These charms arrived in yesterday when I got
home from the mall. I got 5 charms for
the price of $5 off of ebay and that includes shipping.
( $1 a charm? D: )
The set came with 3 Korilakkuma heads (the beige bear)
and two Rilakkuma heads (the brown bear).

I really wanted these! I've been in the san-x/sanrio
mood recently as I've been browsing ebay and other
places for 'kawaii toys'. I even came across a website
that sells miniature toys of san-x/sanrio characters.

Kawaii Shop Japan
They even have some vintage Japanese toys.
I got so excited when I saw some Licca
dolls on there. I've been keeping my eye on this
Korilakkuma figure:


Does anyone have a favorite San-x/Sanrio character?

I tend to change from favorites all the time. I love
them all! D:

Yesterday I went to the mall with my mom and cousin.
My mom wanted to buy my cousin some new clothes since
school starts for her on Monday. I tagged along and got
some clothes from my mom as well. (Reason why she hates
it when I tag along with her to stores. lol) Here's what I wore:


Naka said...

i love kurumi ^^ and very cute top i want it ^^

Melody said...

I love the cute charms you bought ! ^-^" I think my favourite sanrio character would probably be "My Melody" ...just because she has the same name as me xD ! But I still love the others <3

I like your outfit! x

Donkuri said...

lovely friend and I like your outfit :D
Have you faebook?You add me?The name of facebook is Donkuri gal ;D

P o o p e r said...

Naka: Thanks! I got the top off of bodyline and I believe they still have it!

Melody: Haha! xD My Melody is really adorable though! ^_^ I consider it an honor to have her same name, and to have a pretty name like that too.

Donkuri: Thanks! I have a facebook actually! I'll add you! :3 My name's Jennifer just in case!

hkittygirl said...

I love Hello Kitty, Nyanko, Rilakkuma, and Mamegoma.

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