Beautiful Blogger Award. :'3

I've been awarded (or tagged) for the Beautiful Blogger Award
by miss hkittygirl! Thanks a lot btw! :D

Now I shall try this out for myself, what you do is that you
wrote 7 random facts about you and then you choose 7
lovely bloggers/blogs whom intrigue and amaze you.

Let's start!

One; I sleep with the TV on every night. I am a true coward.
I get extremely paranoid at night, and not even a night light helps. ;__;
My creative imagination gets the best of me.
Sometimes I need to feel like I'm not alone by leaving on the tv.
My parents gets angry at the fact that I waste electricity that way,
but ... my TV isn't even on all day. I don't watch TV during the morning or day,
so I guess that's equal it out? c: (Sorry if I sound insane!)

Two; I love BACON.
Anything edible with bacon in it, on it, or around it, I'll devour it.

Three; I get mistaken for a 14 year old. I'm 19, just
so everyone knows and will become 20 in about 2 months.
My height and my childish nature give people the
wrong idea, yet you won't be able to tell unless we met in person.

Four; I have a pretty deep voice for a girl.
As stated above, people usually think I'm younger and such ...
and since I'm like 5ft flat in height, people assume that I have
a bubbly, really girly voice. I WISH. T_T It's pretty deep if you
hear it in person, not like "eww, you sound like a man" deep but it's
not something that would match me. xD; I don't like it as much.

Five; I'm a goof-ball. I enjoy being a complete goof.
I really like Dark Humor, and I tend to be offensive and crazy with
my jokes & actions but, who isn't these days?

Six; I high five everyone I meet for the first time or already know.
It's stupid, I know. D: I can't contain myself when the urges come up.

Seven; I really enjoy asian horror films/manga.
They are so creative when it comes to a meaningful, yet horrifying story ...
Yup, now it seems like we know the reason as to why I can't sleep at night. xD;
The king of the horror genre in manga is totally Junji Ito. His work
is both amazing and morbidly insane. I've had friends who never usually get
scared of horror stories until they read something from Junji. I've read some
of his stuff, and by far my favorite is Spiral or Uzumaki.

Alrighty! Now to list the 7 8 blogs
that deserve this award.
(I cheated because I just can't decide with 7! ;-; )

A dream is a wish your heart makes
decayed KING.
Naka's Net
my name is yeh
Donkuri Diary

Check out these lovely ladies!

Ahh ... its 2am. @_@ I need to go to sleep now.


Naka said...

tehe ppl used to get my age wrong too :/ and congrats on the award ^^ thanks you for passing it on to me !!

Donkuri said...

Hi!this is my new second blog "Donkuri's travel" this is link http://donkuritravel.blogspot.com/ please you added me ^___^

Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

Thank you for linking me! ^-^
The sleeping with the TV on isn't weird. I know people who need to play music all night!

Ribka said...

hey congrats on the award!
I used to sleep with the TV on too :p

P o o p e r said...

Oh, that's good that it's more common then what I thought! :3 I mean I have a friend that leaves her tv on, but I've told a lot of people in my area about it and they all found it to be strange and that gave me the feeling that it isn't common. xD;

Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

Well, it's not that weird. Whenever I'm home alone, I need music or the TV on. Otherwise I jump at every strange noise in fright! D:

kaizokumousy said...

congrats hun!:)

please check my blog I just awarded you as well


P o o p e r said...

Audrey: Ohhh! Same here, when I'm home alone I blast the tv/music as well. And I stay only in my room too. o.o Unless hunger strikes. Dx

Kaizokumousy: Thanks! :D

Melody said...

AWww thankyou for the awardddd!!
I'll do this soon >_<"


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