Walt Disney World: MGM Studios.

Hi everyone! I've been having some issues with people
for the past 2 days. -_-
It's all good now, and I feel a lot better.
I'm excited to see what everyone has posted
recently. :'3

For now I'm just going to spam this up with pictures
of when I went to MGM Studios at Disney. I think I'm
going to be using the Disney pictures/videos as filler posts.

Alrighty, let's a go! (Mario <33)

We were in a random store.
This was a store where I bought a Marie Pen from.

This was the Aerosmith's Rockin Roller Coaster ride.

Nachi and her boyfriend. He made himself seem like he was asleep. :D

The outside of the roller's coaster's building.

Nachi and Me. I love herrrr. <333
That'll be all. Next filler I guess will be all Magic Kingdom pictures.


Donkuri said...

beatiful *____* and I like your outfit!

Melody said...

You look so gorgeous !
And I love your summery outfit ^-^" It looks perfect to walk around for ages xD but yet still look so fashionable in :3

I want to go ><

Naka said...

i like your hair ^^ i like all you badges can i see a close up ^^

P o o p e r said...

Thanks everyone! :D

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