Omg, crazy bear on TV.

Today felt nice. :'3
I took my Renaissance exam today that was based off
the the renaissance's Italian humanists. The night
before I was so nervous about it, and freaking out.
Since I had just started this new term, this was my
first test for this term. The first test for a class you've never
attended before always feels a bit worrisome.
(especially when you have no idea about the way your teacher tests)

The exam ended up being better then what I thought.
I was actually relieved once I was done, and kind
of felt good about the test.

After the exam and after my mythology class, I met
up with three of my friends: Huart, Julia, and Kevin.

All we did was talk about a lot of things for a long time.
We especially talked about video games, and the consoles
we currently own and the first ones we have ever owned.
My first console was the Nintendo 64. :DDD
I swear that once I had got this thing for christmas ...
I literally ran through our apartment with extreme joy and went crazy.
It was so damn exciting to receive such an awesome gift.

Almost everyone has seen this, and it's sooo old. Butttt~
I thought about my nintendo 64 days today, and thought
about this kid. xD <333 I CAN RELATE TO HOW HE FELT.
What was one thing that happened to
you that you made you freak out like this kid?

I've had some moments when I freaked out like this. lol
Though, all I can remember now was when I first got the nintendo.
That, and when I saw Ronald Mcdonald at a Mcdonalds a year back.


Donkuri said...

you are pretty!

Melody said...

You look so pretty ! <3

I can't really remember what freaked me out as a kid x3! Hmmmmmmm. Aw man, my memory is getting so bad T-T"! I will let you know if I remember x3

I'm sorry that the package will be delayed till next week :( Because of something that happened, I couldn't go out and get the things I wanted to get you today! So I'm sorrrryyy <3

P o o p e r said...

Thanks ladies! Its so hard fishing up a memory from long ago. xD Oh nooo Melody its fine! ;_; Take your time! Don't worry about it. ^^

Kim Hye Rin ♥ 김혜린 said...

love your first pic^^

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