As I was browsing through egl I came
across a review about this skirt:
Review here.

Then I looked into it more and saw this OP
version of the print:
Click meee.

Oh the horror! It's so beautiful, they have it
in other colors but I'd probably prefer it in
either sax or black.

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Not much has happened lately. I watched
the Love Electric Tour DVD with
my mom, she enjoyed it and said that from
the entire group she liked Seungri the most.
That was on Saturday though, on Friday we went
together to Joann's and we both bought some stuff.
She went cause she wanted to buy some things
she needed, I went to browse but ended up
getting a few things. They were having a 40%
of sale on any beads, jewelery tools, etc.
I took advantage and bought some fake pearls,
and some other stuff. Over the course of that
day I made bracelets and made more today.

I made more, but I wasn't able to take a good
picture of the others. It started raining
out of no where today and it was extremely
dark out so ... there was no nice lighting
in my room. ;_; And the picture above
was taken on Saturday morning. lol

(The one with the rose is a ring that has a
hook in it ... D:)

I want more pearl beads.
Preferably in blue and pink.
I've been browsing beads on ebay. :3


Donkuri said...

lovely skirt and accessories!

Naka said...

i like the accessories and omg i want that skirt :3

kam said...

This skirt is love ! The ice cream bracelet is really nice ^^

Anonymous said...

Oeh! Love the one with the rose!

D'espa is nice, although some of there songs sound a bit too familiar, and too much the same.

However, their new album is really nice, and Hizumi has gotten more vocal range, and every now and then they play some different guitar solo's, I'm liking it! ^^

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