Cell Phone Charms.

I was staring at hkittygirl's post about her cellphone charm exchange
and I ended up feeling really excited.
(I feel stalker-ish. D: )
Her collection was really nice, and it reminded me of how I wanted so many
charms a couple of years back. (like 3 or 4 years)

From seeing her post I felt like posting about my really small collection of charms.
I do want more (maybe) but before I get more I also want to buy a decoden case
for my DS. (or you know ... make one on my own. >.>;)

My pink Polaroid i733 with 3 charms on it.
I need to transfer these to my new camera. :c

Some extra charms that I got through those toy machines
you randomly see at stores. You just can't resist trying
to find change for a dollar with these things. :'3 I've
got some toys from these machines too.

This poor Sakura plush is all dirty. That was my fear when it came to
buying her. After she got dirty I took her off and was suppose to wash
her but I kept forgetting. xD;

Some extra charms.

This use to be a charm, but I had to be dumb and accidently
rip off the charm hook-thing right off this. I use it as a small
ornament now, but yeah. I can always fix it up though, I have no
memory of where I left the hook-thing for this. lol

That's all I have for now. I think I stopped buying years ago
because these things gave me some unnecessary anger.
The paints chip off, they get dirty. It's suppose to
happen, but I just get so bothered whenever I see one of my
Korilakkuma charms with an almost vanishing nose.

Don't you just hate it when cute things
you buy somehow get ruined? Like charms or a plush doll.

Like dust all over your plush dolls after you dusted your
shelves almost every two days. -_-


Melody said...

YOU HAVE SO MANY CHARMS *-*!!! *jealoussss*~

I usually only have one or two on my phone at a time >_< ..usually because I buy new ones when the old one broke :( *sad* I currently have two plushie cleaning ones that both look like cakes! I'm annoyed that one of them is really dirty right now >_>" and I'm not sure how to clean it T-T? Will water work on them :( ?

I hateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it when things I buy end up breaking >_< I bought these cute key earrings once and they broke as soon as I got home !!!! I was so upset and angry :C

Melody said...

oh ..and I nearly bought that Sakura plushie to put in to my giveaway ..but decided against it Dx

P o o p e r said...

@ Melody: Thanks! :'3 I use to really really love Bleach, and Naruto but I would get so impatient with the show. ;A; I hate the fillers! The Sakura plush seems to be really popular. o.o I got mines off strapya world because she appealed to me the most out of the others! And about washing them I have no idea to be honest. I was really thinking about throwing her in the washing machine but I honestly get terrified at that thought. T_T;

Donkuri said...

wow kawaii phone strap *_*

❀ Mikkun ❀ said...

I don't buy much charms but you make me want to start!
The only one I have is a Stitch charm I got for my birthday. xD I should start my own collection soon!

hkittygirl said...

Your collection is so cute! If you want more charms, they have super cheap ones in Chinatown or in those little toy slot machines. They're usually super cute too! Thank you for linking me! It means so much to me! ♥

For the Hello Kitty, go to an Ace Hardware or Home Depot and ask them where their smallest eyelet screws are! Then you screw it in and you can reuse it again! As for the Sakura plushie, try using a Mr Clean sponge or just a wet sponge and a mild soap! Hope this helped you! (^-^)

Nelson Tillmon said...

Those charms are really cute. Looks like you have hundreds of them, or more. Do you mind if I ask how many charms you have? How long have you been collecting all of these? I really love your collections! There’s just so much cuteness, and it makes me smile. Well, I hope you get to have more charms. I had fun looking at these photos. Enjoy!

Nelson Tillmon

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