Sleepover --> Mini Party?

Heh. xD

So, yesterday night me and BT slept over at Nachi's
house and stayed up until 4am. We watched a shitty
movie from Nigeria called 666 and it was the
most shittest thing I've seen until the end. Near
the end, it got good but the movie is basically about
This preacher who fights with demons from Hell by
preaching the word of God. The preacher also has
powers in which he unleashes a holy kamehameha
at demons by first charging up while he speaks in tounge.

See the movie here.

The movie was complete crap.

Though, we enjoyed and embraced it's crappy-ness.

After the movie we all talked for a while and
then as we were all on the computer we came
across an artist on deviantart who draws all
the men in Disney movies in provocative positions and bodies.

See here!

Interesting night it was.

Today's night (well technically the night for the 22nd)
was even more interesting. We had a mini-party where
there was just around ... the 12 of us. There were
"special" (xD;) beverages involved and so majority of us
were typsy while the minority were wasted out
of their mind. I was part of the typsy majority in which
during the beginning of the mini-party I was having so
much fun yet near the end I had to become the babysitter.
All of the intoixcated people were wandering around the
house even though I would tell them to stay at one place.
I also had two people express what's been disturbing
them on the inside during their drunk state.

I did care for them though, but I did get tired
from running after them whenever they went crazy.

During the beginning of the mini-party I was very loose
and catty. I was extremely confident, too confident and
I sweared like I never sweared before. I also danced
A LOT and pulled off moves I thought I never had. lol
I had a thing too where I thought that BT was looking at me funny,
I wasn't drunk but I was very light-headed.

It was a fun time, and I did really enjoy it but I must
admit, its so ridiculous having to be the care
taker. I do care for these people, but I had to talk
to them as if I was talking to a child, and that felt
strange. xD I hope they don't remember me treating them
like a child.

Again, it was a nice night yet tiring one.


Naka said...

looks like fun ^^ tehe i like dancing XD but i dont normally dance without a drink or two XD

P o o p e r said...

Haha! Same for me! I normally dance by myself in my own room but yesterday night was different. xD

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