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Hey there. ~_~
School's trying to kick my butt at the moment.
The school term is almost ending thus I've been
assigned a lot of shit like, reviews and a project.
Also, studying is involved and even though I do have
free time I don't have enough like how I want it. xD;

Things to look forward to:
* BT's party. --> [Technically, today.]
◊ My new drawer comes in soon, thus completing
my room. --> [Today. THIS SATURDAY.]
◊ My 1 month vacation. --> [August]
◊ Tommy's return. --> [Around December]

I was about to start writing on how BT's party went, but ...
I just saw something extremely shocking that I just can't
believe it happened. Literally, just now I found out about it ...

Daisuke, who was the vocalist for Kagerou, for the studs,
and has recently started his own solo project, passed away today, July 15th.

Leena had posted the link onto BT's wall on facebook just about an
hour ago. I didn't see the link until I got a text from BT who just
couldn't believe it until he had to realize it was true. Then he told
me that he can't stop crying. BT is the biggest Daisuke fan I know of,
he literally looked up to Daiskuke for inspiration and the fact that
Daisuke has passed away has got me feeling strange, and uncomfortable.

Sure, I did not look up to Daisuke and neither I was not a big fan of Kagerou
or the studs but I have seen this man performed because of all the
videos BT use to show to me. Daisuke, was extremely talented and his energy
on stage made watching lives exciting. Just by observing him, you can tell
that he has his own unique way of being. I wasn't his biggest fan, but I
would never say that the man did not impress me. He indeed impressed me a lot,
I was awaiting more great things from him especially with his solo project. Observing BT's love for Daisuke was what also convinced me of how
great this man is or ... was.

There have been Jrockers that have died (Like Jazmine You from Versailles)
and I have had felt sad, or even alone (strange to explain) but once
I found out a while ago about Daisuke I've just been feeling ... disappointed
and alone. Disappointed, because it's one thing for a person to leave
a band, but Daisuke never gave up. When Kagerou disbanded, Daisuke never stopped.
He formed the studs ... then slowly members from the studs began to leave
the band ... and even if there was two members left (Daisuke and aie) they both
still kept giving it their all until Daisuke released his first single for his
solo project called Honro on June 6th 2010. Then he was about to release a
second one called Iya on July 21st 2010.

The fact that Death took him away from music instead of Daisuke walking
away from it is what hurts. I appreciate Daisuke, for his
determination, for his will power to keep going. Supposely he's been having
heart problems ever since he was an infant, and so a lot of people are assuming
that his heart had just gave out. No one knows the real reason as to why he
passed away, but the assumption is that it was most likely because of heart

When I felt alone I meant that when people who play an important role
in this life (as a wonderful musician, or as a really close friend) leave, or
stop fulfilling their role it just feels like there's less ... less people to

It also hurts to see someone suffer, like BT. He would write his own lyrics
and repeatedly listen/analyze anything from Kagerou and the studs. Daisuke
was his muse, his inspiration. I know that he will continue to be BT's
inspiration, but I do feel worried because it's just not easy.

Daisuke, may you rest in peace and the love and effort that
you have put it into what you have created, will never go away.
You may have, left but your compositions will always stay
with us. Thank you for giving us you're all and thank you for
giving my friend BT inspiration.

Thank you for everything, Daisuke.


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