My outfit for yesterday. ^^
(The video looks crappy so here's a picture: weee~)

Hey there everyone, I can tell from some of your blogs that a lot
of you have recently just started high school/college. Also, some
of you (including my self) have just been assigned a lot of
assignments and chapters to read from textbooks. Also, on top of
that, we also have to study a lot for all the material for each


I've been really busy with school stuff this week. I'm mainly worried
about my essay exam for Renaissance and Baroque. The professor gave us
three essay options or you know, themes? I can't really think of what
to call it. xD; She gave us these themes so that we can choose one before
the exam and brainstorm on what to write. I think I might choose this one:

Imagine you are female, living in the quattrocento, and have had the blessings of a humanist education. Write a story that reflects your difficulties, your challenges, and your rewards as an intelligent, energetic woman of this age and culture (i.e. Italian, French, perhaps English). Feel free to quote or paraphrase such writers as Castiglione, Cereta, etc. Be creative and descriptive.

quattrocento = 14th century.

It seems like its going to be fun.
Though, first I have to do some research
on the lifestyle of that time period.
Has anyone been assigned anything fun lately for school?


This is one of my best friends, Huart.
(This sounds odd, but I have like 5 best/close friends. :'3
I was hanging out with him at College yesterday.
He always dresses so nice. <333

He's also my lolita companion. (He's a bro-lita)
Hopefully one day we'll be able to have a lolita day or something.
It's been waaaaaay too hot & humid in Florida to even wear it. ;-;
(Unless we're just going to the mall or something.)


Donkuri said...

cute outfit I like skirt *_*

Naka said...

cute video i love the outfit and the skirt and it must be nice to have a lolita best friend ^^

Melody said...

I love what you're wearing!! The skirt is soooo awesome! I want it now xD And I also like what your friend is wearing :)

You guys should do a lolita photoshoot ^-^!!! :D That would be totally awesome x3

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