This song ...

At some point in our lives . . .

we had felt what this song describes.

She Said - Rin Oikawa

If you've ever watched Kamikaze Girls then
you would of already heard/remember this song. I
was listening to the House Disney album and
immediately fell in love with Q;indivi's version of
Part of Your World.

I've been listening to the House Disney album
for quite a while now, and for some odd reason
I was really loving the vocalist for Part of
Your World. I looked into Q;indivi for a bit
and then I realized that the vocals seem familiar.
that's when the song from Kamikaze Girls hit me. xD;
I never read the lyrics before, and so reading them
with the song made me appreciate the song even more.
I'm going to check out some albums and such from Q;indivi.
The vocalist of the group, Rin Oikawa has some
solo songs that she released as well.
I'm just in love with her voice. :'3

EDIT: I didn't like Q;indivi as much as I thought I would like them. -_-
Though, I still love Rin's voice.

Has a song ever impacted you more just because
of it's lyrics?

I'm more of a "Is it a good beat? Rhythm? Melody?" type of girl.
Lyrics don't really matter much, unless they're just so freakin
amazing that I just I can't ignore.


Naka said...

i adore lyrics especially Ville Valos from HIM. He's so poetic and romantic and his words are so dreamy and painful :< I like how he writes like a short story and uses loads of symbols and allergrorys i think its called.
I love listening to the drums of the song especially during a concert ^^

and i love Kamikaze Girls :p Is it ur favourite film? SOrry for the long comment XD

P o o p e r said...

Nooo! Don't be sorry for the long comment! I actually love when people have long comments. :D I use to enjoy listening to HIM, and I know what you mean! (Too many exclamation points = too excited right now xD)

I love Kamikaze Girls too, it's one of my favorite films among others. :'3

Melody said...

I think it's a bit of both for me.
I love songs that have a good beat (who doesn't?) cos it gets stuck in your head and etc. But I also really love the lyrics. I love lyrics that I can relate to ...

I don't know if I have a specific song that I can remember right now ...but there have been tonnes of songs which made me go "Woah. That's how I feel right now .."

Donkuri said...

beatiful song ^^

hkittygirl said...

I'm so glad you showed me that song! It's such a beautiful song!

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