Rachael's Wedding.

Rachael was one of my old childhood friends who got
married yesterday. :DD I was really happy for her yesterday
and as much as I wanted to enjoy her reception ... I couldn't.

I won't go into how, or what happened but yes. -_-

Other then that, I did enjoy her wedding. :D
I gave my camera to my cousin to use, and since its a Nikon Coolpix with
a touch screen he ended up getting confused and changing settings
on it without even realizing it. xD; So he couldn't take some nice
pictures indoors since the camera blurs up indoors if not set up correctly.
Though I managed to get one! (and more out door pictures, and pictures from
the reception).

Rachael wanted her husband, Thomas, to wear his military uniform.
There's a more formal uniform (called a Class A uniform) given to
soldiers too, but I guess she just wanted him to wear this one. :3

My camera refused to cooperate. -_- I ended up finding out that
the exposure on the camera was set on too high.

I'm on the left.

I fixed the camera by now. Friendssssss. :D
Left to right: Luis, Carmen, Me, Tim, Jon, Melanie, Kevin and Vianca.

Wedding cake! This sounds weird, but I don't enjoy eating cake ...
I didn't eat from it, so I have no idea how good it might of been. xD;

The happy couple, events like these motivate me to save up for a SLR.

More friends!

I notice that every event I go to, my camera gets shy
and will not cooperate with me. xD; Like fo reals.
I also get anxious to take the pictures and forget
to set the camera for indoors or some other settings.

Here's what I wore:

Derp face.

And here's a close up:

I have some problems with my eyes. >.<; Oh, and I felt like I looked
A LOT older with this hair and dress. I don't mean that in a good way. D:

Thanks for looking! Ohhh, and ...

Don't you hate you it when at an
event your camera starts spazzing out?

Blurred up photos, batteries end up dying ...
you run out of memory.


claudia isabella said...

woww, you look really beautiful in that wedding. i really wanna go to an awesome wedding where i can wear a beautiful dress like yours :)

Cloudy Day

Melody said...

I'm not sposed to be checking out blogs right now cos I have to study but I had to check this out cos I was waiting to see your pretty dress !! ^_^"


Urgh. I'd hate to have my camera do that T_T"! But it's done things like that before :( My camera recently has had battery problems, it always seems to run out of batteries like ...after a few shots T_T'! (I realised later that I had to change the battery ;-;) but because of that I didn't have many photos of some birthdays and etc. Luckily I've always used someone else's camera ..but still :( !

Oh, and I remember my graduation in Year 6. I thought the camera was fine until all the photos turned out blank T_T"!

The cake looks pretty :3

I think curly hair and makeup makes everyone look older :( And maybe the dress colour is a bit more for older people? I don't know~ but you still look gorgeous <3

Donkuri said...

you are pretty!

siwing said...

congrats to your friends !

you look so prettyyy ^_^
and and i love your necklace!

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