Outfits prior from today.

Mood: Worried (about hw)
Playing: Pokemon: Soulsilver (DS)
Music: Mickey's Dance Party - Blue ( Da Ba Dee )
(Goofy's singing it ... the funniest thing ever)
Reading: Philosphy textbook
Drinking: Water

-lets out a great big sigh-
I guess I'll be posting once a week from now on.
Unless I happen to have an eventful week (or
somewhat eventful) then from now on I'll probably
post once week. xD;

(The macbook pro belongs to my bf)

Here are a few outfits I've worn for the past week or so:

(My mom randomly bought me this jacket at Ross.
I love randomly receiving stuff from the parents.)

I apologize for the lighting. D': Wish it could of looked better.
This is sort of like a very casual lolita look.
Except, maybe the mini top hat throws it off a bit from being casual.
I just really wanted to wear that top hat. :D

The dress cost about $5 and I bought it at Ross.

Why is it when I wear lolita, there's so much light shining around
the skirt area. -____- The skirt's the best part too, I'll most likely
re-wear this specific outfit. I wore this yesterday and had to get ready
in like, 30 minutes. Tommy had invited me last minute to an
anime convention called Orlando Anime Day. It's an event that only
lasts one day, and well ... we ended up not going because one of Tommy's
friends called him and told him that the con was pretty lame and described
how small and cramped the dealer's room was. So we ended up not going.

I was slightly disappointed, but when we met up with his friends
at Firehouse Subs they told us that no one had cosplayed except for
a very few people.
They also said that the dealer's room sucked, so in the end it was better to not
have gone.

I went through an embarrassing moment as I went to go order a Sub.
I was standing there waiting in line, in lolita, and so one of the
employees ask me what would I like to order. I freeze for some reason
and before you know it I had conceived the most stupidest thought.

"Is he talking to me?"

And I take a moment to realize that yes, it's me he's talking to.
But I was caught off guard because he wasn't behind the cash
register, and usually at Firehouse Subs they always ask for your
order while they're behind a cash register.

And so I tell him what I want and as he kept asking me if
Mayo, mustard and etc was ok and I just kept telling him "What?"

When I went to go pay for my order the same kind of things kept
happening. The cashier asks me if I wanted to include a drink or
something a long those lines ... and I said:

"Uh ... yeah I want a soft drink" and then the cashier replied:
"Yeah that's what I was asking" or she said something along those
lines ... I don't remember. D':

I hope they didn't think that I was on drugs.

I just know I was trying to focus on ignoring the people around me.
Everyone was staring at me and I know I need to learn how to cope with that.
Lolita comes with that kind of 'attention' though I'm still a wuss.
I'm definitely going to try and wear lolita more often in public.
You can tell that I'm pretty 'new' to the experience. lol

Ever spaced out when ordering food?
This wasn't the first time for me. xD


Mei said...

I need to focus on my schoolwork more yes..
And awww what embarrasing moment you were on! I would have totally saved you.

I want to wear Harajuku clothing and styles (like the superoverdo outfits) in Holland.. but I think I'll get tons of people staring at me. I might even end up in some sort of circus, thinking I got lost or escaped :'D

I think it's very brave of you to wear (try) in public! xxx~

Donkuri said...

ohhh cute outfits! I like jacket in particulary!

Jennifer :) ~ said...

I love your room by the way (I'm assuming it's your room) :) The floor looks really nice hehe. I have plain carpet in my room lol >< You look gorgeous and the outfits are all so lovely!

I think I may have spaced out once when ordering food x] Thanks for sharing your story on it hehehe

Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

Oh my goodness, your tophat! I might have to steal that from you...I've been looking for a cute tophat like that! I ended up making one, but it turned out really cruddy...Haha :D

Miss R. said...

Those outfits are all cute. I am sad you don't post very often, I really like your blog. ):

Hello Naka said...

i love ur outfit and yeah the stares and points kinda scare m,e XD and yeah Ive spaced about before at the doctors he was talking to me and i just shouted what? XD dont worry too much about ur hw!

☆ NachiPoo said...

Mija I must say...Your outfits got me feeling bummy! XDDD I put no effort into wearing clothes anymore, I always end up in the comfy look. But I feel motivated now!!! :DDD

I love youuu, my little princess <3 I want to see you strut your lolita stuff!

kaizokumousy said...

aww sorry for being late to post a comment here how could I missed this=.=

anyway :D I love all your outfit!:D especially the lolita ones :3 I love everything :D

Hello Naka said...

hey i hope u had a gd chinese new year ^^

Hello Naka said...

thank you for the comment ^^ i hope u get some contacts :3 i think i choose contacts which were too big :(

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

cute blazzer

audrey said...

oh you look like a doll :)
drey jewelry.

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