Walt Disney World: Animal Kingdom.

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Alrighty everyone, yesterday I went to Walt Disney
World in Orlando (actually it's in a city called
Lake Buena Vista, but hey you know a lot of
advertisement like to say it's in Orlando. xD)

Disney is an hour away from where I live, not too
bad unless you work there. I've been to disney
dozen of times. To be honest I'm not really tired
of the place, I actually really love it. :D <33

As a group (there was the 7 of us, 3 boys and 4 girls),
we only went to 3 out of the 4 parks in Disney. We went
to Animal Kingdom, MGM Studios, and we finished it off
at Magic Kingdom (No one wanted to go to Ecopt lol).
I didn't take a lot of pictures like how I wanted to
because my group was very anxious and only focused on
going on as much rides as possible. They all wanted to go
on roller coasters, which I love. <33 We only went on two rides
at animal kingdom, two rides at MGM, and most of all the rides
at Magic Kingdom.

Here are some pictures of when we had spent a short amount of time
at Animal Kingdom. (They're not that great. T_T I was taking
pictures as we walked. lol)

Melanie got caught in this picture. She's wearing Nachi's Minnie ears. :'3

From left to right: Melanie, Liz, Nachi, and me.

We're entering the Asia section of Animal Kingdom. Everyone wanted to go
ride Mount Everest.

There were some monkeys swinging around on this! :DD <333

The Mount Everest roller coaster. :3

While waiting in line for the ride (which took like 15 minutes) I saw this
statue and managed to take a picture of it. There's more stuff in line as
we enter the building, but I got distracted by my group as were talking
about what ride to go on next.

and ... that's all for animal Kingdom. D: We only went on two rides, Dinosaur
and Mount Everest, there are more rides but everyone only wanted to go on their

I'll post about the other two parks in separate entries that way I don't
end up bombarding this post. lol I'm still going to post my review up
on the taobao items tomorrow. ^^ Thanks everyone for looking!


Naka said...

nice photos ^^ and thanks for sharing about the giveaway ^^ i have only been to disney land once in hong kong and it was terrible but it had just opened back then :p

Donkuri said...

OHHH kawaii things *____*

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