Hi everyone!~

Hope everyone is doing good. :3
Today I spontaneously woke up at around 7am ...
and it's been happening for the past week.
The good thing about waking up that early is that
the day ends up feeling longer, which can be good
if your at work, or school at around the morning time and
you can just go home and do your own personal things.

The bad thing about it would probably be ... just randomly
falling asleep during the day while you're doing something
(or while you're at school. D: )

Yesterday I went to school, and this is what I wore:

Funneh face.

Here's the eyeshadow I wore:

The color was kind of like a shade of red, except I blended it with some
white and it became pinkish. c: This eyeshadow lasted on my eyes ALL DAY.
This eyeshadow doesn't even have a brand, it came with 10 other colors
in a palette that I got for $2 at the dollar store. I think this was a cream
eyeshadow, or something along those lines.
Don't really know much about eyeshadows. ^^;

I also got this really cute mirror for a $1 from the same store:

She blinks! <33 When you move it.

Other then that! Yesterday was pretty good.
I found out that I passed my essay exam with an A,
my friend Darlene, whom we found each other at school,
invited me to a concert on Thursday. Hopefully the plans
for that go well. :D Annnnd, I ended up buying a pair of
Dracula earrings from one of my best friends, Maixa.

She made the korilakkuma ones, which I bought from
her when she first started making earrings a few months back.
She has an etsy shop for anyone who is interested. :'3

Bean Desu Shop! Click here!

She makes all her earrings out of polymer clay and she is open
for custom orders as well.

Thanks for looking everyone.


Donkuri said...

I like your style ^_^ and cute earrings!

Metal_Minish said...

Loving that shirt and the cute mirror!
Adorable blog too~

hkittygirl said...

I think I might want to take your shoes! ^-^

such.is-jaHnice said...

Oh very cute outfit ! I like your socks ^^

That mirror is so cool ! hehe @ the blinking and for $2 only? BARGAINNNNNN !



Miciolina ~♥ said...

What a beautiful blog. ^^
However, hello =) i'm new here on blogger and i try friends.
I hope you want to be one of my ... ^^
Kisses! : *

QueenDesi said...

love ur eyeshadow!!!
looks so cute

come and visit my site. if u like u can follow me.
just tell me if u want me to follow u back :)


in Love&Light
Queen D

kaizokumousy said...

whoah i love your outfit dear :D really pweetty!! and your shirt :) i love dolls ^^

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