Star Wars Weekend 2011.

We went on June 4th which was a Saturday and the event was held at
Disney's MGM Studios.

The entire time while I was there I kept thinking, "Why, WHY does this event
have to be in the SUMMER and on the weekend OF ALL DAYS."

Usually when I go to a theme park I go on a weekday like Wednesday or something.
I also try to go when its Fall or Winter ... its cool or cold out and tourists
only come to Florida when its Summer. I was really excited about this event
but unfortunately the by early afternoon we all decided to leave. It was waaaaay
too hot outside and MGM Studios was so crowded and full to the point where
we felt irritated. The heat wasn't much of problem but it added on to our
fury. xD

Also ... MGM Studios has a section dedicated to Star Wars which is there throughout
the entire year. The Jedi Training Academy and the Star Tours are part of that
section and are there throughout the entire year ... The other "Star Wars Weekend"
events were parades, and autographs from certain Star Wars celebrities. WHICH, we
couldn't get any autographs because apparently you needed a specialized ticket
that will allow you to see these celebrities and they were all passed out to
people who had camped overnight for this event. :\ Hopefully next time if we
ever go again we'll be more prepared. I was hoping to take pictures with some
Star Wars characters but instead I got some pictures with some Disney characters. :3
My next post will include pictures of me and my friends with the Disney
characters and I'll even write about how quirky each character was. xD They
really made my day!

My outfit:

Headband: Bought it off egl_sales
Necklace and Vest: Hottopic
Skirt: Angelic Pretty
Socks: Angelic Pretty
Purse: Gift from Nachi
Boots: JCPenney
Bracelets: Offbrand

How do you usually feel about the Summer?

I like the summer on certain occasions but ...
eh, I prefer a cooler climate. :p


Fionaa ♥ said...

your last photo with piglet reminds me of when I went to Disneyland in america and took a photo with piglet :P

I like summer at times too but overall I like the weather when its around spring time going into summer, where it's warm but with a nice breeze keeping you cool ^__^

Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

I like your outfit! ^^

That looks like so much fun! Today at a church event, this guy looked at a plaque with Jesus on it and exclaimed, "Whoa! A Star Wars plaque!" Afterewards, we joked about how epic it'd be if it was...XD

Donkuri said...

cute photos!You are pretty!

Maria May said...

Your outfit is super cute <3 too bad that the event was too crowded and the weather was too hard. I hate that and it really ruins the experience..
Can't really imagin a storm trooper dancing .. haha

Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

The piece you liked is called "Geisha Clown" and it's by Ken Dougherty. If you're interested at looking at more of his work, here's a link! ^^


Hope this helped!

Luquiejay♥ said...

This looks so interesting! did you have fun ?:)

Ken said...

that looks so fun! i love star wars~ i am following u now!

please join my giveaway!

baby.xi said...

Omo, it looks like so much fun :D!

also love the last pic of you and the mascot XD

Sarah said...

Your outfit is really cute! (^ω^)
What a pity that you couldn't take photos with Star Wars characters (>_<)

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