy. xD

What do you usually take random pictures of?