Disney On Ice: Bonus.

Just a few extra pictures that were taking before the show. ^^
Disney On Ice Post here.

Whoa look at that mess on that bed. lol

Me, Nachi, and Evelin.

Evelin and Nachi.

Nachi's shirt from behind. The best part of the shirt. <333

Some fat guy on a beer advertisement.
See that boys and girls?
The effects of drinking a lot of beer leads you to look like that. :D

Update;; I had found the right dress I needed for my friend's wedding.
We bought it yesterday, and it's the right color I needed: beige/goldish like.
I can't take any pictures of it because it's being altered right now. :\
I'll be getting it back on Friday. I already bought the shoes for the dress too.


Donkuri said...

oh kawaii ring *_*

kaizokumousy said...

^.^ waaa I love nachi's shirt!I want one!^_^

☆ NachiPoo said...

:D Yay I was wondering when you'd post the extra pics! hahaha

kaizokumousy I can link you to wear I got it from :3

Salisha said...

Thanks for following my blog :D

Kisses :3

Melody said...

I CAN'T WAIT FOR YOU TO SHOW US THE DRESS *-*!! I am so excited :D :D !

And hahahaa. That shirt is so adorable x3 ! I do believe it IS the best part of the shirt :P And your ring is so adorableee!! <3

You girls are so pretty x3

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