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Hey lovelies!
Ah, it's been quite a bit since I've made an 'actual' post.
On the 10th my Spring Semester started and even if it's just
the first day, of course, assignments are already assigned and
there are readings that need to be read. Not a problem right?
That's what's been keeping me away, and also whenever I'm done
with whatever I need to do I then start to harass my boyfriend
if he's available for me to bother him. xD

For the past couple of weeks I've received some late x-mas gifts
from both Leena and Nachi. :DD <33 Since Leena lives in a another
city from me (She lives in Ocala and I live in Orlando. There's a
two hour difference between both) she decided it was best
to mail off her gift.

I LOVE how creative this girl can be.
She made my package all pretty like. ;-;
(I have this saved with all my other goodies from people)

Marie and Macarons ... and a small 3-D Sugarbunnies sticker attached?
and some small Rilakkuma memopad sheets? I had the most cheesiest
smile when I saw all this. She's really something for this.
(she probably thought it wasn't much but I think otherwise!)

This was included as well. <33
I'm waiting on her gift to arrive but it's taking like a million
years to ship out. I messaged the seller and they said that because
of the new years and such that the package will be delayed ...
Hope that's the case. -__-

The above is Nachi's gift, a Goofy Pookaloo and a nerd Goofy necklace.
If anyone reading is a follower of Nachi you would already know that
last week we had went to Disney and that in all the pictures I'm holding
onto the Goofy Pookaloo as if it was my own son.
I was holding on to him the entire time at Disney.

I was actually annoying both Nachi and her co-worker Josh by shoving the
Goofy in their faces and screaming out 'GARSH' whenever I had the chance. xD

Nachi's Disney post here

Leena: (http://decayedking.blogspot.com/)
Nachi: (http://ladycandii.blogspot.com/)

Thanks Ladies! You two mean so much to me. If only we got
to see each other more often. ;A;

Couldn't help myself when I first saw these!
The comic book on the right is the first comic book adaption of the
first Tron movie and the magazine on the left is a movie guide to
Tron Legacy. I want more stuff like the art book for the movie and a
Tron Legacy prequel comic book called "Tron: Betrayal".

Do you love it when people include a letter in their gift?

Next post: Causal loli
outfit, and thoughts about The Black Swan and The Green Hornet.


Melody said...

Absolutely love it when there's a letter in the gift *-*!!! It makes it more ..personal and sweet hehe. Just like how I loved your gift and letter!! ^-^"! xo

Jennifer :) ~ said...

Aw such lovely gifts! I love receiving packages in the mail and I definitely love it when people include a letter in their gift :) It's so sweet and it makes the package more personalised <3 Love packages are always the cutest and the sweetest :D

Donkuri said...

oh I like necklace *_* kawaiiii!

Miss R. said...

Mmmhmm, letters are the best.

a.tad-bit.dorkii said...

Oh how sweet. I love receiving letters as part of a gift or package, its so much more exciting seeing what they have to say hehe ^,^
I love the little sweet charm hehe so cute - looks yummy!!!


Anonymous said...

these presents are so cute! >.< receiving letters, mails and presents, it would make me really happy, too. i love the goofy *~*

ShuShu ♥

Hello Naka said...

THE BLACK SWAN! i saw the trailer and i was hooked, btu I'll probs watch it on DVD on jus watch on youtube *ashamed* though since I just watched 127 hours at the Cinema and i need to be saving money XD anyway ur next post seems like something i will lvoe :3 and i love getting letters and post its nice to know there is someone thinking about u even if it is the bank :/ and cute letters and gifts ^^

sorry for the uber long boring comment XD

Anonymous said...

Cute necklace!

Haha, well, I really only needed the lace. But, I saw the polyster fabric was still there (I saw it like months ago for the first time) so, when I saw it today, I finally knew what to make of it so, "why not take that too?" XD
I think I'll go for a pencill skirt with that fabric!

Oh, well, for the paint, nothing a black permanent marker can't fix! Gheheh!

kaizokumousy said...

*o* very cute gifts!:)you have really sweet friends ^_^

☪ | Berry QuiƱones said...

that necklace is super kawaii ^_^ your real name is jen?? and last name is duran? like duran duran the 80's band :D i <3 your name!
this is making me wonder...where did you get "pooper" out of jen??? xD but super kawaii gifts :) and i love when people include letters \( ^o^ )/

moon said...

Omo, super cute gifts >w<!

And you name, uwaaa it's so cuuuute XD

Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

I love those mystery key chain thing-ys! My friend, Rebecca, and I sit there feeling them, so we can try and figure out what's inside. XD
We always looke so silly!

Hello Naka said...

tehe harassing the bf sounds like me XD it so much fun to tease and annoy ryan Xd and thanks for the compliment and awh thanks i wish i could 'virtuall stamp ur outfits' i love the word uber too XD

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