4th Term.

I started my 4th term of college yesterday.
I'm kind of excited, yet I'm not. I only took pictures of the books
I'm excited to read and study from. xD;

Yesterday was ok, so far I really like my professors.
After my classes were done my friend Evelin kidnapped
me and went to go eat at Smokey Bones.
Then after that we went to go pick up our other friend Belle
and went from there to Millienum Mall.

We went through all the stores, and we spent a lot
of time at the Sanrio store there ... I ended up
buying a Kuromi small notebook, a Little Twin Stars
charm and mechanical pencil.

And ... that's all that happened.

This is how I looked yesterday:

What's your favorite academic subject?
I don't really have a favorite, but I guess I'm starting to
like humanities now.


☆ K i n g said...

Your outfit! *U*
So cuteeeeee.~

Donkuri said...

wow cute outfit! I like pen :D

molly YEH! said...

THE SANRIO STORE!!! i used to spend literally hours there!!! such fun stuff. i might need to pick up a few pens before my school year starts :-) i'm a fan of humanities too, as long as i have a good teacher for it!

❀ Mikkun ❀ said...

My favorite subject as of late would be art history. : ]]]] Love looking at all the pictures and listening to some of the crazy shit they would do. xD <333
Fff. Your outfit is totally cute btw <333

And I love Little Twin Stars *o*

P o o p e r said...

@ King: Thank you girl! :'3
@ Donkuri: Thanks!

@ molley: I do that every year! I always try to get a new pencil for every year when I start school. The sanrio store makes you wish you could take everything in there home! Even characters you don't like. lol

@Mikkun: Ahhh. @__@ The classes were good, but I know it'll get annoying later in the semester! T_T Art History must be a lot of fun! Heck, Humanities are always so much fun and different! and thanks btw! :'3

Melody said...

I love your outfit!! :D
I don't know if I have a favourite anymore :( I'm getting tired of my units because there's just so much work T-T"! But I guess I like Human Neurobiology ..since it's really interesting :) ..Also Japanese but I'm getting to the really hard levels so it's starting to be a bit too stressful T-T

hkittygirl said...

Your outfit is so cute! ^-^ I really like your hair thing! Also, your pencil is pretty darn cute! ♥

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