Ever since Sunday night up until today I've been
watching a lot of bubz's videos.
They just seem so interesting to me.
Probably because of her cute accent. o///o
She has this youtube channel and a
comedy channel.

I've been feeling really inspired by her.

Anyone ever been inspired or took a great liking to a famous youtuber?

Silly question ain't it? xD;
At first I was really inspired by Shane Dawson and
kept watching all of his videos because they were
so hilarious. I act really goofy around my friends,
so the stuff he came up with inspired me to act sillier.


juuuunn said...

I like to watch the bubzbeauty videos, she is great!


manuela said...

she look so sweet while she's talking hahah thanks for the video i didn't knew her.
nice blog

hkittygirl said...

Bubz has such a cute accent, not to mention she is also extremely cute herself. I really like charlieissocoollike, communitychannel, shimmycocopuffsss, mychonny, and kevjumba.

The Sopher Gopher. said...

I love her videos and her accent (:
I made that mask she posted, the one to get rid of acne scars, and it worked pretty well~ My acne scars are smaller. ^^

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