4th Term.


I started my 4th term of college yesterday.
I'm kind of excited, yet I'm not. I only took pictures of the books
I'm excited to read and study from. xD;

Yesterday was ok, so far I really like my professors.
After my classes were done my friend Evelin kidnapped
me and went to go eat at Smokey Bones.
Then after that we went to go pick up our other friend Belle
and went from there to Millienum Mall.

We went through all the stores, and we spent a lot
of time at the Sanrio store there ... I ended up
buying a Kuromi small notebook, a Little Twin Stars
charm and mechanical pencil.

And ... that's all that happened.

This is how I looked yesterday:

What's your favorite academic subject?
I don't really have a favorite, but I guess I'm starting to
like humanities now.


Individual Item Review.

(Continuing off from the Taobao Spree post.)


Hi hi! I'm going to now write about each of the items that I had
bought off of taobao. I'll begin by presenting each item and then
talking about what I liked and what I probably disliked (if there
is a dislike). After I finish writing about a specific item I'll
leave an overall rating of it and them move on to the next item.

Before I start, here's a small key
to follow under each item:

(Stock Photo here)

| Item link | Price + Shipping* = Total Cost.

*Shipping is paid for the item being shipped from
the taobao store to the shopping service's warehouse.

I'm going to write out the price in it's original
Chinese currency (Yuan Renminbi). Next to the chinese
price of the item I'll put next to it in paranthesis
the approximate price in US dollars. I'll be using
an online currency converter to show the approximate price.

1) & 2) Two pairs of Replica Tea Party Shoes.

An*tai*na (Nana Lolita) | Item Link here. | ¥168.00x2($24.71) + ¥18.00($2.65)=
¥354.00 ($52.01)

What I really like about these is the fact that there's bigger
sizes for those of us who do not have the smallest feet.
They have European sizes all the way up to 41 (10 1/2 - 11 in the US).

If you're a girl who wears a 8 or 9 and can't really fit in those AP
tea party shoes, then these replica's are the next best thing. I'm a
size 7 1/2 in shoes so a size 38 was my best bet.

Once I put this shoes on, it was an instant fit. They fit
perfectly on my feet. A nice snug fit is what they feel like on
my feet, I was really happy for that.

I don't know much that I can talk about when it comes to the material,
I know that I can guarantee that these shoes will be needing A LOT
extra care. Not even, these shoes seem like they're going to wear & tear quick.

Just by slipping my foot into this right shoe at about 3 times, and
already the right edge of it is getting a bit messed up. I was trying
to adjust the top buckle-thing so that it would fit my ankle
better. I got a bit frustrated when I noticed what was happening.
I can't slip my foot in a rush now without worrying that I might mess up my tea
parties that way. :\ You get what you paid for.

Other then being aware about the fate of these shoes, I really love them
and I am extremely happy because I finally get to own some tea party

I give these a rating of: 4/5

3) Strawberry Jam Cutsew, in pink.

Infanta | Item Link |¥138.00($20.30) + ¥12.00($1.77)= ¥150.00($22.07)

I've always loved Infanta, and once I saw this cutsew through Qutieland
I felt extremely eager to get it. There were two things I wanted the most.
Tea party shoes and this cutsew. The model in the stock photo contributed
more to my love for this, and so I ended up getting it as I was thinking
about what to buy on taobao.

I LOVE IT. So so so much ... it's well made, and it feels comfy to wear.
The only weird thing was this bow that came with it ...

This bow is meant to be placed on this shirt, yet it doesn't go well with it.
Atleast to me it doesn't. xD;

I give this item a: 5/5

4) White ruffled skirt.

HMHM | Item Link | ¥145.00($21.33) + ¥15.00($2.21) = ¥160.00($23.53)

I was browsing for a plain-ish type of skirt so that I can have a
coordinate to wear with my new cutsew. I found this one, and
I loved the stock photos of it that I chose to buy it. This was the
item that delayed my whole order by 2 or 3 weeks.

When I opened up the plastic bag for this skirt, the first thing
I noticed were a few tiny black streaks around the waist part of the
skirt. They're not really a big deal since they're really faint to
see, but if you look really closely you can see them. As I kept
examining the skirt I noticed that I was seeing some yellow some
where in the skirt ... I was in front of the window so I brought up
the skirt more towards the light to see what that yellow was. Once some light went through the skirt I was able to see a yellow-ish undertone from it.

I'm not sure what to really say about this. I looked under the skirt
to see some type of fabric sewed within it. I don't know much about
the different types of fabric so I can't really criticize this all that well. D:
Does anyone know what kind of material causes this to happen?

I'm not too crazy about the yellow-ish undertone, but ... after putting
on the skirt with a petticoat, everything ended up looking really nice.

I give this skirt a ... 4.5/5.
(Just because I don't know what's causing that yellow undertone. -__- )

5) Strawberry Socks (Most likely a replica)

Secret Shop | Item Link | ¥18.00($2.65) + ¥10.00($1.47) = ¥28.00($4.19)

Nothing much to say about these. I pretty much love them! :'3
I love the trail of strawberries going down the side all the
way down to the toes area. It really shows through well, especially
when you're wearing semi open shoes.

I give these socks a 5/5.

The total amount I spent for all these items (shipping not included)
was around ... ¥692.00 ($103.80)

Wow. Compared to brand, this is really cheap.
After realizing how much I actually spent I'm pretty happy
and even grateful that taobao exists. If not, I
probably would have to save months for a pair of tea parties.
I do love brand, but I also love offbrand a lot.

What was the least amount you've ever paid for
a lolita item?

Whether you made it or bought it,
did you feel excited because the cost
of it was so cheap?

I feel pretty good about this purchase.


Walt Disney World: Animal Kingdom.


Before I start posting up pictures, I want to mention
the giveaway that Miss Melody has recently posted up.

(click the image and it'll direct you to her giveaway)

The only two mandatory requirements is to follow her blog
publicly via Google Connect, and to comment on the giveaway
post with some information she's asking for. Check it out!

Alrighty everyone, yesterday I went to Walt Disney
World in Orlando (actually it's in a city called
Lake Buena Vista, but hey you know a lot of
advertisement like to say it's in Orlando. xD)

Disney is an hour away from where I live, not too
bad unless you work there. I've been to disney
dozen of times. To be honest I'm not really tired
of the place, I actually really love it. :D <33

As a group (there was the 7 of us, 3 boys and 4 girls),
we only went to 3 out of the 4 parks in Disney. We went
to Animal Kingdom, MGM Studios, and we finished it off
at Magic Kingdom (No one wanted to go to Ecopt lol).
I didn't take a lot of pictures like how I wanted to
because my group was very anxious and only focused on
going on as much rides as possible. They all wanted to go
on roller coasters, which I love. <33 We only went on two rides
at animal kingdom, two rides at MGM, and most of all the rides
at Magic Kingdom.

Here are some pictures of when we had spent a short amount of time
at Animal Kingdom. (They're not that great. T_T I was taking
pictures as we walked. lol)

Melanie got caught in this picture. She's wearing Nachi's Minnie ears. :'3

From left to right: Melanie, Liz, Nachi, and me.

We're entering the Asia section of Animal Kingdom. Everyone wanted to go
ride Mount Everest.

There were some monkeys swinging around on this! :DD <333

The Mount Everest roller coaster. :3

While waiting in line for the ride (which took like 15 minutes) I saw this
statue and managed to take a picture of it. There's more stuff in line as
we enter the building, but I got distracted by my group as were talking
about what ride to go on next.

and ... that's all for animal Kingdom. D: We only went on two rides, Dinosaur
and Mount Everest, there are more rides but everyone only wanted to go on their

I'll post about the other two parks in separate entries that way I don't
end up bombarding this post. lol I'm still going to post my review up
on the taobao items tomorrow. ^^ Thanks everyone for looking!


Taobao Spree.

Hi everyone!
My package with taobao stuff came in the mail today
and I was completely ecstatic once I saw the package
at first sight. I'm going to be making two reviews.
(bare with me. D': )

This post will be about the shopping service I used
called, Taobao Spree and another post will
be about the individual items from the different
taobao shops I had ordered from.

Now to begin!

(Click Image to see website.)

Why did you choose Taobao Spree?
I first chose this shopping service because of some
reviews I saw off of egl. At the time I was checking
out reviews for different taobao shopping services
since I really wanted to own a pair of some
tea party shoes. I found that Taobao Spree had the
most positive reviews compared to the other services.
It also had no negative reviews, none. So from there
I went with this shopping service.

(Reviews can be found here , here , and here .)

On July 22nd I had paid for my order. I had ordered two
pairs of tea party shoes, a skirt, a cutsew, and a pair
of socks. All items came from 4 different taobao shops,
and all items arrived quick to the service's place except
for the skirt. The skirt took weeks for it to be then shipped
out (I'm assuming the shop makes their items on demand. The
skirt was from the taobao shop called HMHM). The items were
all shipped out together on August 22nd I believe ... (the
22nd seems to be the lucky number!)

Then all the items arrived today, August 25th.

Communication: 5/5

Communicating with them was excellent. I communicated
mostly with a woman named Doris, and she helped me a lot
with my questions and kept me updated as I kept
her about my order. They respond to emails
really quickly, like within the same day you sent it or
the next day. The entire order, and anything related with
it is done through only emails. English is not their native
language, so the writing may seem incoherent as they talk
with you, but it doesn't mean they don't understand.
They understood really well what I wanted. Their writing may
not be professional, but their service is. I really enjoyed
the communication with them. Doris is such a sweetheart.

Shipping: 4/5
The shipping was really good. I paid $48 for shipping ...
almost $50 but it was a good price compared to how much
other services would of charged me for. (To be honest
shipping shouldn't be this much, but believe it or not
the other taobao services have way more for shipping.
Especially since it was two shoe boxes, and other stuff. Dx )
The items took 4 days to get to my house and I couldn't be happier
with that. Though, the box came in a bit beat up. xD;

The paper came shoved in like that, which I don't mind

I'll be making the post about the individual item reviews another day. :'3
Thanks to everyone for looking and commenting on the other posts. I need to look at all your recent posts, been really distracted today. @_@
Hope this review somewhat helps. xD


Cell Phone Charms.


I was staring at hkittygirl's post about her cellphone charm exchange
and I ended up feeling really excited.
(I feel stalker-ish. D: )
Her collection was really nice, and it reminded me of how I wanted so many
charms a couple of years back. (like 3 or 4 years)

From seeing her post I felt like posting about my really small collection of charms.
I do want more (maybe) but before I get more I also want to buy a decoden case
for my DS. (or you know ... make one on my own. >.>;)

My pink Polaroid i733 with 3 charms on it.
I need to transfer these to my new camera. :c

Some extra charms that I got through those toy machines
you randomly see at stores. You just can't resist trying
to find change for a dollar with these things. :'3 I've
got some toys from these machines too.

This poor Sakura plush is all dirty. That was my fear when it came to
buying her. After she got dirty I took her off and was suppose to wash
her but I kept forgetting. xD;

Some extra charms.

This use to be a charm, but I had to be dumb and accidently
rip off the charm hook-thing right off this. I use it as a small
ornament now, but yeah. I can always fix it up though, I have no
memory of where I left the hook-thing for this. lol

That's all I have for now. I think I stopped buying years ago
because these things gave me some unnecessary anger.
The paints chip off, they get dirty. It's suppose to
happen, but I just get so bothered whenever I see one of my
Korilakkuma charms with an almost vanishing nose.

Don't you just hate it when cute things
you buy somehow get ruined? Like charms or a plush doll.

Like dust all over your plush dolls after you dusted your
shelves almost every two days. -_-




Well let's see ... I started on my driving classes
on Friday (the 13th :D ) and had 2 hours of it. Then
I had another 2 hours of it on Saturday morning. All
I can say based off how I drive that I need a lot of
practice out on the road. A lot of practice on my own.
I'm indeed extremely scared of driving, I live an area
where accidents are very frequent. A lot of bad drivers
out here, I don't want to be a part of that. I'm pretty
late I guess when it comes to learning, but oh well. As
long as I learn successfully then that's all that matters.

Continuing on, next week I'll be going to Disney World
(In Orlando) with a few of my friends. Two of the few
work at Disney and they both have the ability to let in
3 people into any of the 4 parks for free. We'll
be park hopping, I can't wait! This is going to be on
Thursday. Also, my two best friends Evelin and Nachi had
planned among themselves to go to the Disney On Ice
show that will be held in Tampa. After they had officially
planned it they let me and a few others know if we wanted
to go with them, and I said yes. :D The show is on September
9th, and the show's specific name is called:
Mickey and Minnie's Magical Journey.

The tickets were just bought yesterday, so we're set!

Other than whatever was stated above, all
I've been doing is ... basically internet
browsing like a mad woman. I've also been
really eager about my taobao order I
had made on July 22nd. I paid for the EMS 4 days
ago after the last item out of the bunch I had ordered
arrived at my shopping service's place (once the items
come in I'll explain better what had happened).
It took 4 weeks for this order to be done all because
of one item. I didn't mind it, but now ... I'm just feeling
just a tad bit impatient. xD;

Have any of you have had the patience to wait a month for
some thing(s) you've ordered?

If it's something small, like charms or something that was
really cheap I normally don't mind. If I had paid a lot for
an item I start to get really anxious and worried.~


New Banner &BG | Early Arrival for Troops.

I spent the day today
messing around with tumblr and looking up Japanese webpage material.

Due to a website I found with very pretty webpage material
I felt inspired to tweak my layout on here a bit.

and so viola!~

A banner, with old cut out's of me from a few months back,
and an extremely cute background from this website.
Oh ho! See my skills?


Aside from the layout, my mom was watching the news an hour
ago and it was just said that by August 31st all Combat
Operations will be done in Iraq and Afghanistan and that
after August is all of the military troops (except for
50,000) will be pulled out early before their suppose time
that they were going to be done. At first once I heard the
news I was so excited! I messaged my boyfriend who's stationed
in Kuawait/Iraq and asked him if it was true.

He told me it was true, but that it's not going to be a quick
process and that unfortunately he has to stay at his
base until his time to leave (Which is around in December).

There is a chance though they he might leave earlier than December.
Around November-ish, maybe. No one's too sure of anything over
there according to Tommy.

I'm just really glad that combat operations will be done and that
majority of the troops are going to come home early.

More detailed news on the subject here.

Has anyone ever have had someone close to them get
sent off to due to the Military?

I can only say that this is my first time. Before
Tommy left in January we had already hit our 2 year mark
together. We got together at around June of 2008, and June
already passed so that means we're hitting our 3 year mark.
The military was all so new to me, and still new me. I never
understood what it really was until the day Tommy told
me that he was about to be deployed to Kuwait/Iraq. I
always hope that he's safe, I always keep in contact with him
and I do pray because I'm a firm believer. I may not
know all the technical stuff about the military, but I do
now know how it feels like to be really grateful of them.
It's interesting how we're placed in certain situations
and events that end up teaching us something.




Ever since Sunday night up until today I've been
watching a lot of bubz's videos.
They just seem so interesting to me.
Probably because of her cute accent. o///o
She has this youtube channel and a
comedy channel.

I've been feeling really inspired by her.

Anyone ever been inspired or took a great liking to a famous youtuber?

Silly question ain't it? xD;
At first I was really inspired by Shane Dawson and
kept watching all of his videos because they were
so hilarious. I act really goofy around my friends,
so the stuff he came up with inspired me to act sillier.


Kelly Park/Rock Springs.

My body is aching like crazy.
It started around last night went I got off my net book to go lay down
on my bed. It feels as if some people were attempting
to pull away all my limbs from my body. It'll go away, but it is a huge
reminder that I need to work out more.

Yesterday me and my family (parents, brothers, aunt, and cousins) went to a
place called Kelly Park/Rock Springs which is located at Apopka, Florida.
The place is basically a park with grills everywhere, a playground, a volley
ball court and huge river that extends out to at least a mile from this huge lake.

(Since I didn't bring a camera, I looked up some pretty images of the place
to show you all. Credit goes to whoever took these.)

This is where the river technically starts. If you're on an inflatable raft
or inflatable doughnut thing (ugh. D: ) while at this area the current will
slowly take you away towards and through a passage that will lead you to the lake.
It takes about 10 minutes for the currents to take you.

This image shows the beginning of the passage, but there's more to it.

And the image above is the lake, even though it's not a really good
picture but I was trying to find a good one.

As a family we all went into the river and I was extremely hesitant
about getting in because the water was really, really cold!
I got in just so I can hop on our inflatable pool bed we brought.
River currents took me away and I laid there feeling pretty comfortable
for atleast a minute before I lost control of my raft and it led me right
into all the bushes and nasty algae.

Right after our 'river fun', we left and
at went to go eat all the food that we had brought to grill
up. Then after relaxing for a bit we played an intense game of baseball
which I'm assuming is what really messed me up. xD;

After the game everyone else went back into the river, and I just stayed
back at our spot relaxing while laying down on a blanket we had set down
on the ground. I took a nap for about 30 minutes and then after everyone
was done, we cleaned up and drove back home.

Has anyone ever been to a River?
This is the second river I've been to, I think? The first one I can
really remember was the river near my aunt's house in Dominican Republic
when we went to go visit the family for the summer.
I remember it being extremely cold. -__-




These charms arrived in yesterday when I got
home from the mall. I got 5 charms for
the price of $5 off of ebay and that includes shipping.
( $1 a charm? D: )
The set came with 3 Korilakkuma heads (the beige bear)
and two Rilakkuma heads (the brown bear).

I really wanted these! I've been in the san-x/sanrio
mood recently as I've been browsing ebay and other
places for 'kawaii toys'. I even came across a website
that sells miniature toys of san-x/sanrio characters.

Kawaii Shop Japan
They even have some vintage Japanese toys.
I got so excited when I saw some Licca
dolls on there. I've been keeping my eye on this
Korilakkuma figure:


Does anyone have a favorite San-x/Sanrio character?

I tend to change from favorites all the time. I love
them all! D:

Yesterday I went to the mall with my mom and cousin.
My mom wanted to buy my cousin some new clothes since
school starts for her on Monday. I tagged along and got
some clothes from my mom as well. (Reason why she hates
it when I tag along with her to stores. lol) Here's what I wore:



Yesterday my best friend Nachi came over
to my house. *_* I love her!

In the photos she's wearing my short haired wig and
my nerd glasses. She had put on the wig like
literally after 10 minutes of being in my room. She
was really funny with it on, she even made herself
look stereotypically Asian. :3

She was reminded of when my boyfriend
did the same exact thing back in early June.

Except he's actually half Korean. xD

For the rest of the day we talked to my mom a lot about stuff and
we both watched two movies before she had to leave. We watched Howl's
Moving Castle
and train_man (densha otoko) since she had never
seen those movies. I highly recommend train_man for anyone who loves a cute,
and simple romance movie. It's also based on a true story! :D

More on train_man here.

Here's a photo of what I wore:

Knitted Beret: H&M
Blouse: Rave
Pants: Tripp

Nachi has work for the rest of this week, but I think our friend Liz
is planning to go to Disney either next week or the week after that one.
Nachi and Liz planned it and they wanted to know if I would go with them.
Of course I said yes. *_* I hope we get to go! Disney is so much fun.