"Sleep, Social Life, GPA.
You can only choose 2.

Welcome to College."

Lol, I randomly saw this somewhere and thought it was so true!
Sorry if I haven't posted for days, I've been busy with studying,
homework, and I got to hangout with one of my best/close friends, Maixa.
(Her sister was with us and so was our other friend, Dylan.)

She wanted me to be her "model" and wear all of her etsy items
while she took the pictures. She wanted pictures of the items being worn,
so I agreed to do it. :3 We did that for an hour and then we went out
and walked a bit through Downtown Orlando. We didn't walk much, cause
then we got hungry. xD;



From left to right: Ixa, Maixa, and Dylan. Ixa, Maixa -> xD
Its funny when parents do that.

I thought of Mirror's Edge when I saw this building.

Palm trees in the city ... Yup this is Florida.

We only walked a really small portion of Downtown Orlando, it's not a huge
city, more like a miniature city but we were feeling hungry and so went to
a place in Orlando called Bikkuri Sushi. I've been there so many times.

Fried Udon, with teriyaki chicken and some veggies.
I messed up my plate a bit because right when I was
about to dig in I had just remembered to take a picture of it.
I love Udon, always have. *o*

Fried Chicken Dumpling. Maixa and Ixa had this as an appetizer.

Sushi, don't know what kind. ~.~; Maixa and Ixa had this.

Dylan had this ... and I can't remember what it's called. D:
Obviously we can see some salmon, rice, avocado, and fish eggs.
I wish I could remember what this was called.

I love eating out ... *__* I love restaurant food, fast food, junk food
from seven eleven or walmart ...

Do you usually eat out a lot?
I try not to because it takes up a lot of money. ;-;


Melody said...

HAHAH That is true >>"
I think I somehow unconsciously chose the first two because my GPA is pretty damn low atm ;-; !!

You look so cute in the above photo!! The pink in the outfit is really integrated well :) Not too much and not too little ~!

Anyways, I TRY not to eat out a lot but my boyfriend always tempts me ;-;!! And we end up spending all our money on food xD This is bad because we're both ..broke atm x3 hahahah <3

Donkuri said...

you are very pretty,I like hair style! so yummy japanese food!!

Naka said...

i wish I could eay out all the time buts its expensive so I just get a sausage roll for my luch time at college :p and I love ur outfit ^^ and nice saying :3

☆ NachiPoo said...

Awh, you and Maixa seem to be hanging out a lot. (jealous) I miss you ladies very much.

You look really cute ^___^ <3 God I need a new camera like yours, it takes such nice pictures. How much did that one cost tommy?

I Live. I [♥]. In Tokyo said...

Cute shirt and nice pics!

Greetings from Japan!

Naka said...

trehe im glad you liked my hair styles ^^

Pop Champagne said...

ohh I love your shirt!! and haha yeah I agree I didn't have much of a social life in school cuz I was studying so freaking much!

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