Yesterday I was so angry when I left my biology class.
Basically I feel like I failed my Lab exam for biology.
I'm hoping I get atleast a C in that class as a final grade. :|
I have two more finals on Monday and then I'm done with
my summer term.

After I left from school I was still
feeling pretty angry. When I got home
my mom told me that something had came in
the mail for me, and it was my big bang
Electric Love Tour 2010 DVD. *A*

Warning? D:

This DVD is the bootlegged version
that are sold by Chinese sellers on ebay.
I'm sorry if this offends anyone, since I
know there are who people do not like replicas
or counterfeits of any item.

The concert DVD ... WAS AMAZING.
The quality was so crisp and clear.
It was as if I was watching the
concert on a HD tv. The quality was
just that great. I looked up some footage
from the concert on youtube and for some
reason the quality on youtube isn't the same
as the footage from my DVD. :\
(Yes, I know about how uploading stuff on
youtube comes out different in quality.)

This was my favorite performance:

Skip all the way to
Daesung is such a sweetheart.
I loved all the perfomances, but the one above touched
my heart the most.

I bought this DVD three days ago ... it came in
so quick. ~_~ I bought it so that I can bond with my
mother more. Last week my mom had bought this Vietnamese
DVD where it featured a lot of women and men singing ballad.
I personally don't like ballad as much, especially
the very Asian sounding ones. Does that sound
offensive? xD; I did have fun watching the DVD with her.

She loves watching performances where people dance and
sing, and so with this concert DVD I would like to properly
introduce her to big bang.

I tried showing her videos from youtube, but she said
she'd preferred watching stuff from the tv. Her vision
is also going bad, so the bigger the screen the better.


Naka said...

try to worry too much about ur exam :(

P o o p e r said...

Thank you! I'll try not to. :3

Anonymous said...


Goodluckj with your exams!

Thanks for the comment, if you want to buy the dress you could ask qutieland to restock the dress? (Sadly it has been sold out, but maybe there is going to be a restock?)

P o o p e r said...

Thanks! Aw sold out on qcutieland? :( Hmm, maybe taobao might have it ... nope they don't have it. Such a cute dress too. If they are able restock it that would be great!

Anonymous said...

Too bad! Perhaps you could try the EGL sales! Post a WTB!

Donkuri said...

thank you for the comment :D

Naka said...

oh there used to be a really diffuclt one but that shut down. I'm scared of using new machines though just incase its one that takes all your credits if you fail a song :( which i think is so unfair XD

P o o p e r said...

Ah D: The machines that were near me did the same thing! I think it's the arcade who sets that up to take in more money. D:<

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