Well let's see ... I started on my driving classes
on Friday (the 13th :D ) and had 2 hours of it. Then
I had another 2 hours of it on Saturday morning. All
I can say based off how I drive that I need a lot of
practice out on the road. A lot of practice on my own.
I'm indeed extremely scared of driving, I live an area
where accidents are very frequent. A lot of bad drivers
out here, I don't want to be a part of that. I'm pretty
late I guess when it comes to learning, but oh well. As
long as I learn successfully then that's all that matters.

Continuing on, next week I'll be going to Disney World
(In Orlando) with a few of my friends. Two of the few
work at Disney and they both have the ability to let in
3 people into any of the 4 parks for free. We'll
be park hopping, I can't wait! This is going to be on
Thursday. Also, my two best friends Evelin and Nachi had
planned among themselves to go to the Disney On Ice
show that will be held in Tampa. After they had officially
planned it they let me and a few others know if we wanted
to go with them, and I said yes. :D The show is on September
9th, and the show's specific name is called:
Mickey and Minnie's Magical Journey.

The tickets were just bought yesterday, so we're set!

Other than whatever was stated above, all
I've been doing is ... basically internet
browsing like a mad woman. I've also been
really eager about my taobao order I
had made on July 22nd. I paid for the EMS 4 days
ago after the last item out of the bunch I had ordered
arrived at my shopping service's place (once the items
come in I'll explain better what had happened).
It took 4 weeks for this order to be done all because
of one item. I didn't mind it, but now ... I'm just feeling
just a tad bit impatient. xD;

Have any of you have had the patience to wait a month for
some thing(s) you've ordered?

If it's something small, like charms or something that was
really cheap I normally don't mind. If I had paid a lot for
an item I start to get really anxious and worried.~


☆ K i n g said...

Have fun at Disney! <333
Wish I could go with you guys.~

P o o p e r said...

Thank you girl! I wish you could go too. :(

molly YEH! said...

i hate waiting for things that i ordered online! usually i find it takes less time than they say though... and yay for driving school! i remember it being boring but it sure paid off!!

Naka said...

i hope u have fun at disney and im very impatienet XD

Melody said...

Sorry I haven't posted a reply in ages!
But before I begin commenting on this post, I want to Thank You for the sweet and encouraging comments you left on my blog <3 <3 <3 ! I love youu :) <3

Anyways: I wish I could go to Disneyland T-T Make sure to take heaps and heaps of photos and post them all up when you're back~^-^"! ANd ughh, I hate waiting for things too xD I wish that they'd just magically appear as soon as I choose to buy it >w<

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