Nails for my friend's wedding.

Taken by my webcam.

I got my nails did yesterday.
I haven't worn nails since I graduated from highschool ...
I think that's 2 years ago.

They're pretty short I think, but I like them them way. :'3
The only problems I'm having is with my netbook ... the keyboard
on my netbook has thin, weak-like keys so I'm scared about having my
nail get caught under the key and ripping the key right off.
(I'm not sure if everyone has encountered the type of keyboard
I'm talking about. lol)

Other than that, tomorrow is the day my friend Rachael is getting married.
She's 19, just like me.
She's really happy about it and so am I.
I'm going to try to take pictures of her wedding or teach my
parents how take pictures with my camera. -_-
(Since I'm the maid of honor, I can't have a camera on me.)

Yesterday when I went to the rehearsal for the wedding
(where we learn where to walk, and where to stand, and etc)
all the older ladies kept bugging me asking me when I was
getting married.


They kept saying how they want to go to my wedding, and be
there for the festivities and eat my cake.

I'm not sure if I even want a wedding.
I would rather elope with my boyfriend, and spend
an entire week at Disney.

:D <3

or maybe we could leave the country for a week.

Has anyone ever dreamed
of having a wedding? Or would you rather elope and
spend a week's vacation at another country?

or do you want to even get married?


Melody said...

Woahh! The nails look so nice ^-^"!

I really hope you teach your parents well because I want to see lots of photos of you! :D Alternatively, just camwhore a lot when you're getting ready too :O

Hmmm. I always think about getting married x3 Since I'm such a Romantic at heart :P! Hmmm, even though eloping sounds spontaneous and romantic; I don't think I'd ever want to leave my family behind. So I probably wouldn't do that x3 ! Hmmm. I definitely want to vacation around with my husband !! :D Japan! America! etcetc x3

Ahhh~ I could think about Wedding / Marriage plans forever *-*!!!

Unfortunately, my parents think getting married at my age is too young x3 They want me to be at least 25 :C

P o o p e r said...

Awww. <3333 I love reading what you have to say about it! It's romantic planning about these things! Though, I get scared if a wedding might not happen in a certain way that I want it to happen. ;__; I'm such pessimist. lol Yeah, I agree we're probably too young and I was thinking about 25 being the right age to marry too. xD;

AnnMeri said...

Well done! Are very cute (>_<)

yuyu said...

your nails are very cute :D!
i would elope to disney than marry on my age (i'm 16 btw XD)
*new reader btw* hehehe ^^

juuuunn said...

Have fun and pretty nails!!!

And thank you a lot for commenting @question hehe ^^~

Donkuri said...

so cute!

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