I'm a weiiiiner.

Many many hours ago I found out that I won miss
Melody's Goodies Giveaway!

Winner Announcement here.

I was surprised at first, I rarely win things. lol
When me and my family play bingo together, I hardly ever win.
Has anyone ever won anything awesome?
I didn't expect to win, I only joined it for fun. :'3
Again ... Melody, thank you so much for this! ;A;
And also thanks for recommending my blog!

Visit Miss Melody here. ♥

I had 19 followers and now I see 24.
Welcome everyone. :D
I hope you'll enjoy my blog, and feel free to
get involved with the posts if you really feel
like saying something.

Thanks for following!

(I can't help but to show my gratitude towards people
like a million times. -__- When I do bad things, I also
apologize like a mad woman.)

Other than winning this contest today, I was out all
day today with my mom trying to locate a nice long, and beige
dress for my friend's wedding. My friend, Rachel (in
which we use to be close), is getting married this
Saturday (September 18th) and she asked me last minute
if I could be her maid of honor. I agreed to it, though
I didn't realize how last minute this was for me. xD;
I have school all week and an exam coming up. Tomorrow's
my only chance to find that beige dress or else I don't know
what I might dooo. Today I couldn't find any dress
that was long and looked nice in beige.
We went through every store in the mall.
I found one dress, but it was not able to zip up all the way through.
My bust (which isn't big, rather small) didn't allow it to zip up.
It indeed got me angry, the dress was PERFECT.
And it was only that one dress available, it was only
that one left ... This was in Dillards.

For one good thing that happens,
a bad thing always follows behind it.
This works vice versa too. D:


claudia isabella said...

congrats! and its a lovely blog. i'm a new follower, hope you'll follow me back :D

Cloudy Day

Naka said...

cingrats on winning sorry to here about the dress though :(

Melody said...

I'm glad you're getting more followers! ^-^" Your blog deserves the attention :P

And omgggg ! I had a similar problem when I went dress shopping yesterday :( I really liked the dress but it wouldn't zip up on my bust!! Urghhh. My bust ..is kind of big for my heigh :( so that kind of sucks T~T But nevermind! Don't fret :) Hopefully you'll be able to find time to get the dress / or your mum can scout out a dress ..and if she finds one she thinks looks nice, you could just go quickly after school one day T-T?

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hkittygirl said...

Congratulations! ^-^

augustalolita said...

awe congratulation :) her giveaway was so cute <3

Salisha said...

Hello beautiful!!
Congratulations on winning this award, I hope you enjoy it :)
Beige dress I'm sorry, I hope you find one soon.


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