Kelly Park/Rock Springs.

My body is aching like crazy.
It started around last night went I got off my net book to go lay down
on my bed. It feels as if some people were attempting
to pull away all my limbs from my body. It'll go away, but it is a huge
reminder that I need to work out more.

Yesterday me and my family (parents, brothers, aunt, and cousins) went to a
place called Kelly Park/Rock Springs which is located at Apopka, Florida.
The place is basically a park with grills everywhere, a playground, a volley
ball court and huge river that extends out to at least a mile from this huge lake.

(Since I didn't bring a camera, I looked up some pretty images of the place
to show you all. Credit goes to whoever took these.)

This is where the river technically starts. If you're on an inflatable raft
or inflatable doughnut thing (ugh. D: ) while at this area the current will
slowly take you away towards and through a passage that will lead you to the lake.
It takes about 10 minutes for the currents to take you.

This image shows the beginning of the passage, but there's more to it.

And the image above is the lake, even though it's not a really good
picture but I was trying to find a good one.

As a family we all went into the river and I was extremely hesitant
about getting in because the water was really, really cold!
I got in just so I can hop on our inflatable pool bed we brought.
River currents took me away and I laid there feeling pretty comfortable
for atleast a minute before I lost control of my raft and it led me right
into all the bushes and nasty algae.

Right after our 'river fun', we left and
at went to go eat all the food that we had brought to grill
up. Then after relaxing for a bit we played an intense game of baseball
which I'm assuming is what really messed me up. xD;

After the game everyone else went back into the river, and I just stayed
back at our spot relaxing while laying down on a blanket we had set down
on the ground. I took a nap for about 30 minutes and then after everyone
was done, we cleaned up and drove back home.

Has anyone ever been to a River?
This is the second river I've been to, I think? The first one I can
really remember was the river near my aunt's house in Dominican Republic
when we went to go visit the family for the summer.
I remember it being extremely cold. -__-


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beatiful place!

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