Taobao Spree.

Hi everyone!
My package with taobao stuff came in the mail today
and I was completely ecstatic once I saw the package
at first sight. I'm going to be making two reviews.
(bare with me. D': )

This post will be about the shopping service I used
called, Taobao Spree and another post will
be about the individual items from the different
taobao shops I had ordered from.

Now to begin!

(Click Image to see website.)

Why did you choose Taobao Spree?
I first chose this shopping service because of some
reviews I saw off of egl. At the time I was checking
out reviews for different taobao shopping services
since I really wanted to own a pair of some
tea party shoes. I found that Taobao Spree had the
most positive reviews compared to the other services.
It also had no negative reviews, none. So from there
I went with this shopping service.

(Reviews can be found here , here , and here .)

On July 22nd I had paid for my order. I had ordered two
pairs of tea party shoes, a skirt, a cutsew, and a pair
of socks. All items came from 4 different taobao shops,
and all items arrived quick to the service's place except
for the skirt. The skirt took weeks for it to be then shipped
out (I'm assuming the shop makes their items on demand. The
skirt was from the taobao shop called HMHM). The items were
all shipped out together on August 22nd I believe ... (the
22nd seems to be the lucky number!)

Then all the items arrived today, August 25th.

Communication: 5/5

Communicating with them was excellent. I communicated
mostly with a woman named Doris, and she helped me a lot
with my questions and kept me updated as I kept
her about my order. They respond to emails
really quickly, like within the same day you sent it or
the next day. The entire order, and anything related with
it is done through only emails. English is not their native
language, so the writing may seem incoherent as they talk
with you, but it doesn't mean they don't understand.
They understood really well what I wanted. Their writing may
not be professional, but their service is. I really enjoyed
the communication with them. Doris is such a sweetheart.

Shipping: 4/5
The shipping was really good. I paid $48 for shipping ...
almost $50 but it was a good price compared to how much
other services would of charged me for. (To be honest
shipping shouldn't be this much, but believe it or not
the other taobao services have way more for shipping.
Especially since it was two shoe boxes, and other stuff. Dx )
The items took 4 days to get to my house and I couldn't be happier
with that. Though, the box came in a bit beat up. xD;

The paper came shoved in like that, which I don't mind

I'll be making the post about the individual item reviews another day. :'3
Thanks to everyone for looking and commenting on the other posts. I need to look at all your recent posts, been really distracted today. @_@
Hope this review somewhat helps. xD


☆ K i n g said...

Oh girl!
I didn't know you ordered stuff from there. :D
I can't wait to see it on you and see your reviews. <3

Melody said...

Wooo! I can't wait to see what you bought ^_^"~

I tend to use a personal(?) agent that I found through a friend and it usually doesn't cost that much extra. But she's always been helpful despite not being able to speak really well English. :D And, according to my boyfriend (who gets the packages delivered to his house) ..the package always looks like that >_<"

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The Sopher Gopher. said...

I love those socks....
I really want to see your shoes.

It's impossible for me to order shoes. My feet are so wide and I can be from size 8.5 to 9 to 9.5.

安琪 said...

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