Nachi's 20th birthday.


Hey everyone! :D
Sorry for taking forever when it comes to blogging.
The usual gets in the way like studying and Tumblr.
People as well which I'm not trying to claim as an issue. xD
Some stuff comes up and its either my friends are there for me or I'm
there for them. So, I'll end up taking as much time as possible comforting
them in whatever situation they may be in and honestly it makes me
feel glad to have helped them.

Tumblr has got to be the only thing that I'll resort to whenever I'm
stressed or in need of inspiration. I find some really great pictures
of sweet lolitas on there that help me learn how to coordinate outfits
more appropriately and these pictures do help me take this style more seriously.

I'm already excited about what dress I might get next. *.*

Let's see, let's see ... So recently I witnessed my lovely sister, Nachi,
get a monroe piercing on her birthday.
(she's not really my sister ... I wish. ;A; )

If you don't know what a monroe looks like then here's an image of it:

I was so excited for her! She's been wanting it for the longest time ...
The only issue she had was deciding whether she truly wanted a monroe.
I sort of felt a little jealous because I've always wanted two monroes.
One of each side of my upper lip ... I never thought about getting a tattoo
and neither do I plan to (maybe!). Speaking of tattoos, Nachi is going to get one
tomorrow. Hopefully she'll allow me to take pictures of it. >_>
I've heard from a few friends that once you get either a piercing or tattoo
you'll want more. xD

Outfit I wore on her birthday:

Mini Hat: Angelic Pretty
Wig: Ebay (I LOVE THIS WIG. When it breaks apart
I won't know what to do. ;-;)
Cutsew: Infanta
Skirt: Hottopic
Socks: Secret Shop
Shoes: Bodyline
Necklace: Chocomint

Nachi's Yorkshire ... her name is Ruby and she is such a cutie!
She wouldn't let me take a good picture of her. :\

Nachi's mom forced us to smile when I asked her to take a picture of us.
You can't really see Nachi's monroe. ;-;

We went to Downtown Disney to browse through all of the shops. We spent an
eternity in Downtown Disney's Trend shop where we freaked out at the
sight of sailor themed clothes by Tokidoki. The dress she's holding is by Tokidoki.

The pictures above is where we ended our day by eating at
Kobe's Japanese Steakhouse. She got a free cupcake because it was her birthday and immediately after we
were stuffed and exhausted we tried taking a quick picture as a group.
We all look so tired and bleh.

The day doesn't sound like much though it really was. We spent the entire
day singing to every song on the radio and dancing randomly at Downtown Disney.
They had live music playing at Disney and all of the songs played were strictly
pop like Lady Gaga's Born this way, and Black Eyed Peas The Time.
We ended up trash talking Katy Perry's E.T. song due to the fact that at some
point during the day the song was playing on four different radio stations in
the same time. It kept coming up throughout the entire day and before you
know it we would randomly burst into verse.
I swear its STILL stuck on me, I'm singing that verse right now. lol

How do you feel about tattoos and/or piercings?


Star Wars Weekend 2011: More Photos.


Continuing on from this post. :3
The rest of the photos are somewhat not Star Wars related ...

While wandering around MGM Studios we were attempting to
find as many Star Wars related things as possible ...
Instead we enter a building and we find Minnie and Stitch
waiting to pose for some pictures(Piglet was outside of
the building). Nachi and I were very excited to see
no line for a picture with Minnie and Stitch.
Especially Minnie!

For introduction purposes this is Nachi's boyfriend, Carlos, wearing a
Boba Fett helmet. Eventually he almost had a heat stroke while wearing it
(I'm joking ) and took it off an hour later after wearing it. He then
started to throw the stuff he bought in it and carried it around with all his
goods in it.
(In all honesty, wearing that AP skirt nearly killed me as well. :x )

These sunglasses have seen their last camera,
they ended up breaking a few hours later.
It was probably a sign, Nachi and Tommy kept telling me
to take them off cause they didn't like them and personally I didn't either.

I felt not only happy because I got to pose with Piglet but weirded out. xD
When I approached him I immediately waved at him and he started
to touch my headband cause there was a little plastic cake on it.
He got excited and made giggling gestures then we hugged. During the
hug Piglet mushed his mouth onto my face (mind you his mouth took up
my entire face) and I heard a loud smooch. He kissed me. :'D
It made me smile and I felt special for some reason.
I've never had a Disney character do that so it felt weird.
I also don't know if its a male under that suit or female. lolol
According to Carlos (who works at Disney, thanks to him we were able
to attend Star Wars Weekend) he says that in order to work as characters like
Micky, Minnie, Piglet, Stitch, you have to be at least 5'0ft tall or 152 cm.
So he told us that they mostly hire girls to do those characters.
Once that was mentioned my group looked at me and agreed that I would be
perfect for that sort of job.

I'd LOVE to be a Disney mascot ...

It was a plush doll just strapped there. We did suspect for a second
whether it was a real infant. xD

Before we had our turn to take pictures with Minnie there was this
family before us who had this really adorable toddler who wouldn't let go
of Minnie. ;__; She kept yelling out "Minnie!" in a very enthusiastic tone
and she kept saying, "I love you! I love you Minnie mouse!!" Oh God, it
was heart breaking! Minnie kept spoiling the toddler with hugs and the little
girl kept giggling with happiness. It was the sweetest thing to watch.

Stitch was another character who tried to do his way with me.
Right after the picture was taken Stitch lightly pushes away Tommy
and walks off with me while holding onto my arm. Nachi yells out, "
He's trying to take your woman away!" We didn't go very far as Stitch
had to return back. It was probably the Lolita skirt or something that
were making these characters like me so much. After going through that
I told Nachi that I was definitely going to be in Lolita on my next visit
to Disney.

Apparently, Stitch was trying to hook up with all the young ladies.
He did the same thing to Nachi that Piglet did to me but instead of a kiss
Stitch made a loud licking noise. lolol Again, I question which gender
might be hiding underneath the suits.

With Carlos all Stitch did was knock on his helmet. lol

What if you had the chance to work as Disney
character? Would you do it? and if so which character?

It seems like I talk to much about Disney. D:


Star Wars Weekend 2011.


We went on June 4th which was a Saturday and the event was held at
Disney's MGM Studios.

The entire time while I was there I kept thinking, "Why, WHY does this event
have to be in the SUMMER and on the weekend OF ALL DAYS."

Usually when I go to a theme park I go on a weekday like Wednesday or something.
I also try to go when its Fall or Winter ... its cool or cold out and tourists
only come to Florida when its Summer. I was really excited about this event
but unfortunately the by early afternoon we all decided to leave. It was waaaaay
too hot outside and MGM Studios was so crowded and full to the point where
we felt irritated. The heat wasn't much of problem but it added on to our
fury. xD

Also ... MGM Studios has a section dedicated to Star Wars which is there throughout
the entire year. The Jedi Training Academy and the Star Tours are part of that
section and are there throughout the entire year ... The other "Star Wars Weekend"
events were parades, and autographs from certain Star Wars celebrities. WHICH, we
couldn't get any autographs because apparently you needed a specialized ticket
that will allow you to see these celebrities and they were all passed out to
people who had camped overnight for this event. :\ Hopefully next time if we
ever go again we'll be more prepared. I was hoping to take pictures with some
Star Wars characters but instead I got some pictures with some Disney characters. :3
My next post will include pictures of me and my friends with the Disney
characters and I'll even write about how quirky each character was. xD They
really made my day!

My outfit:

Headband: Bought it off egl_sales
Necklace and Vest: Hottopic
Skirt: Angelic Pretty
Socks: Angelic Pretty
Purse: Gift from Nachi
Boots: JCPenney
Bracelets: Offbrand

How do you usually feel about the Summer?

I like the summer on certain occasions but ...
eh, I prefer a cooler climate. :p


Zumba Fitness = Makes you feel like you have two left feet.



Beret: H&M
Wig: Ebay
Shirt: Target
Jeans: Hottopic
Shoes: Bodyline

So June is finally here, it's going to be a very eventful month.
This weekend I get the lucky chance to go attend Star Wars Weekend over
at Disney and I'm really excited about it. I'm deciding as of now what
to incorporate in an outfit for that day. xD; After that my lovely bff,
Nachi, is going to turn 20 on June 14th. She's planning on doing something
but she's not sure what do. I told her I was up for anything. :3
From June 17 - 19 there's going to be an anime convention that's being held
called Metro Convention. Tommy is really excited about going and so am I.
I'm mostly excited to see what kind of lolitas will be there since the city
its going to be in seems to have a good amount of local loli's. After that
there are 3 more birthdays. BT's birthday and my cousin's = June 24th and
Tommy's birthday = June 25th. It'll be somewhat of an eventful month. lol

I've been noticing this whole new craze about this fitness style known as
Zumba. I didn't know much about it until my mom decided to buy the
Zumba Fitness game for the Wii. I was with her when we bought it and she
kept telling me how she read reviews on it and most reviews were positive
so she wanted to try it out. Once I started playing the game is when I found
out what Zumba really was.

At first I thought Zumba was some sort of Brazilian dancing style.
I was sort of surprised, and kind of happy, that Zumba basically
incorporates different dancing styles into one workout routine.
The specific dancing style? They are all Latin/Carribbean dancing
styles like Merengue, Salsa, Cumbia, and I was even surprised
when I saw some Dancehall music/moves incorporated. There's some
hip hop too but I mostly felt comfortable with the Latin dancing
styles since I grew up surrounded by them.

Am I any good at any of them?
No, not really. D: Merengue maybe ...
If you have no idea how any of these dancing styles look like
I would recommend youtubing them if you're really curious.
I'm pretty sure everyone is very familiar with Salsa dancing.
Anybody? :D

Though, even if I'm not an amazing dancer, the game is still really
entertaining despite it not feeling much like a game.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find a good representation of the game
on youtube so instead I'll post a preview to a Zumba fitness DVD.

The game is no different from this DVD workout.
The objective is to basically follow up with the dancing silhouette
and you basically have to wear this specific belt that comes with
the game in which you place the wii mote into the belt's pocket and
supposedly the game will detect your hip movements through
the wii mote. Though, if you really didn't care about following
the silhouette then you can basically get points easily by just
wiggling your body. lol

I personally really like the silhouettes because it makes it easier
to just concentrate on the choreography and its moderate to follow
but to the point where you'll be drenched in sweat so this game
should definitely be played when you have nothing to do at home.
(where you can shower and wash your hair after playing)

Have you ever heard of Zumba before this post?

It really is popular around here ... I've noticed Zumba workout
centers opening up at different places including in a mall. lol