BT's late birthday party.

Things to look forward to:
◊ My new drawer comes in soon, thus completing
my room. --> [TOMORROW]
* Start playing Mario Galaxy 2! --> [Anytime]
* Finish FF4. :\ and start on other games. --> [Anytime]
◊ My 1 month vacation. --> [August]
◊ Tommy's return. --> [Around December]

Today (and yesterday as well) consisted of me
freaking out like crazy due to the fact that
I was trying to complete my Biology Review
Questions before the deadline (which was at
5pm today).

There was 8 chapters worth of questions, 25 or 30
each chapter and as I thought it was going to be
simple, the damn thing ended up taking up a lot
of my time. Like 1 question took me like, 5 or 10
minutes to figure out. It's normal for that to happen,
but it frustrates me that it took that long for me to
answer a question. Especially when the textbook and
my notes were right there in front me. :|

But enough of that.~

Time to talk about BT's late birthday party. :D <3
(late cause his birthday was on June 24th
and this party was done on July 13th.)

BT and some frosting smeared on his face.

Icecream caaaaake.

The party was a lot of fun, despite certain things that happened.
But other then that it was extremely nice to see everyone that I
hadn't seen in a long time. I sure missed everyone and hopefully
another opportunity will come up where we'll all be reunited again.

I did feel bad for BT because he was stressed out and he said
never again is he going to have a "pool party". Lol
(He even forgot about his Honro single from Daisuke that
was still in my purse. :( I got it for him as a birthday
gift but from all the stress he got he ended up forgetting
about it. I'm keeping it safe for him till I meet up with
him again. lol)

I won't go into much details of how it went at first, but basically
we got kicked out of 2 pools and we ended up going to a freind's
sister's house. There was more then 20 of us there, the neighbors
complained and thus by around 9ish or 10pm everyone had to leave.

BT, Huart, and Nachi all went to my other friend Bianca's house
to have their "after party" which involved some moderated drinking
and video games. Apparently the only one drunk was Huart. lol <3
I wasn't able to go to the after party cause I had school the next day.
I would of loved to go but then I wouldn't have been able to
get a ride back home. D:
So, I went with Evelin to her house and we hung out there till 1am.
We talked a lot and bonded. :'3 We had a lot of intimate conversations
and what not. It felt really great, and I'm glad we were able to have
that because I rarely get to talk to Evelin.

This is Evelin's life: Work & School = Life.
I'm texting with her right now and she's telling
me at this moment how stressed out and tired she
is of all the work. lol I wouldn't blame the girl.
After we talked for a while she decided to surprise
me with something ... and it was Super Mario Galaxy 2!


My reaction: oashxsjxsnxsdxjsdncds, OHH LAWD

He is! My Mario love is the equivalent to the love
of some Twihard and her love for Edward.
Shh ... but I actually do love Edward
from the book series. >.> I do, but I hate him
in the movies. Robert Patterson is ew.

She made my night with that game! And ...
she shouldn't have gotten it for me. D<
I felt mostly bad then good, I always
feel strange when people get me stuff.
(Like whenever Tommy buys me stuff. ~_~)
She told me consider the game as an early
birthday gift since my birthday is in the December.
She said she thinks I deserve a gift in the middle of
the year since christmas and my birthday are in the same


I still feel really bad for receiving this gift.
but I couldn't be more grateful for it.


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