Individual Item Review.

(Continuing off from the Taobao Spree post.)


Hi hi! I'm going to now write about each of the items that I had
bought off of taobao. I'll begin by presenting each item and then
talking about what I liked and what I probably disliked (if there
is a dislike). After I finish writing about a specific item I'll
leave an overall rating of it and them move on to the next item.

Before I start, here's a small key
to follow under each item:

(Stock Photo here)

| Item link | Price + Shipping* = Total Cost.

*Shipping is paid for the item being shipped from
the taobao store to the shopping service's warehouse.

I'm going to write out the price in it's original
Chinese currency (Yuan Renminbi). Next to the chinese
price of the item I'll put next to it in paranthesis
the approximate price in US dollars. I'll be using
an online currency converter to show the approximate price.

1) & 2) Two pairs of Replica Tea Party Shoes.

An*tai*na (Nana Lolita) | Item Link here. | ¥168.00x2($24.71) + ¥18.00($2.65)=
¥354.00 ($52.01)

What I really like about these is the fact that there's bigger
sizes for those of us who do not have the smallest feet.
They have European sizes all the way up to 41 (10 1/2 - 11 in the US).

If you're a girl who wears a 8 or 9 and can't really fit in those AP
tea party shoes, then these replica's are the next best thing. I'm a
size 7 1/2 in shoes so a size 38 was my best bet.

Once I put this shoes on, it was an instant fit. They fit
perfectly on my feet. A nice snug fit is what they feel like on
my feet, I was really happy for that.

I don't know much that I can talk about when it comes to the material,
I know that I can guarantee that these shoes will be needing A LOT
extra care. Not even, these shoes seem like they're going to wear & tear quick.

Just by slipping my foot into this right shoe at about 3 times, and
already the right edge of it is getting a bit messed up. I was trying
to adjust the top buckle-thing so that it would fit my ankle
better. I got a bit frustrated when I noticed what was happening.
I can't slip my foot in a rush now without worrying that I might mess up my tea
parties that way. :\ You get what you paid for.

Other then being aware about the fate of these shoes, I really love them
and I am extremely happy because I finally get to own some tea party

I give these a rating of: 4/5

3) Strawberry Jam Cutsew, in pink.

Infanta | Item Link |¥138.00($20.30) + ¥12.00($1.77)= ¥150.00($22.07)

I've always loved Infanta, and once I saw this cutsew through Qutieland
I felt extremely eager to get it. There were two things I wanted the most.
Tea party shoes and this cutsew. The model in the stock photo contributed
more to my love for this, and so I ended up getting it as I was thinking
about what to buy on taobao.

I LOVE IT. So so so much ... it's well made, and it feels comfy to wear.
The only weird thing was this bow that came with it ...

This bow is meant to be placed on this shirt, yet it doesn't go well with it.
Atleast to me it doesn't. xD;

I give this item a: 5/5

4) White ruffled skirt.

HMHM | Item Link | ¥145.00($21.33) + ¥15.00($2.21) = ¥160.00($23.53)

I was browsing for a plain-ish type of skirt so that I can have a
coordinate to wear with my new cutsew. I found this one, and
I loved the stock photos of it that I chose to buy it. This was the
item that delayed my whole order by 2 or 3 weeks.

When I opened up the plastic bag for this skirt, the first thing
I noticed were a few tiny black streaks around the waist part of the
skirt. They're not really a big deal since they're really faint to
see, but if you look really closely you can see them. As I kept
examining the skirt I noticed that I was seeing some yellow some
where in the skirt ... I was in front of the window so I brought up
the skirt more towards the light to see what that yellow was. Once some light went through the skirt I was able to see a yellow-ish undertone from it.

I'm not sure what to really say about this. I looked under the skirt
to see some type of fabric sewed within it. I don't know much about
the different types of fabric so I can't really criticize this all that well. D:
Does anyone know what kind of material causes this to happen?

I'm not too crazy about the yellow-ish undertone, but ... after putting
on the skirt with a petticoat, everything ended up looking really nice.

I give this skirt a ... 4.5/5.
(Just because I don't know what's causing that yellow undertone. -__- )

5) Strawberry Socks (Most likely a replica)

Secret Shop | Item Link | ¥18.00($2.65) + ¥10.00($1.47) = ¥28.00($4.19)

Nothing much to say about these. I pretty much love them! :'3
I love the trail of strawberries going down the side all the
way down to the toes area. It really shows through well, especially
when you're wearing semi open shoes.

I give these socks a 5/5.

The total amount I spent for all these items (shipping not included)
was around ... ¥692.00 ($103.80)

Wow. Compared to brand, this is really cheap.
After realizing how much I actually spent I'm pretty happy
and even grateful that taobao exists. If not, I
probably would have to save months for a pair of tea parties.
I do love brand, but I also love offbrand a lot.

What was the least amount you've ever paid for
a lolita item?

Whether you made it or bought it,
did you feel excited because the cost
of it was so cheap?

I feel pretty good about this purchase.


Donkuri said...

adorable shoes *___* I like lolita things!

☆ K i n g said...

*u* You look so cute with everything on!
And you can't see the yellow undertone in the over-all look, so its all works out I think.
I want to to shop off Taoboa fa'sho now. ( * w * )
Oneday I'll have money again~!

P o o p e r said...

@ Donkuri: Thanks! I love them! ;3

@ Leena: Thank you girl! Yeah, I guess the petticoat under it won't allow the yellow-ish tone to shine on through. Girl! When you get money again, let's have a group order! A lot of shit on taobao is so cheap, and the shopping service price is cheap (like about $10). The only thing that kills it is the shipping. D;

hkittygirl said...

I've never bought anything super Lolita, other than these hair clips and a sweater. Neither of those were meant to be Lolita, but they look pretty darn sweet Lolita. I spent $2 on each set of hair clips and $20 on the sweater. I'm thinking about editing my schoolgirl top to make a Goru Lolita top...

Zilvy~♥ said...

Ooooh waooo!! Lolita shoes♥ so kawaii, I really like them ^^

Melody said...

My internet is finally back so I can finally read and comment on this post *-* !!!

Woahh~ You look so good in the things you bought :O ! I might go try and buy those shoes! They look so cute ...I wonder if they'll fit me though :/ My feet are really small ;-; ! Hmmmm

I don't think that skirt will look good on me even though you look gorgeous in it :( I'm a little too short for big skirts like that ;-;!!!

I think the cheapest thing I bought would be hairclips xD? $1 for a strawberry one? xD But umm, I bought some black school looking shoes from Taobao ( http://www.melludee.com/2010/07/shoes-are-here.html ) and they were under $10 Australian ..WHICH IS REALLY CHEAP x3

But yeah ..the quality isn't THAT good. There's already quite a number of smudges/scratches on it that I can't get rid of >_<

Naka said...

i love the cutsew ^^ i think i will buy those shoes ^^ and thanks for wishing me well ^^

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