Downtown Disney.

It's been 4 days. ;A; I'm so sorry!
I've been keeping up with everyone's posts
but I haven't posted much myself. ^^;
(I love reading YOUR posts more than posting. :DD )
School has been kicking my butt.
On Tuesday I spent atleast 8 hours
with my classmate studying over skype for our first
Mythology exam.

The exam was yesterday, so ...

After the exam me and Evelin decided to go pick up our
lovely bff Nachi, and then we decided to go hangout at
Downtown Disney for a couple of hours.

Downtown Disney is an area where you can enter
for free, wander through all their Disney shops, watch
random musicians performing outside that Disney hired,
there's also night clubs there and other things (like a movie
theater, Cirque Du Soleil is there (I WANT TO SEE THAT SHOW
LIVE SO BAD. *o*), and there's a Disney Quest there too. )

Here's what I wore yesterday:

It was all last minute, the idea of hanging out at Downtown Disney.
The shoes I had on, have a thin heel hiding in the back that you can't
see in the picture. I suffered a lot while walking. ;-;
I had to walk for the rest of the night with nothing but my bare feet ... lol

Now for all the random pictures!

Evelin and Aurora.

Lego Dragon! He's made out of Lego's.

Evelin, Nachi, and Lego Dragon peeking from behind.

This was inside the Lego store, Lego woody!
Click HERE to see the full body shot of him.

Some weird camera thing at the Lego store that we were freaking out over.

Both pictures above are from inside a Disney Princess store.

MARIE! >////< onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_wfWQ5MmTIoU/TKS4_L-1iNI/AAAAAAAAAcs/SGgLN0cXHqU/s1600/DSCN2131.JPG">

Mickey: *whispers* hehe, hey! I just farted!
Nachi made this up, I started laughing. xD; Its one of those
'you had to be there' moments because it was so funny how she
imitated mickey and his stance, the studs floating around him ...

This was from Trend's store window decoration.Trends,
is a disney store that is mostly alice in wonderland based, and all
the clothes vary from disney characters to alice characters. All the
clothes are very stylish, and will remind you of Forever 21.

I wish I owned this!

Evelin with the broom from Fantasia/Sorcerer's Apprentice.

Twiddle Dee and twiddle Dum! :'3
This was behind a Christmas shop.

Thanks for looking everyone! I can't wait to go see what
everyone has posted as of late. Yesterday was a lot of
fun except for when we were about to leave. We had some
annoying people boys try to make moves on us ...
Like, it was bad. D: It was one thing if they were calm
about it ... but garsh, they were persistent.
Like we don't really care about those things, and the three
of us have boyfriends ... so we felt annoyed and bothered by
their presence. Other than that, it was a lot of fun, and I
did receive a special gift from Nachi. <33>



"Sleep, Social Life, GPA.
You can only choose 2.

Welcome to College."

Lol, I randomly saw this somewhere and thought it was so true!
Sorry if I haven't posted for days, I've been busy with studying,
homework, and I got to hangout with one of my best/close friends, Maixa.
(Her sister was with us and so was our other friend, Dylan.)

She wanted me to be her "model" and wear all of her etsy items
while she took the pictures. She wanted pictures of the items being worn,
so I agreed to do it. :3 We did that for an hour and then we went out
and walked a bit through Downtown Orlando. We didn't walk much, cause
then we got hungry. xD;



From left to right: Ixa, Maixa, and Dylan. Ixa, Maixa -> xD
Its funny when parents do that.

I thought of Mirror's Edge when I saw this building.

Palm trees in the city ... Yup this is Florida.

We only walked a really small portion of Downtown Orlando, it's not a huge
city, more like a miniature city but we were feeling hungry and so went to
a place in Orlando called Bikkuri Sushi. I've been there so many times.

Fried Udon, with teriyaki chicken and some veggies.
I messed up my plate a bit because right when I was
about to dig in I had just remembered to take a picture of it.
I love Udon, always have. *o*

Fried Chicken Dumpling. Maixa and Ixa had this as an appetizer.

Sushi, don't know what kind. ~.~; Maixa and Ixa had this.

Dylan had this ... and I can't remember what it's called. D:
Obviously we can see some salmon, rice, avocado, and fish eggs.
I wish I could remember what this was called.

I love eating out ... *__* I love restaurant food, fast food, junk food
from seven eleven or walmart ...

Do you usually eat out a lot?
I try not to because it takes up a lot of money. ;-;


Beautiful Blogger Award. :'3


I've been awarded (or tagged) for the Beautiful Blogger Award
by miss hkittygirl! Thanks a lot btw! :D

Now I shall try this out for myself, what you do is that you
wrote 7 random facts about you and then you choose 7
lovely bloggers/blogs whom intrigue and amaze you.

Let's start!

One; I sleep with the TV on every night. I am a true coward.
I get extremely paranoid at night, and not even a night light helps. ;__;
My creative imagination gets the best of me.
Sometimes I need to feel like I'm not alone by leaving on the tv.
My parents gets angry at the fact that I waste electricity that way,
but ... my TV isn't even on all day. I don't watch TV during the morning or day,
so I guess that's equal it out? c: (Sorry if I sound insane!)

Two; I love BACON.
Anything edible with bacon in it, on it, or around it, I'll devour it.

Three; I get mistaken for a 14 year old. I'm 19, just
so everyone knows and will become 20 in about 2 months.
My height and my childish nature give people the
wrong idea, yet you won't be able to tell unless we met in person.

Four; I have a pretty deep voice for a girl.
As stated above, people usually think I'm younger and such ...
and since I'm like 5ft flat in height, people assume that I have
a bubbly, really girly voice. I WISH. T_T It's pretty deep if you
hear it in person, not like "eww, you sound like a man" deep but it's
not something that would match me. xD; I don't like it as much.

Five; I'm a goof-ball. I enjoy being a complete goof.
I really like Dark Humor, and I tend to be offensive and crazy with
my jokes & actions but, who isn't these days?

Six; I high five everyone I meet for the first time or already know.
It's stupid, I know. D: I can't contain myself when the urges come up.

Seven; I really enjoy asian horror films/manga.
They are so creative when it comes to a meaningful, yet horrifying story ...
Yup, now it seems like we know the reason as to why I can't sleep at night. xD;
The king of the horror genre in manga is totally Junji Ito. His work
is both amazing and morbidly insane. I've had friends who never usually get
scared of horror stories until they read something from Junji. I've read some
of his stuff, and by far my favorite is Spiral or Uzumaki.

Alrighty! Now to list the 7 8 blogs
that deserve this award.
(I cheated because I just can't decide with 7! ;-; )

A dream is a wish your heart makes
decayed KING.
Naka's Net
my name is yeh
Donkuri Diary

Check out these lovely ladies!

Ahh ... its 2am. @_@ I need to go to sleep now.



Hi everyone!~

Hope everyone is doing good. :3
Today I spontaneously woke up at around 7am ...
and it's been happening for the past week.
The good thing about waking up that early is that
the day ends up feeling longer, which can be good
if your at work, or school at around the morning time and
you can just go home and do your own personal things.

The bad thing about it would probably be ... just randomly
falling asleep during the day while you're doing something
(or while you're at school. D: )

Yesterday I went to school, and this is what I wore:

Funneh face.

Here's the eyeshadow I wore:

The color was kind of like a shade of red, except I blended it with some
white and it became pinkish. c: This eyeshadow lasted on my eyes ALL DAY.
This eyeshadow doesn't even have a brand, it came with 10 other colors
in a palette that I got for $2 at the dollar store. I think this was a cream
eyeshadow, or something along those lines.
Don't really know much about eyeshadows. ^^;

I also got this really cute mirror for a $1 from the same store:

She blinks! <33 When you move it.

Other then that! Yesterday was pretty good.
I found out that I passed my essay exam with an A,
my friend Darlene, whom we found each other at school,
invited me to a concert on Thursday. Hopefully the plans
for that go well. :D Annnnd, I ended up buying a pair of
Dracula earrings from one of my best friends, Maixa.

She made the korilakkuma ones, which I bought from
her when she first started making earrings a few months back.
She has an etsy shop for anyone who is interested. :'3

Bean Desu Shop! Click here!

She makes all her earrings out of polymer clay and she is open
for custom orders as well.

Thanks for looking everyone.


Rachael's Wedding.


Rachael was one of my old childhood friends who got
married yesterday. :DD I was really happy for her yesterday
and as much as I wanted to enjoy her reception ... I couldn't.

I won't go into how, or what happened but yes. -_-

Other then that, I did enjoy her wedding. :D
I gave my camera to my cousin to use, and since its a Nikon Coolpix with
a touch screen he ended up getting confused and changing settings
on it without even realizing it. xD; So he couldn't take some nice
pictures indoors since the camera blurs up indoors if not set up correctly.
Though I managed to get one! (and more out door pictures, and pictures from
the reception).

Rachael wanted her husband, Thomas, to wear his military uniform.
There's a more formal uniform (called a Class A uniform) given to
soldiers too, but I guess she just wanted him to wear this one. :3

My camera refused to cooperate. -_- I ended up finding out that
the exposure on the camera was set on too high.

I'm on the left.

I fixed the camera by now. Friendssssss. :D
Left to right: Luis, Carmen, Me, Tim, Jon, Melanie, Kevin and Vianca.

Wedding cake! This sounds weird, but I don't enjoy eating cake ...
I didn't eat from it, so I have no idea how good it might of been. xD;

The happy couple, events like these motivate me to save up for a SLR.

More friends!

I notice that every event I go to, my camera gets shy
and will not cooperate with me. xD; Like fo reals.
I also get anxious to take the pictures and forget
to set the camera for indoors or some other settings.

Here's what I wore:

Derp face.

And here's a close up:

I have some problems with my eyes. >.<; Oh, and I felt like I looked
A LOT older with this hair and dress. I don't mean that in a good way. D:

Thanks for looking! Ohhh, and ...

Don't you hate you it when at an
event your camera starts spazzing out?

Blurred up photos, batteries end up dying ...
you run out of memory.


Nails for my friend's wedding.


Taken by my webcam.

I got my nails did yesterday.
I haven't worn nails since I graduated from highschool ...
I think that's 2 years ago.

They're pretty short I think, but I like them them way. :'3
The only problems I'm having is with my netbook ... the keyboard
on my netbook has thin, weak-like keys so I'm scared about having my
nail get caught under the key and ripping the key right off.
(I'm not sure if everyone has encountered the type of keyboard
I'm talking about. lol)

Other than that, tomorrow is the day my friend Rachael is getting married.
She's 19, just like me.
She's really happy about it and so am I.
I'm going to try to take pictures of her wedding or teach my
parents how take pictures with my camera. -_-
(Since I'm the maid of honor, I can't have a camera on me.)

Yesterday when I went to the rehearsal for the wedding
(where we learn where to walk, and where to stand, and etc)
all the older ladies kept bugging me asking me when I was
getting married.


They kept saying how they want to go to my wedding, and be
there for the festivities and eat my cake.

I'm not sure if I even want a wedding.
I would rather elope with my boyfriend, and spend
an entire week at Disney.

:D <3

or maybe we could leave the country for a week.

Has anyone ever dreamed
of having a wedding? Or would you rather elope and
spend a week's vacation at another country?

or do you want to even get married?



Omg, crazy bear on TV.

Today felt nice. :'3
I took my Renaissance exam today that was based off
the the renaissance's Italian humanists. The night
before I was so nervous about it, and freaking out.
Since I had just started this new term, this was my
first test for this term. The first test for a class you've never
attended before always feels a bit worrisome.
(especially when you have no idea about the way your teacher tests)

The exam ended up being better then what I thought.
I was actually relieved once I was done, and kind
of felt good about the test.

After the exam and after my mythology class, I met
up with three of my friends: Huart, Julia, and Kevin.

All we did was talk about a lot of things for a long time.
We especially talked about video games, and the consoles
we currently own and the first ones we have ever owned.
My first console was the Nintendo 64. :DDD
I swear that once I had got this thing for christmas ...
I literally ran through our apartment with extreme joy and went crazy.
It was so damn exciting to receive such an awesome gift.

Almost everyone has seen this, and it's sooo old. Butttt~
I thought about my nintendo 64 days today, and thought
about this kid. xD <333 I CAN RELATE TO HOW HE FELT.
What was one thing that happened to
you that you made you freak out like this kid?

I've had some moments when I freaked out like this. lol
Though, all I can remember now was when I first got the nintendo.
That, and when I saw Ronald Mcdonald at a Mcdonalds a year back.


Disney On Ice: Bonus.

Just a few extra pictures that were taking before the show. ^^
Disney On Ice Post here.

Whoa look at that mess on that bed. lol

Me, Nachi, and Evelin.

Evelin and Nachi.

Nachi's shirt from behind. The best part of the shirt. <333

Some fat guy on a beer advertisement.
See that boys and girls?
The effects of drinking a lot of beer leads you to look like that. :D

Update;; I had found the right dress I needed for my friend's wedding.
We bought it yesterday, and it's the right color I needed: beige/goldish like.
I can't take any pictures of it because it's being altered right now. :\
I'll be getting it back on Friday. I already bought the shoes for the dress too.


I'm a weiiiiner.

Many many hours ago I found out that I won miss
Melody's Goodies Giveaway!

Winner Announcement here.

I was surprised at first, I rarely win things. lol
When me and my family play bingo together, I hardly ever win.
Has anyone ever won anything awesome?
I didn't expect to win, I only joined it for fun. :'3
Again ... Melody, thank you so much for this! ;A;
And also thanks for recommending my blog!

Visit Miss Melody here. ♥

I had 19 followers and now I see 24.
Welcome everyone. :D
I hope you'll enjoy my blog, and feel free to
get involved with the posts if you really feel
like saying something.

Thanks for following!

(I can't help but to show my gratitude towards people
like a million times. -__- When I do bad things, I also
apologize like a mad woman.)

Other than winning this contest today, I was out all
day today with my mom trying to locate a nice long, and beige
dress for my friend's wedding. My friend, Rachel (in
which we use to be close), is getting married this
Saturday (September 18th) and she asked me last minute
if I could be her maid of honor. I agreed to it, though
I didn't realize how last minute this was for me. xD;
I have school all week and an exam coming up. Tomorrow's
my only chance to find that beige dress or else I don't know
what I might dooo. Today I couldn't find any dress
that was long and looked nice in beige.
We went through every store in the mall.
I found one dress, but it was not able to zip up all the way through.
My bust (which isn't big, rather small) didn't allow it to zip up.
It indeed got me angry, the dress was PERFECT.
And it was only that one dress available, it was only
that one left ... This was in Dillards.

For one good thing that happens,
a bad thing always follows behind it.
This works vice versa too. D:


Disney On Ice.


On Thursday (September 9th) me and my group of friends went
to Disney On ice: Mickey and Minnie's Magical Journey.

It was a 2 hour show ... which we found to be too short for us. ;-;
(We drove 2 hours to go see it, so that's why. xD)
Other then that! It was really nice and it made us all happy
and it made us smile the entire time.

These two were the only pictures out of
the blurred bunch that came out nice.

When they're ice skating and going by fast, it's not easy getting
a nice photo. If only maybe I had an SLR? lol With some really
good lens that can capture things in motion.

Since the pictures were not looking too good
I decided to record most of the show.

30 seconds from the Little Mermaid portion.

(I wanted to post part of the Lilo and Stitch video
but blogspot is giving me problems. -_-;)

The show consisted summarized versions of the
Lion King, Little Mermaid, Lilo and Stitch and
Peter Pan. The Lion King one kind of freaked me out.

See Why.
It's not so bad, it just they had some
pretty odd positions as they did tricks together.

Here's what I wore that day:

(Instead of an 'o' there's a 'b' in blog. lol My bad. )

Thanks for looking everyone. ^^