Hii thurrr.

I'm just going to post up my last two outfits of when
I went to school. Today's Labor Day, no school and/or work
for majority of the people. (Majority. lol)

All I've done recently was force myself to study and read material
from my Mythology textbook. I will continue to force myself
for the rest of the night if I have to. :D
I really want to pass all my classes with A's and B's.
Tomorrow I think I'll work on math. (Bleeeh.)

I've been trapped in my room all day.
3 people in my house are severely sick with the cold.
(my brother, my mom, and my dad. D: )
I'm gonna have to be in quarantine for a couple
of days to avoid getting sick by them. Once you catch
that cold, it's so annoying to heal yourself back up. (x.x);

Outfit from 9/1 (Wednesday)

Wish I did something with dat hair girl.

Outfit from 9/3 (Friday)

I really love that shirt.

Closer look at my goofy bunny necklace. (since it flipped in the pic above)

Is it sick season in your area right now?
If not, when does it usually start?

For the entire 10 years of living here in Orlando, I've
noticed that the sick seasons seem to always come up at
around September and at around February. It's usually a
whole group of people are sick, and then I end up catching it.
I hope that's not the case this time around.

My dad's cooking dinner as of right now.
I can smell the fried chicken from my room . . .
we'll see if I catch something. D':


Donkuri said...

very cute outfits!lovely necklace!

Melody said...

I love both of your outfits ! And your hair looks so nice in the second pic ^-^"!! I hope you don't get sick :( :(

The sick seasons here are usually middle/start of Winter and start of Spring (hayfever) :X Which is ...around July and September >: But then again it is a well known fact that Melbourne (Australia) 's weather is pretty hectic all year round and it can be raining and super cold even in Summer :(

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