I've been feeling fairly happy
ever since I was able to see some of my friends for the past ... 2 days?

On Thursday I went to Evelin's boyfriend's birthday gathering (we're
calling it a 'gathering' xD) and it was a hell of a lot of fun.

I brought my wii game, Raymon's Raving Rabbids and so we played
that for a long while including the birthday boy himself. After that we
played Battle Stadium D.O.N. for the gamecube. D.O.N. stands for
Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, and Naruto. Evelin had imported the game as a
gift for her boyfriend, and once he got it he started playing it immediately.
I've seen the game before through screen caps of it, but to actually
play it was a lot of fun. :D

After the gaming, we watched a movie called Evil Dead which
is a really old movie but to be honest I'm such a coward when it
comes to horror movies. -_-; I won't explore any horror movie by
myself unless I'm really in the mood.
The movie was both disturbing and fun to watch.

After the movie me, Nachi, and Evelin were randomly started looking
up Disney related stuff on Youtube. The night continues on and on
with stuff we did and the stuff we found online. Nachi wanted me
and her to take pictures and so we did.

Nachi and me. It was around 11pm, and I was in the mood for cold pizza.

Chewing some of that pizza. :'3 I love Nachi, she's simply amazing! Dx
(Nachi's the one on the left, I'm the one on the right.)

On Friday I did nothing . . . and on Saturday I went to my lovely Maixa's house
and so all we did was watched Big Bang's The Love Electric Tour DVD, we watched
some extra footage from Big Bang's Big Show 2009 DVD, and we finished it off by
watching Kamikaze Girls.

What I really enjoyed was the extra footage from the Big Show 2009 DVD.
The footage involved behind the scenes from the Big Show concert, footage
of them at a theme park in Seoul, and some more funny videos and such that
they're in involved in.

My favorite was this one:

This video was a short cartoon shown to the audience before the Big Show
concert had begun. This cartoon was meant to show the audience what you
are not suppose to do during the concert. All the members from BB
voiced over their corresponding character and they explained the rules of
what you can't do during the performance. Such a cute way to explain to the
audience the rules. :3


Donkuri said...

I love pizza *_* cute necklace!

Naka said...

cute photos ^6 it goos to hear your feeling happy too :3

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