Calico Critters


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Homework always leaves me dehydrated ...

I guess you're never too old for toys

I got this Calico Critters playhouse and the critters inhabiting it
as a Valentines gift from Tommy. We go to Toysrus almost once a week
just to check out what's new (he goes for Transformers and I go to see
if there's any new Sanrio stuff). We're pretty much into Toys,
or at least he is more than myself. I would usually go and just walk
through the Barbie aisle or through the Fake food/fake kitchen
aisle just to basically marvel at all the complex fake kitchens that
I wish I could own now as an adult. I mean, I would if I had more
space. xD Then again ... Would I actually play with it?
Without feeling odd?

Not too long ago did I discover these Calico Critters.
I thought they were absolutely adorable and I loved how much
variety in species they had when it came to the family sets. ;__;
They had cow families, cats, dogs, monkeys, rabbits, bears, porcupines ...
So much variety, and the play houses for these animals are amazing.
They're very detailed yet really pricey. :\
Calico Critters is the U.S. name for Sylvanian Families.
Sylvanian Families originated from Japan and then became a big hit
in other countries. I can tell (from ebay listings, and from searching
up online shops) that Sylvanian Families seem to be popular in the UK. o:

Once I opened up the packaging for the Calico Critters play house immediately
I set up all the furniture to where it needs to be and put all the little animals
to their places. Mom's cooking up a storm in the kitchen, Dad's just sitting
there and the kids are up stairs playing with their toys. (As you can see I
added some stuff that I could find around my from, including the Re-ment food :D)

Once I had set everything up I cleared out an area where there was a tea
set displayed and now its replaced with this playhouse. Tommy was pretty
happy with the fact that I was 100% content with the playhouse.
Everything's just so cute. T___T (To me at least)

I feel nostalgic whenever I look over at the play house. There is temptation
to just sit in front it and play with the animal dolls yet ... I've already
tried that and thoughts about things that I should be doing rather
than playing fill up my mind.
So of course it ends up feeling unnecessary to play.
It won't stop me from admiring the darn thing.
At times I glance over at the house and creep up a smile.

While growing up can you remember which
type of toy was your favorite? Plush dolls? Baby dolls?
Barbies? Pretend Play like fake food or a fake doctor equipment?

While growing up I was really HUGE on Barbie dolls.
Can't say that I still am, I don't find them appealing anymore
and I remember how I felt so relieved when it came to getting rid
of them. (I did feel somewhat sad at the time when giving them away. D: )


"Where's Pooper?"


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"Look! I found Waldo!"
Does everyone remember ol' pesky Waldo?

I was never a fan of the "Where's Waldo?" images. D:
Mostly because of those stupid pop-up scare videos.

You know the kind right? The ones where they instruct
you to look closely at a computer screen or they
some how trick you into it by providing a maze or some
form of puzzle. Then, when you're fully concentrated
you immediately get startled (or scared or traumatized)
by a mortifying scream and a really disturbing face to go with it.

Because of these funny yet horrible internet pranks
I can never look up anything in peace. Before I start up a
youtube video it almost feels mandatory that I read the comments
before watching. Definitely not taking the risk! lol

Last Saturday I had went to Altamonte Mall just to browse around and
do some 'window shopping'.
I spent most of my time over at Forever 21 just because I was
on a quest for some nice pants. I ended up buying a sailor-like tank top,
the red/white long sleeved shirt, some jeggings, and some criss-
cross eye lashes (all seen above minus the tank top). I ended up not
buying pants there because the pants that feel just right are
really difficult to find.

I think the first time that I've seen criss-cross eyelashes was on Amazon when
I was looking for "Japanese brand eyelashes". xD; I've wanted to try them out
ever since I first saw them but I was in no rush to get them. I didn't know
that F21 sold eyelashes and apparently they're really cheap too.
$1.80 a pair and they came with a small container of glue.
I didn't use the glue because I'm convinced that nothing is better then
Dolly Wink's eyelash glue. The lashes felt really comfortable and I didn't even
need to cut them! (Thank God, because I wouldn't know how to cut through them. D:
Does anyone know how to cut criss-crossed styled lashes?)

I thought the lashes were going to appear more dramatic due to the style of it
but I guess in order to get a dramatic feel to them is to find a more bold,
thicker kind of criss-crossed lases.

If you know about "Where's Waldo" have you
or anyone you know actually found Waldo?


Val-en-tines day.


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(Watching Tommy and his friend play o: )
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Hopefully everyone had a really nice or decent V-Day! Normally I don't have
a lot of hype when it comes to Valentines day except for when it comes to
wishing others a great V-Day. C: The holiday itself makes me happy with its
supposed theme of love and ... love. Love for your partner, your friends,
your family and for others you only know as acquaintances.

Though, the other aspect of V-Day that isn't all that nice is all of the
shitty chocolates being sold around this time and candy hearts that taste like
crap. Also, it makes me feel really upset how roses end up dying out by the
next day. It's a pessimistic way of looking at it but I sort of feel odd when
it comes to throwing away dead roses. D': They're pretty pricey to purchase too.

The night before V-Day, Tommy and I had went to Bikkuri Sushi to have a nice
dinner between the two. I had felt really happy about the gift he had got me
(in which I'll talk about in another post) so to thank him for it I offered to
go out for some sushi/curry. My plate is the one with Curry and rice and Tommy's
is the one with all the sushi.
I'm a pickey eater and I don't like seafood :p

Outfit from V-Day (Which was technically today for me)
It wasn't as special as I hoped. Today I had school and it was like around
40-50 degrees Fahrenheit outside. Florida has some serious wacky weather
changes. Last week it was raining really hard and the week before that it
was really cold. Now we've returned back to the cold weather.

The night before Tommy and I agreed to just spend the V-Day night together
watching TV and baking our own pizza(s). With a pre-made crust of course.

I was so hungry and forgot to take a picture of the already baked pizza. ;A;

What are your feelings about Valentines Day?


Can't nobody can't nobody hold us down ♪


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Balmain to KTZ
Many style from A to Z
Jeremy Scott Givenchy
Bitch You ain’t got shit on me
Chrome hearts
Fendi furs
Dripped in shits you never heard

I'm pretty late when it comes to updating my music.
Just recently I got to listen to 2NE1's To Anyone album.
I had knew of the release back in October but I didn't bother
to check it out until now. xD; I LOVE IT and even though I've
listened to most of the songs before because of 2NE1's
MV's the rest of the tracks were just plain awesome.

I'm pretty eager now for their U.S. debut. >.>
According to Wikipedia, and other sources, will.i.am from the black eyed
peas is going to help promote 2NE1 in the United States.
I hope it proves successful because I would love to go see them live!

I feel like I've been absent for too long. -_-;
I told myself that I'd try and update the blog once every week.

My excuse for everything: Tommy
He comes over and I end up becoming heavily distracted from the interwebs,
my studies, my friends and from makeup. xD Usually I like to sit around
and watch makeup tutorials on Youtube but ever since he's back all
we ever do is go on adventures and watch everything we can possibly
watch on television.

Speaking of makeup! I recently bought a couple of makeup brushes
off of elf cosmetics. I'm sort of limited on brushes and most importantly
I needed a blending brush. :\ My mom hates it whenever I have to borrow hers.
So, I decided to just get my own and some others since all of elf's brushes
are really cheap. Brushes range from $1 to $5. It's worth the shot.

I also bought some eye shadows for myself and for ... a possible giveaway
in the semi- near future. :D I've been slowly collecting items
and thinking about what type of things should be included.

(Only two outfits from past weeks. :\
I've been severely slacking!)

Have you ever thrown a giveaway before? How was it?