Can't nobody can't nobody hold us down ♪

Mood: Happy
Music: 2NE1's To Anyone album
Eating: Pepperoni pizza
Drinking: Fruit Punch

Balmain to KTZ
Many style from A to Z
Jeremy Scott Givenchy
Bitch You ain’t got shit on me
Chrome hearts
Fendi furs
Dripped in shits you never heard

I'm pretty late when it comes to updating my music.
Just recently I got to listen to 2NE1's To Anyone album.
I had knew of the release back in October but I didn't bother
to check it out until now. xD; I LOVE IT and even though I've
listened to most of the songs before because of 2NE1's
MV's the rest of the tracks were just plain awesome.

I'm pretty eager now for their U.S. debut. >.>
According to Wikipedia, and other sources, will.i.am from the black eyed
peas is going to help promote 2NE1 in the United States.
I hope it proves successful because I would love to go see them live!

I feel like I've been absent for too long. -_-;
I told myself that I'd try and update the blog once every week.

My excuse for everything: Tommy
He comes over and I end up becoming heavily distracted from the interwebs,
my studies, my friends and from makeup. xD Usually I like to sit around
and watch makeup tutorials on Youtube but ever since he's back all
we ever do is go on adventures and watch everything we can possibly
watch on television.

Speaking of makeup! I recently bought a couple of makeup brushes
off of elf cosmetics. I'm sort of limited on brushes and most importantly
I needed a blending brush. :\ My mom hates it whenever I have to borrow hers.
So, I decided to just get my own and some others since all of elf's brushes
are really cheap. Brushes range from $1 to $5. It's worth the shot.

I also bought some eye shadows for myself and for ... a possible giveaway
in the semi- near future. :D I've been slowly collecting items
and thinking about what type of things should be included.

(Only two outfits from past weeks. :\
I've been severely slacking!)

Have you ever thrown a giveaway before? How was it?


Melody said...

Eeee you look pretty <3
and I think I ought to buy some new brushes too :( Some of mine are really old and are uh, kind of breaking :<! But yes, shall check them out ^-^"

Also, hehe, yes I have thrown a giveaway. Which you won the first one xD hahah <3 ! Twas good cos we became friendssss after you won :D :D <3

Donkuri said...

Your look is cute!

Silkybow said...

i love that song :)!
Nice outfits too ^^

Mei said...

You look pretty ^___^ love the outfit on the right picture! I don't use make-up so I can't
help you much with the brushes haha =w=
-dances on the 2en1 song- xxx~

Jennifer :) ~ said...

Aw nice pictures! I love 2NE1 and I'm also looking forward to their US debut :) Did you know that CL is fluent in English? She's so good at it haha ^^
Yes I've held giveaways before and I'm currently holding one. They've been pretty good hehe, hope you hold one soon~ I so want to try ELF brushes!

BARESTUDY (Janelle) said...

I LOVE 2NE1!! i also cant wait for their us debut with will.i.am! :)

come visit me and hope you'll follow my blog too. thanks!!


Anonymous said...

so pretty! i love your cat-shirt, it's so cute and i'm crazy about cats ^-^"

ShuShu ♥

Hello Naka said...

i love ur cat shirt ^^ and giveaway r quite fun i love packing them and such, but its can be a bit stressful XD

and i hope u get to see them!

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