Girls Day Out!

Girls day out was on friday ... and today is Sunday, 2:31am.
Hmm. :|

I spent most of my saturday watching Nodame Cantabile, and then
cleaned and then my cousin came over to hang out. My cousin
had came to my house just when I was about to watch the last
episode for the Nodame Cantabile Finale season. I was
pretty internally upset that I couldn't watch the last episode
when I wanted to, but I did watch it an hour ago when I had the
chance. The show is so amazing. T__T ... and I really REALLY didn't
want it to end.

I believe I'm extremely in love with this story. <3
I'll try to watch the drama version of this, the
2 movies released for Nodame Cantabile and I'll try
reading the manga, which is about 24 volumes long. *_*

I don't want it to end.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Oh! <3 Here are the pictures to my girls day out:
Warning: Image Heavy Ahead.
[Oh and I purposely make really weird faces. Yes. ]

That was a really great day. I love these ladies! Leena
(the colorful one) and Nachi (the hipster one) are both
so much fun to be with. Though, I did feel all jittery
and I did stutter and paused a lot when I talked that
day. -_- I think the excitement got to me, it really did.

Here are some photos of my outfit:

Mmmm... ~_~

On our girl's day out we went to the Florida Mall and then we
went to Fashion Square. I blew off all my money at Florida Mall,
literally the first 3 stores we went in is where I spent most my
moneys. lol I bought a tank top from H&M, a hair accessory and
bracelets from F21 and 5 pairs of panties from Charlotte Russe.


Nope I won't show those on here.
But I will show off the other stuff.

I'm very glad that the day turned out to be really great.
We were really tired when we got home. ~_~ but it was worth it!


Naka said...

very cute outfits and photos :3

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