Monday isn't technically today since it's midnight
but I'd still call today Monday.

Things to look forward to:
◊ Girls day out with Leena and Nachi. --> [Tomorrow.]
* BT's party. --> [Technically, today.]
◊ My new drawer comes in soon, thus completing
my room. --> [Today.]
◊ My 1 month vacation. --> [August]
◊ Tommy's return. --> [Around December]

My simple outfit I wore today:

I will learn to coordinate better. D<
eeek, I'm getting tanner somehow.

Today was an ok day. I went to school,
learned, took an essay exam based off
the movie Hero and how the chinese philosophies
of ancient china contributed in people's lives.
I got assigned review worksheets for each chapter
we've learned in my Biology course (which are 8
chapters) and all of it is due on Friday. I was
planning on watching the first few episodes of
the Nodame Cantabile drama but I guess that ain't
happening. T_T


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