New Banner &BG | Early Arrival for Troops.

I spent the day today
messing around with tumblr and looking up Japanese webpage material.

Due to a website I found with very pretty webpage material
I felt inspired to tweak my layout on here a bit.

and so viola!~

A banner, with old cut out's of me from a few months back,
and an extremely cute background from this website.
Oh ho! See my skills?


Aside from the layout, my mom was watching the news an hour
ago and it was just said that by August 31st all Combat
Operations will be done in Iraq and Afghanistan and that
after August is all of the military troops (except for
50,000) will be pulled out early before their suppose time
that they were going to be done. At first once I heard the
news I was so excited! I messaged my boyfriend who's stationed
in Kuawait/Iraq and asked him if it was true.

He told me it was true, but that it's not going to be a quick
process and that unfortunately he has to stay at his
base until his time to leave (Which is around in December).

There is a chance though they he might leave earlier than December.
Around November-ish, maybe. No one's too sure of anything over
there according to Tommy.

I'm just really glad that combat operations will be done and that
majority of the troops are going to come home early.

More detailed news on the subject here.

Has anyone ever have had someone close to them get
sent off to due to the Military?

I can only say that this is my first time. Before
Tommy left in January we had already hit our 2 year mark
together. We got together at around June of 2008, and June
already passed so that means we're hitting our 3 year mark.
The military was all so new to me, and still new me. I never
understood what it really was until the day Tommy told
me that he was about to be deployed to Kuwait/Iraq. I
always hope that he's safe, I always keep in contact with him
and I do pray because I'm a firm believer. I may not
know all the technical stuff about the military, but I do
now know how it feels like to be really grateful of them.
It's interesting how we're placed in certain situations
and events that end up teaching us something.


Naka said...

i love your back ground and header ^^ i really hope he comes back early and safe :)

Anonymous said...

You have a very very cute blog page!


☆ K i n g said...

I love your new layout & banner. *U*
And me and Nachi were talking about how strong you are because of the whole situation with Tommy. ;A;
I look up to you girl!

Melody said...

I've never head someone close to me in any sort of military so I wouldn't know who it feels ..although I would expect it to be very worrisome :( I'd probably be constantly worrying and etc :(

I hope he comes back earlier for you! :)

P o o p e r said...

Thanks everyone! ;A; I really mean it! Just 3 or 4 more months! I'm getting more happy as time is getting near.

Donkuri said...

wow I like new templade!

hkittygirl said...

Thank you so much for the follow! By the way, I love love love the template! ♥

Naka said...

im glad you liked the park photos ^^

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